A New Beginning, Waking Up

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Personal

October 2018, the date
Indoctrination took a turn
Discovered ‘Q’ on Facebook
In passing, came to learn

To see behind the constant lies
We’ve eternally been fed
By just a simple comment
From when an unknown ‘other’ said *(1)

The comment, long forgotten
However, it left a clue
“Dah, ta dah, ta dah
This, according to Q”

I found it quite mysterious
‘Q’ a context I had missed
A heart-mind ever curious
What’s ‘Q’? couldn’t resist

Joe M, ‘The Plan’ arose
A composite of which was hidden (*2)
‘Q,’ a new context and complex
Entry into which was forbidden

Science, education, wealth
Just instruments of use
Humanity pressed, packaged and sterilized
Secularized and abused

Education neatly organized
Aristotle would be proud
Tax supported indoctrination
That proper credentials allowed (*3)

Anything disputing the dogma (*4)
Gafaffed and cast aside (*5)
Addressed as conspiracy theory
Wherein the monied elite won’t abide

But it’s captured my attention
Connecting the dots and the O’s
Making sense of the bait and switch
While in observance of the crescendo (*6)

The bait and switch of projection
The liars, presented in color (*7)
News at 5, 9 or 10
Projecting from one to another

The mouth and anus compare
Traditional inputs and outputs have changed
Lies, intellectual feces
From minds covert and deranged

Outside the point of the message
But consistent with the stanza above
Orgasm, as a stand-alone item
Narcissism, unrelated to love

Consideration of each sexual urge
Independent of ‘the other’
The height and width of selfishness
By degree, from one to another

The excitement of each conquest
Cools ‘neath the time of the known
Boredom ensues, leaving endorphins unused
New horizons arise in the zone

A woman, a man, a stranger
Known, or not, it’s the same
To a narcissist, intent on their ends
All just part of their game

When does normalcy shift?
Age, no longer a factor
Sovereignty lost in traffic (*8)
Or, pursuit of success of an actor

. . . Epstein a double agent?
Mossad & the black-hatted C[I]A (*9)
Using techniques of compromise
And weaponizing the DOJ

Actors lined up with their ego
Do as they will, as they must
Attaining wealth and fame
By an audience, taught to trust

Politicians, bankers, professors
Scientists, all with a voice
Pulled into forms of behavior
Providing wealth, as their choice

Yet, given that money’s unbacked
Paper, with legacy strong
Passed around and accepted
Paying for things that are wrong

Now, a vision is clear
The step coming after four
Destruction of the unbacked dollar
Elites to level the score

Given Trump’s popularity (*10)
Is economically backed (*11)
An attempt to kill the economy
Will lead to a hand that is stacked

Kennedy, in his foresight
Had a plan of his own
An economic reset
But the globalists sent him home

Now, in the age of change
Change will naturally occur
The bottom may drop, for a moment
And will cause the nation to stir

But Trump, a 4-D ‘chesser’ (*12)
With moves, as yet unseen
Acquisition and all, with help of the law
And backed by a powerful team

The ‘Q’ experience, amazing
With DARPA having taken a turn *(13)
A worldwide connection breaks-through
From the patterns of separation learned

Each action brings reaction forward
Which science cannot deny
Truthers in search of connections
Use the tools of deception we buy

Phones, computers and ‘life-trackers’
Helps bring unity forward
Along with facial recognition
Comes unified secular accord

‘Q’ has made a difference
A future, not broken or torn
Villains succumb to the new DOJ
A population no longer shorn.

2/13/20 #2


(*1) Guess I could have simply said ‘friend;’ but it was someone I was
not familiar with who commented on a ‘friends’ post.

(*2) There is an abundance of people who know things are not right; but we
were locked out of information. Even when the news media were not terminal
liars, the sound-bites gave us no real clue to the width and depth of the
problems we were faced with.

In referring to ‘entry into’ in terms of the last line in the stanza, it’s
being suggested that all of the covert things were so well hidden and we
were ‘forbidden’ from entering therein.

(*3) Obviously, we know that in order to be able to teach others, it
requires indoctrination by the system. So, to learn the method, you not
only pay the price; but you must put in the time and pass muster by an
audience of your peers. Socrates taught the importance of questioning; but
Aristotle’s method is to learn what’s given and repeat it back.

(*4) I kind of jumped ahead here. The reference to dogma is what I
consider any set of principles that have been put forward as true. Our
culture has emerged over time and what we consider normal now may not have
always been considered so. Marriage as an example. There was a historic
period when marriages took place between people of different countries in
order to forge alliances. Now, or perhaps a few years back when we were in
a more traditional-conventional world, coupling resulted in marriage. Now,
not always.

(*5) We hear in the news quite regularly about Joe Biden’s gaffes. I’m
not really using this word in any way related to the meaning of ‘gaff.’
It’s just a word that I made up to imply that our opinions get written
off, as do we, as conspiracy theorists. There was a point in time, in a
conversation, having referred to myself as such, the response coming back
was, “I’d say you’re a conspiracy analysis.” It felt much better.

(*6) The way ‘crescendo’ is being used is to express the dramatic theatrics
of the left as they try to figure out how to squirm out of the
predicaments, they’ve gotten themselves into, thinking it would never be

(*7) Allegedly they are lying. I think our Civil Right of free expression
is very valuable; but I’m not sure why the media is not being called to
task. I guess I’m hoping that when indictments and prosecutions occur,
that reflect in the lies they’ve been telling, perhaps their complicity can
be proven so they too can be indicted for attempting to undermine American
Democracy under the umbrella of the global elite.

(*8) Here, obviously referring to sex-trafficking.

(*9) It’s my understanding that when we’re referring to the CIA which is in
line with the Cabal or globalist’s we remove the ‘I’ as the I stands for
intelligence. That particular group has sold out our nation, so they can’t
be too damned smart.

(*10) Our duly elected President Trump, no insult intended by discounting
your position in the body of the poem, it just didn’t flow.

(*11) President Trump and everyone who touts his accomplishments mentions
how great the economy is. This being the case, I’m wondering if that will
be the next thing they will try to destroy in order to attempt to bring him
down. However, knowing him, he has a back-up plan and he’s goading them
into action in order to create an economic reset and thereby dissolve the

(*12) President Trump plays fourth dimensional chess, that’s
what that line points to.

(*13) DARPA was created by the CIA or the C_A, allegedly. The purpose of
it was to develop information about the public, in order to keep track of
us. We resisted the RIF inserts, so the next best thing was to give us
each a tracking device, so they could acquaint themselves with each of us.

Then too they provided phones for those too poor to buy their own, heaven
knows they too might have been trouble-makers because of their poverty.
The program called DARPA closed down the day Facebook was created. Not
only would they collect information on us and our ‘friends’ they’d involve
us in the process. ‘Selfies’ became an excellent method for providing them
with facial recognition input.

However, they discounted all the ways the Internet might change society.
As we know, with the Qanon movement, people are no longer in the dark.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)