A Revolving Wonderland

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When an atheist denies God
Is it cause science seems is factual
The old men writing ‘buy-bull’ verses
Didn’t get it from the QV seems is actual (*1)

Just speculation and conjecture
Shifting power from inside
To someone or something external
To be an ‘ever-guide’Ever-Guide’

The fire that lives as energy within
Does an atheist acknowledge spirit as a source?
Or, just in acceptance of their intellect
Within their normal course?

Is it just energy that runs the show?
An emanation from the earth
Connecting us in subtle ways
Like a mother giving birth? (*2)

Do they‘they’ recognize attraction (*3)
As an energetic thing?
Born of ‘will’ and ‘intent’
That comes often with a ring? (*4)

Ensuing dialogue occurs
As happens on TV
‘Tween atheists and religionists
To broaden what is seen

The Christians get a minute
To posit their point of view
Wherein the host will begin to question
Bringing the point forward for review

Christians hide within their narratives (*5)
And seldom upset their boundaries
‘Cause the questions would require
They investigate their self-made foundry

The indoctrination Christians suffer
Reveal a pineal gland calcified
No hemispheric free-play
‘Bout the one ‘they’ crucified! (*6)

Inquiry is unavailable
From within these sheltered minds
The hemispheric interplay
Integration cannot find

Within my cogitation
The ‘JC story’ is at rest
But as meat sacks with a spirit (*7)
These boundaries still at test

The impulse to want to know
And consider, what is true?
Does it live within our culture
Is it where it’s coming through? (*8)

T.J.S., my “G,” has laid it all aside
Practicing ‘no-mind’ in isolation
Standing outside the ‘HUM’ war
Seems his current situation

Free within the content
And boundaries that he’s grown
At choice now, an ascendent
A role-model now has shown

I belly-up to this man
Who’s injected quite a change
Living inside each NOW
‘Allowing’ life to rearrange

Evolving through the chaos
A rested mind at ease
Brought us both together
Without falling to our knees

A ‘Secular Humanist’ his label
With my ignorance, did not know
Not just what it meant
But it described me as well, and so . . .

We’re ‘intending’ on more moments
Replications within new ‘NOW’S’
To explore this vast domain
While in discover of each new NOW

9/7/22 #1
7:23 AM – 8:18 AM

(*1) “
*Didn’t get it from the QV seems is actual”:*
QV stands for Quantum Void. According to Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton in
the book Punk Science, Inside the Mind of GOD, he speaks of the ‘River of
Light’ which contains particles and photons of information. That
information is supposed to contain the entirety of our development.

Therefore, if the old men writing the ‘buy bull’ verses had access to the
QV, we might come to accept it. But when you view their assertions
contextually, they reflect similar structure to the Old Testament. People
who have been willing to speculate about reality given their particular
relationship to it.

The indoctrination that we carry forward that was instilled in our youth,
in addition to aspects of ancestral DNA which may reflect through us as a
propensity to accept and believe. There may even be biological
deficiencies such as the inability to draw on outside sources of
information based on blockages that exist in the brain. The pineal gland
lives between the right and left hemisphere. If it calcifies due to
dietary insufficiencies, the ability to see beyond our enculturated
experience may set a person up to be dominated by their culture.

In other words, the acceptance of what the greater number within a
population accept as true and valid will be reflected as a ‘tag-along’
truth. The ability to see beyond the boundaries of the Hum will be

(*2) “*Like a mother giving birth”*

This line reflects the fact that it was through attraction two souls united
in order to create new life. It is not meant to limit the idea to dropping
a child from the womb, the entire process was propagated through energetic
attraction. Giving birth was the last stage.

(*3) “*Do ‘they’ recognize attraction*”:

The ‘they’ represents the atheist who is in denial of God as a fundamental,
operative aspect in opposition to the Christian theory. This does not
preclude the other forms of religious dogma that may come in under a
different label.

(*4) “*That comes often with a ring?”*

Here again is a digression into the human dynamic of coupling. Within the
cultural mores, if one chooses to meet their physical impulses of
connectivity, in order to find social acceptance, people marry.

So the impulse to ‘couple-up’ may live within one’s morality and culture.
Or, they may reach out to ‘another’ out of codependency.

Another purpose for integration may lie at the door of evolution or
transformation. Yin and Yang within the human construct attempting to
experience balance.

*“Christians hide within their narratives”:*
It’s interesting and confusing to watch the dialogues that transpire. It
allows the audience to view the dynamic of incongruity.

In the course of conversation, one person will put forth an idea. If the
second person is available to the idea itself, they will take into their
mind and attempt to view it from the position of whatever else is held as
true. That process is an act of processing information. In which case, if
a greater truth appears within the mind there can be a shift and an opening
occurs wherein the new information receives integration, allowing an
expansion of knowledge.

However, once the mind and ego have laid the foundations of their beliefs
and concreted it, new information gets deflected. What occurs at that
point in the course of conversation, there is just a repetition of that
which is held true and there is no actual integration of the others input.

This is what seemed to be the case, by and large as I watched the
non-theists wrestle with Christians.

(*6)” ‘
*Bout the one ‘they’ crucified!”*
This may take me off into a tangent. So, if Jesus ever existed and not
just a story that was introduced after some previous depopulation event.
Or distributed word of mouth by some army of Jesuits, let’s look at the
facts, as they appear to me.

He was supposedly born a virgin, which in itself is suspect. Within that
birth, he was born a Jew. From my weak information, the Jews came up with
the Old Testament which reflected God as ambivalent. He could be great,
happy, kind one minute then an absolute bastard the next.

Waiting in the wings, watching Judaism, how it engulfed an entire culture
was the Romans. According to the stories propagated about the life of this
carpenter, he claimed to be ‘The Son of God.’ Now whether he was
attempting to help humanity see that we all share that potential has never
been brought forward. Well, except to the degree that he suggests that
there will be many to come after that will be the children of God as well.

In that (assuming any of this is true) could he be referring to those
standing outside the bubble of the Matrix or Hum in an ascended state? If
I were going to invest belief in the Jesus story, that’s where I’d take it.

Anyhow, the Romans now see an opportunity to steal the Jewish strategy of
‘belief generation’ and take it to a new level. So they hang this guy on a
cross, use the event as a symbol that they then saddle the world with. It
appears very sick to me that people would allow themselves to wear a
crucifix with a man hanging on it to identify their weak-mindedness. For
me, it’s tantamount to succumbing to wearing a mask during C-19 and
ingesting your own bacteria because a little prick of a guy said so, in the
name of science.`

So, the Romans dispose of this carpenter, now he can’t refute anything they
say (again, if there’s any substance to any of this).

Within the development of the Vatican and drawing in of humans who have
sacrificed some degree of normalcy, you end up with an army of costume
wearing zealots. Many who have inflicted their perversion onto others
without penalty.

As the church became rich, it provided a threat to the organizational
structure of the Monarchy. So, taking the methodology of the Romans in
terms of reinvention, the Monarchy through King James introduced a new
version of religious dogma through the Reformation.

Within each shift, you have opportunists carefully crafting the new version
using the old version as a model.

With the Reformation begun, the Roman Catholic version took a hit. To
counter that, the Jesuit army was developed. Drafting those who were
willing to fight for Catholicism provided what was needed to attempt to
protect that domain.

Persecution of Christians then ensued and a ‘New World’ was born. While my
account of history may be sketchy, this is how it appears to me. The
Pilgrim’s were then provided the North American continent in order to
protect this newly revised version of God upon the planet.

Despite this version of God as a ‘God of Love’ that did not stop the
killing off of the Native population which existed in this ‘New World.’

What I see is the evolution of religion

*But as meat sacks with a spirit”:*
While I question the Jesus story for the purpose of capturing not just the
attention and force found in consciousness; but I still have this lingering
idea that we are connected to everything through an energetic aspect. Call
it what you will, ‘Creative Intelligence,’ ‘Source,’ God or even GOD which
is an acronym that equates to Generation, Organization, and Delivery.

Perhaps it’s that underlying feeling that has led us to fall prey to cults
very willing to use our sentient nature to their advantage. We see this
tendency throughout time.

(*8)* “The impulse to want to know”:*

If in fact we are a Unified Field of consciousness, is it my Empathic
aspect that absorbs the need to try to figure stuff out? Or, is this just
an egoic ‘cop-out’ to not accept responsibility for a mind that won’t
settle for status quo?

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)