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by | Mar 23, 2021 | Philosophy

Change, the new continuum
Society on the rise
Nature, smoothing out the rough spots
Shadow dancing filled with lies *1

Change needs participation
Of the many who can hear
Information ‘bout the happenings
That has engendered so much fear *2

So, breaking through the darkness
With dissemination of the truth
Step one, as information
Surfaces with its proof *3

Step two, the recognition
That justice will be served
To those behind the plots
By degree to which deserved *4

Within the step that’s two
Distinctions need be made
How we might facilitate
And the important part we play *5

The resistance that we generate
Cause things are going slow
Becomes the force of support
To help opposition grow *6

Our ignorance born through history
About the part we play
Sometimes violates what we’d choose
And repeats itself each day *7

Consciousness is a force
Creation shows its true
An idea born to fruition
Is simply nothing new *8

Our ‘will’ can too be harnessed
Through resistance to what is
Which amplifies the force
That our ignorance helps us miss *9

So, to amplify and facilitate
The change we’d like to see
Trusting in the process
Will also set us free *10

Reality, an abstraction
A distraction just as well
Spirits donned in human form
Some in Heaven, some in Hell *11

Life inside this Matrix
Gives us who we are
A hierarchy etched in stone
Responsible for scars *12

Science and education
Have its part to play
A road map of the human mind
Has our ignorance on display *13

Collect, we do from close around
All the Forces we embrace
Yet the greater distribution
By others, we never face *14

Individually and collectively
Born just to emerge?
Tracing changes throughout history
Good and evil seem converge *15

A story that was given us
By James and his cohorts
Two forces live independently
Devils and angels of report*16

The Truth borne out of science
One force is all there is
Just energy, free flowing
As experienced in a kiss *17

The mind of man, ego trained
Manipulates as can
To insulate himself alone
And ignores the rest of man *18

In reality all’s connected
We’re the leaven in the bread
Wanting change so fervently
But part of the living dead *19

Dead to the part we play
Because our nature’s been obscured
By a King that seeks control
By actions not so pure*20

A construct long created
Giving some control
The belief in opposing things
Makes the church the greatest troll *21

For energy is just itself
That we’ve labeled throughout time
I vanquish misconception
In this emerging paradigm *22

As we the people redefine
What we chose believe
A ‘New World’ begins gestating
Stripped of all deceit *23

A thousand years of peace to see
A heaven born on earth
With thousands more there after
Peace, the perfect human birth. *24

4/18/20 #1


*1 Shadow dancing, filled or full of lies: It speaks to how the people who
have owned the power for so long are like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz,
they are doing what they do behind the scene while attempting to maintain a
favorable characterization of themselves in the public view. This line and
the one above it is communicating the idea that it’s nature that is
allowing the unfolding realities to come into focus.

*2 As the poem develops, it integrates our individual and collective
connection to what is happening in the world through the influence of
consciousness. Since the current money titans own virtually all major
media sources, all we’re seeing is the propaganda that is meant to put us
into a psychological state of fear and thereby siphon off our energy for
their purposes.

*3 The value of the Qanon movement for me has been the various ‘independent
journalists’ that have looked back in the vaults and storehouses of
information to help piece together events that have occurred to influence
what we’re now living with. For example, take the Federal Reserve. Three
of the riches men in the United States were vehemently opposed to the FED
being brought into our system. I believe Getty was one of them. The
Titanic went down in 1912 with all three of the bankers on board. It was
in 1913 that the Federal Reserve was put into effect. The meeting between
President Woodrow Wilson and Rothchild took place on Jekyll Island. During
Christmas break when the majority of Congress was home for the holidays,
those that were present passed it by majority rule.

So, the movement has helped to open the eyes of many people and thus helped
to fund a movement to bring reason and integrity into the United States of

*4 When you look at the ObamaGate scandal and pull all the pieces apart and
see how a group of people who shared a common goal worked so hard to
literally weaponize the justice system, it was really quite a feat. All
you have to do is look at Hillary’s death count and you understand one side
of the pyramid of control. Then look at Epstein as another leg of it.
Then look at the corruption in Congress. How these people have used their
position to feather, not just their nests; but those of friends and
family. Essentially, if they had nothing on you that they could intimidate
you with, they’d take you out, as HRC demonstrated, time and time again.
So yes, all of the people, and it’s a very very broad landscape, who have
worked to undermine our country need to be removed, either physically as in
execution; or contrarily put in prison with people of their kind.

*5 We help to reinforce everything that is going on. We either support it
or resist it. We look at all the conditions that exist and react to them
one way or another. The changes to understand the part we play individually
will probably have to start with immediate surroundings. In other words,
in our relationships, as it relates to what’s going on in our personal
lives. How we are affected by others and how we affect others. Since
consciousness has been associated with energy and creativity, as observed
in Quantum Physics and the Super Collider Project, we have to wonder how we
affect others by writing programs about them in our conscious and
unconscious minds. With computers you can delete programs, with
relationships we store them under documentation. Those stored programs can
represent character assassination. Boxing people up creates boundaries
that overtime might not provide opportunity for breaching.

Another aspect of how we affect outcomes has to do with our attitude toward
money, wealth, comfort, etc. Since it ranks very high in our social
culture, it has an influence on those stuck in 3rd dimension values.
Therefore, we have a tremendous group of people who are being enriched and
their intellect and professional power being harvested in order to
reconstruct the United States.

*6 Emotions exude a lot of energy. In the process of watching the
‘back-channels’ and realizing that what our present Administration is
attempting to transform, it’s like watching someone wrestle with an
Octopus. Watching all the corruption, back-room dealings, the false flags
throughout the history of the United States, it’s hard to patiently watch
as things go at a snail’s pace. The issues are so vast and so many of
those aligned with the destruction of America, it’s sovereignty and our
place in the world, are what they call ‘sleepers.’

They would be those that are in place to deliberately be brought forward
when their power and authority was needed. At any rate, with the myriad of
people behind the scene and in the forefront, all infractions have to be
concretized in order to make sure justice is done. So, as we watch all the
crimes being uncovered it’s hard to be patient about outcomes. But again,
could things go a little faster if we watched what was happening as if it
were a movie, outside the function of emotional reaction and revulsion?

*7 The constant and absolute programming that we’ve undergone since birth
pretty much determines our patterns. Our patterns become habits and then
our lives become habitual. The various institutions come in over the top
to impose itself on us: education, religion, government, taxes, the
justice system, the economic system. So, essentially the systemic nature
of reality keeps reinforcing itself. It seems that the only way things can
improve if we can begin to comprehend ourselves and begin to question how
we’ve been complicit in making such a mess of the world.

*8 GOD/nature/Creative Intelligence (CI) provides material manifestations
that are reflective metaphors that point back to something else.

In this case, I’m forwarding the idea that the fact that we have moved out
of the caves and can manipulate basic resources to create new stuff, that
is reflective of CI moving through us. It was consciousness that was able
to deliver the thought which created something in time and space that
hadn’t been available prior.

So, materially, as you look around the world you see the unabated power of
consciousness to create.

*9 What we can’t ‘be’ with, won’t let us be. I think of the nature of
prayer and the effort to supplicate a new reality. The problem with that,
our actual resistance to what is currently present does little to change

Emotions amplify energy, so to be able to ‘be’ with a given situation and
try to figure out what it has to teach, with gratitude toward the
opportunity to transform or evolve, based in the experience, then the
material world will shift on it’s axis to give us what we desire. As long
as we are “This isn’t it, “‘It’ will be the way it is, maintaining what may
seem like boundaries of suppression.

*10 Taking the Stoic position of ‘Healthy Indifference’ helps to
facilitate change. In terms of the political upheaval present in the United
States, as the Deep State and Globalist practice insurrection and utilize
our young people as an army of Marxists, I’m not suggesting we accept it,
no there are laws laid out to handle every situation. We need to recognize
that the laws work and there are things going on behind the scenes that
will help to quell the uncertainty that seems to be prevalent. Our
confidence in the process helps to fortify success.

*11 I took liberty with the first line, “Reality, an abstraction” because
the poem is attempting to move beyond the 3rd dimensional reality. We think
of it as fixed in a material sense. Things are just the way they are,
because that’s just the way it is.

Yet, when you use one facet of reality and look into it, you can see how
change can slowly be integrated. Fashion for example, if you were to look
back in history and look at some of the most God-awful contraptions that
women wore, it’s easy to see the emergence of change.

It is from the emergence of energy from the 4th, 5th and 6th dimension (and
perhaps beyond) that calls forth innovation. If someone decided to expand
their living quarters, for example, it might require tearing out or opening
up something that already exists, in order to make changes.

That’s the stage humanity is in at this current point in time. With
humanity being faced with mortal extinction. Under the weight of Agenda 21,
we need to look squarely into the underpinnings that have helped to
decimate our country.

As human beings we are all operating from whatever beginnings have
influenced us. But the truth is we were spirit prior to taking on that
human form and we shall return afterwards. Because of the
‘brain-washing’ that we have been put through, however, our ego and culture
drowns out our connection to ‘Source’ and we feel like a victim of whatever
state we find ourselves in.

For those of us who are busy attempting to hold our own ‘little lives’
together, and do not hold the tools of change in our hands, such as direct
governmental powers, we need to be able to observe what’s going on coupled
with the recognition that Rome was not built in a day.

As far as the last line, “Some in Heaven, some in Hell, both are a state of
mind or a state of ‘Being.’ Religion is healthy to the point that it
provides a sense of psychological relief that there is something more
available, but problematic from the standpoint that it bifurcates the
nature of energy. To be at war with one’s situation is to live in chaos
which we call Hell. Having a contented heart and peace of mind is Heaven.

*12 The Matrix that we have inherited was born in England. Just as there
is the Royalty that is looked up to there, our country elevates people who
are the ‘haves’ of the world. So, if you’re born into a poor family and
poor circumstances in the culture, society has a tendency to look down on
you. Likewise, without an education, those with one, look down on you. We
live in a world that has created ‘constructs of biases.

*13 Was its Project Paperclip that helped to fund so many inhuman
practices? The Sixteen hundred scientists that we inherited after WWII, are
responsible for RoundUp in our foodstuffs as the result of creating
genetically modified seeds.(my opinion) Are they responsible for the
fluoride that gets passed off as something healthy, when now they’re saying
it may result in Dementia? What about vaccinations, the mercury and
formaldehyde they put in them as a ‘stabilizer’?

Who can possibly guess what advances they’ve made in the field of
psychology? You can watch television, no further than the news to see how
they’re using our mind, preconceptions and fears against us. What about
HAARP and the myriad of weather machines around the world, are the
elite/globalists responsible for the 100 MPH winds that destroyed 10
million acres of corn? Is the US using weather machines to cause the
floods in China? Is this weather war-fare that we’re seeing suppose to
usher in the Paris Accord?

I guess what I’m getting at here, as ‘normals’ we spend our time attempting
to stay ahead of the bill collectors. A general tendency, if not taught
otherwise is to trust other people based on your own trustworthiness. We
bump along singing a happy song hoping it will all work out because we lack
the truth of what’s going on. When I refer to ignorance, it’s not meant to
be an insult, its just that information has been withheld.

*14 Admittedly this is an awkward stanza because it has a lot of
information to convey without a lot of background of what is being pointed
too. In our personal lives we grow used to the people who are in our
direct experience, parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, preachers,
etc. As we develop and go to work there are more people or ‘forces’ in our
experience that have an impact on who we become. On the other side of that
is government and the whole systemic nature of government that also
represents ‘forces’ that codify the world we live it. All these things
affect us, while the impersonal actions of government definitely affect us,
they represent ‘forces of a greater distribution that we never get to see
face to face.

Furthermore, all of the people around us help to shape who we become.
Opinion, bias, prejudice are all energetic forces produced through
conscious thought which may expand or contract the sense of Self through
the action of judgment and or preconceptions. Likewise, our governmental
structure can and does have a part to play in how we view ourselves. Lack
of education or lack of job opportunities leading to impoverishment can
lead to the sense of victimhood, which is highly present today with the BLM
movement which seems to happen with every election cycle. The language of
victimhood colors the way people respond to the propaganda they are
subjected to.

So yes, ‘forces’ close at hand and at a distance all have an affect on all
of us individually and collectively.

*15 Because of cultural conditioning that we garner through our lifetime,
we may not actually reach fruition of spiritual development. The world, the
elite of humanity, use ‘think-tanks’ and money to propagandize our minds
and influence our behavior, so that what emerges is bent in their favor.

As far as good and evil converging, we see people in high positions,
whether government, medicine, the field of nutrition, the manufacturing of
foodstuffs they are all busy serving their needs at the expense of others.

*16 We’ve been told that the North American continent was settled by
Pilgrims attempting to flee persecution. However, it was King James in
1606 that signed a contract to allow Bartholomew to develop 2 colonies.
Then in 1611 King James authorized what we use as our Bible. Who was
persecuting the Pilgrims? And why did they accept a book authorized by
someone they had abandoned.

In the beginning, Genesis goes in great length about the forces of good and
evil, yet, science refutes that. At this point through the recognition of
quantum physics and quantum mechanics it is obvious that consciousness has
a metaphysical impact on our material plane. Therefore, the projection of
the idea of Devils and Angels is a mental construct that has been developed
to be able to account for what we see happening in our world.

*17 Because of the various influences in our environment, we fall short in
developing our spiritual natures or our spiritual understanding and some of
it has to do with the pollutants that we subject ourselves to or that we
are subjected to by our industries. Because of those influences me miss
the subtle nuances of energetic connection to others in our immediate or
extended surroundings

Perhaps its fortunate that we have been given a sex drive which is
generally satisfied by the connection to another person. In direct contact
through kissing for example, it might ignite feelings that were not there
moments before. This is an example of energetic connection. At some point
in our human evolution we need to gain a greater clarity that there is no
actual separation; we are all part of a Unified Field. It’s unfortunate
that the association of how we experience energy, its transference and
influence in a personal, one on one situation does not gain juxta
positionality when it comes to the entire continuum.

*18 Because we’ve built our culture from the stand-point of competition, it
pits us one against the other. On some levels the influence of competition
has driven us to more and more technology and thus more freedom. However,
among us are those who crave control, the narcissists of the world who
would choose to dominate and manipulate those in their immediate arena or
worse yet, rest of us. They are ignorant of the fact that whatever energy
we/they produce we/they will at length be subject to.

*19 We are all part of the Unified Field connected through consciousness.
While it’s an indistinct reality for most people, the force of
consciousness could be likened to the yeast that makes the bread rise.
Unfortunately, because humanity does not fully understand the nature of
consciousness, nor the fact that the resistance that we have about various
things actually helps to concretize those things we resist into existence.
Again, the phrase, “What you can’t be with won’t let you be!”

‘The living dead’, not meant to be the insult that it probably is are those
who violate the laws of nature because they don’t understand the principles
of creation; nor their individual significance in relation to it. They
become zombies condemned by circumstances and innocent ignorance.

*20 History would have us believe that a handful of Pilgrims came to the
North American Continent in order to practice their right to freedom of
religion. The fact that the Indians were robbed of their rights to
co-exist makes me question the veracity of their ethics.

In the Virginia Compact with King James, he ‘allowed the colonization and
‘allowed’ America to develop its own form of governance; however, if you
look at the number of wars we have fought since becoming a nation, it feels
more like we were used as a tool. Our young men have been crippled and
abused, if not outright killed while serving the needs of those who would
harness the resources of other nations. All of which was pitched under the
guise of patriotism and the protection of our freedoms.

*21 Because the Bible has been used throughout the development of ‘the new
world’ that we’ve come to know as America, its influence to interject
itself into the life of each person that adheres to its tenants is
immense. It’s the actual belief in oppositional forces which gives power
to that which does not exist outside of our agreement. Therefore, the
church is a troll, it instigates guilt by telling us we’re all sinners,
then opens its doors so we can ‘get saved.’ All the while expecting us,
it’s patrons to support its financial position in the world while skating
free of taxation by remaining outside the realm of politics. Add to that
the diverse religions of the world that have cropped up in every nation it
effectively provides the basis for conflict and division.

*22 Originally, the third line of this stanza was, “I vanquish now its
power” what it made it sound like, that I was attempting to vanquish
energy. But no, it’s the misunderstanding that religion has launched in
its effort to control us that should be dissipated and vanquished.

*23 The basis of the systems we live under have defined the width and
breadth of our significance, and it’s not looking good. We’ve allowed
ourselves to be manipulated by believing the lies that pose for truth.
Coming into the light of consciousness as a healer or destroyer, we are
being given a chance to build a new world. We are living in the ‘Quantum
Now’ where anything is possible.

*24 As we ease into an understanding of the nature of reality, how the
human mind works, how our energy connects us to Creative Intelligence, and
through our electro-magnetic energy field we actually conduct change. This
realization puts us at the point of cause and effect. Peace can and will
exist in the world as humanity understands its role in creating it.

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