Bits and Pieces

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Political

As an aside to this poem, this poem was written preceding my ex-husband’s
death. My ex understood the underlying problems associated with the
development of the Federal Reserve. When we were married, he used to harp
on and on about the Illuminati, the Bilderberg’s, the Council on Foreign
Relations. I don’t know where he got his information. He used to read in
the bathroom; but I don’t recall any political pamphlets coming into our

In this poem, it’s obvious I’m exhausted looking at all the crap that’s
going on; but they all show up as random events.

After my ex-husband’s death I ran onto the movement called Q. It is a
group of Military Intelligence that are putting out ‘breadcrumbs’ about
what is happening behind the scenes. At the same time there were
‘Independent Journalists who took on the task of investigating what the
breadcrumbs led to. It was after his death that I was able to begin to see
through his eyes.

I must admit, during our marriage, I was a religious radical, not that it
showed up in any way except that I judged him as a political radical. By
the time he died I had abandoned the search for something outside myself
and found my peace within. But it was only after his death that I could
see through his eyes. Perhaps it’s also one of the reasons I have such a
strong feeling about how we are all connected.

Once the energy of antipathy dissolved between us, I saw what he saw.

Trans/for/mat[e]/[I]io[w]n, everywhere
Syllables that combine
Stalwart of a vision
A ‘New World’ outside of time

Time is an illusion
Past and present live in words
Men search the world for energy
Lost in a corporate herd

Day and night find comfort
In a heart beyond the crowd
Transient pleasures pass unnoticed
By those outside of proud

The USA, its many states
A metaphor, for sure
Division, pride, showmanship
And medicine that has no cure

Education done the gateway (*1)
Brings division of the home
Parents dumb and helpless
Kids struggle on their own

A nugget here, a nugget there
A synapse in-between
Jumping to conclusions?
Or a conspiracy washed clean?

Waves of interference
Fade into the night
A shift on the horizon
Despite what seems a plight

Technology brings us freedom
In the wake of all our woes
Microwaves and methane gas
And a government that blows

The shadow knows the dance step
A waltz, a jig, a twist
The goal to keep on moving
And avoid the use of fists

‘Freedom,’ the Pilgrim’s cry
Leading others to their death
Now, a stolen land in ruins
A corporated mess

Baseball, soccer, wrestling
A break from what is real
Scripted news consumption
Dictates how to feel

Alcohol, cocaine, valium
In the valley of regret
A trail of tears made visible. . .
But. . . above the roots, as yet

Mind and heart are open
An empathetic charge
Shadows show to disappear
A process, by-and-large

Evolution finds us anywhere
In pain or disbelief
Shadow-dancing in the rain
While seeking sweet relief

Goblins, ghosts and demons
Stress of yesterday
Dressed in drag for Halloween
Figments made of clay

Power resides within
Where boundaries fade away
On the precipice of nothing
Transformation’s here to stay

Doubt blocks the sun
Fear brings the wind
Chaos, its own reward
While money poses as a friend

Lipstick on his collar (*2)
Panties in his car
Inside a shadow yesterday
Behavior leaves a scar

Ethics, morals nullified
A journey to the top
Water made undrinkable
Distractions never stop

Souls will go, some will come
To clean the planets mess
Science and religion
Will fail the makers test

Are the chemtrails an umbrella?
A canopy in the sky
To give the microwaves support
So, as they won’t go awry?

Fluorite an additive
That has a job to do
Calcify the inner eye
Hitler used the process too

Fear brings with it, Its own reward
Manufactured out of air
Troubles born of compromise
A quantum mechanical affair

California is a metaphor
With fires that devastate
Technology brings hidden news
Concealed by the long dark state

A flame, fire, devastation
Atoms harnessed to the max (*3)
A message donned in underwear (*4)
That never can be taxed

‘Dooms-day-ers’ speak of chaos
In innocence, or design
A crippling blow to Spirit?
A freedom, or a crime?

The day, the night and in-between
A guard outside the door
A prison, or a safety net
A conundrum to explore

Medicine, in days gone by
Used nature as the key
Now, it’s being synthesized
Because of Rockefeller and Carnegie



(*1) Gateway: Bill Gates sponsored ‘Common Core’ an absolute fiasco. He’s
made arithmetic unintelligible to anyone unaccustomed to the upside-down
method he’s created. It seems that this was done on purpose to create
division in the home. Children, who have no other context but to think
their parents are just ignorant.

(*2) When people ‘go off the ‘Reservation’ and get pulled into behavior
that’s inconsistent with who they are, it can become a downhill run.
That’s what we’re seeing with those people who have allowed themselves to
be compromised, their position thus their power becomes a tool in the
hands of someone else.

(*3) Referring to the 5G that was being installed. The homes were
harnessed with digital meters, there were rumors that that is what caused
the fires. Others suggested that the fires were started with DEW [Direct
Energy Weapons]. Newson has a reputation for creating situations which
provide him the opportunity to apply for Federal Aide. That is what has
been alleged.

(*4) Not sure what I was implying here.Certainly wearing your underwear
would imply being exposed. As far as the next line about ‘being taxed’ I
assume Federal Aide gets spent however the receiver choses to use it with
no follow-up by those who granted it, kinda like Foreign Aide. But that is
all conjecture.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)