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We live inside a cubicle
Constructed by many others
Who’ve studied mind and manacles. . .
We’re living inside their druthers. . . .

Conceive of self as limited
Devoid of Natural Law “*1
Controlled by myth and mirrors. . . *2
We don’t understand at all

The myths which dominate our history
With agreement as its Force
A brain, as a muscle atrophied. . .
With its sedentary course

Spirit drawn and quartered
Cultivated to believe. . .
“Just humans with a body”
We’re here, and then we leave

“Insignificant” our anthem *3
Indoctrination takes its toll
With limited understanding
Of our energetic role

We are frequency and vibration
With limits, ill-conceived
A computer collecting data
That ought not be retrieved

The New World just beyond
Needs our participation
Just one-percent can do it
As seen in our current demonstration *4

Manipulation, lies, deceit
Carried currently through the air
It’s up to those with ears to hear
To alter this affair *5

Transformation of the self
Has implications far beyond
Decimating limitations
In preparation of the dawn

Aristotle has been praised *6
As a genius of his time
Promoting a linear representation
Of any given paradigm

Perhaps grounded in the details
Of only that he’d found
Isolation of inquisition
Or anything profound

In this Age approaching
Time will disappear
A construct of mythology
With limits being clear

We’ll grow to see each moment
As a looking glass
Providing thus each moment
As an objective-subjective task . . .

“What is it that I’m seeing?”
“If any, what’s its meaning?”
Transition within a paradox *7
Spirits efforts toward redeeming

The conscious holds us hostage
The subconscious too, it seems
But beyond those limitations
The answers to our dreams

The Super-conscious lays in waiting
It’s at our ‘beck ‘n call’
It’s up to us to call upon
Intention directs it all

7:57 AM – 9:13 AM


*1 In reference to Natural Law it refers to energy, the flow of Source, how
we, as conscious spiritual Beings affect it and are affected by it. The 1%
are little more than a demonstrative model of what is possible when
creative principles are utilized. They have developed methods creating
division. They include marriage, religion, education, social status as
defined by money and wealth, science and probably a myriad of others.

*2 Just saw a podcast speaking about the “Jesus Hoax” which, if true, the
implications and results are over-whelmingly obvious. That’s where the
myth of history begins.

If we look at the actual history, it was 1606 when King James provided
consent for Bartholomew to begin to develop colonies on the North American
continent. Consent was coupled with the realization that King James and
the Monarchy would have the last say about that development. It was in
1611 that King James authorized the Bible. While history holds that
pilgrims left the old world to have freedom of religion and yet they
adopted a book that was authorized by a pedophile King who eventually died
of Syphilis seems strange. So, if any of that is true, it’s obvious that
the Monarchy had to develop to maintain control of their seedling. As we
look at the way television and media has been used to influence the way
people think and view things. Perhaps the method of compliance, which
developed overtime as a pattern, began as far back as 1540 with the Jesuits
and the “Society of Jesus. They evangelized 112 nations. According to
history there was a lot of persecution afforded to those who were resistant
to the movement; which seems inconsistent with anything that Jesus
supposedly stood for.

In reference to ‘mirrors’ in my truth, we attract situations and
circumstances (which includes people) to help us see where our evolutionary
limits may exist. But because we’ve been conditioned or indoctrinated into
the world, that attempts to nullify the magnetic quality of Soul, we’ve
learned not to live in the moment; but rather to be distracted by a myriad
of other things.

So, the term ‘mirror’ may represent a person that we’re at odds with.
Rather then reflect on our subjective assumptions about whatever the
situation is, we operate as if whatever our feeling, emotion or attitude is
(within the context and circumstance that we’re facing) we stay within the
territory of resistance that we’ve generated as if it is a passing,
meaningless moment. Our lives are filled with the momentum of the social
structure ruled by constant activity.

*3 Our world has taught us that we’re significant if others find
significance in us. Part of this phenomenon has to do with our empathic

We, as well as everyone else is an active energy force. Each of us have an
energy field. Some people are ‘sensitive’ to the energy, thoughts and
opinions of others, even in the absence of words. Therefore, if a person
happens to be sensitive in that sense, then as he or she moves freely
around their own world (referring to their specific environment) they
receive ‘impressions’ from those they are around.

Now then, we are all Forces in nature; but some may affect the force-field
of energy differently or more powerfully then others. This being the case,
the judgments we come to accept as true, actually becomes a Force in
itself, which further concretizes that which we are in resistance to.

Resistance to something then actually helps to provide the basis for
reaffirming the original impression.

*4 There is a constant reference to the 1% in the world that would like to
develop what is referred to as world dominance. The New World Order is the
reference used by the Old Bush president in one of his speeches. After
WWII, which I’m sure was funded by the Globalists, they put together the
United Nations as the beginning stranglehold on the governments of
countries around the world. We have the World Economic Forum, The World
Bank, The World Health Organization, all designed to provide the basis for
a One World government of overlords, assigned, not elected by the people.

*5 That stanza is not a call to violence or even activity. “Thought is an
energy with the power to create!” To the degree to which we are willing to
open our hearts and minds, embracing the unfolding reality, knowing
simultaneously that change is a natural occurrence. If we view the
unfolding drama as part of a larger event then we don’t become entangled
into the chaos.

Why is this so? Because we are spirits in nature and through consciousness
(which is our connection to what we call GOD or Source) we provide the flow
of energy through consciousness itself. We become active as conduits.

This stance is not a form of accepting that which is showing up through
revelation. No, our position, though seemingly indifference provides those
with the skill to act to create change the power and force they need to
accomplish the outcome we all hunger for; A world of peace and abundance.
A world alive with possibility.

As I reread the line, “To alter this affair” I had to laugh because we
think of an affair as people having sex together, sometimes while being
part of another unit. But, sex, as a thing in itself has the potential to
give birth to something beyond the mere act of the activity. Add to that
that bringing in progeny also requires time, nine months for humans. On
top of that, it may require a support staff to do whatever is required to
bring new life into play.

*6 In this stanza I am obviously sharing my limited opinion of Aristotle.
From my understanding, unlike Socrates, who used the lyceum with his
students encouraging them to question; Aristotle worked from the position
that we need to memorize current facts and information rather than
attempting to question the logic or look for contradictions.

*7 Paradox: A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or
proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well
founded or true.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)