In Syncronicity

Noah is a gentle Soul Though he hides it well Gentle as a blizzard That makes the ocean swell Gabriel, on the other hand Retreats behind his mask Watching, waiting quietly To let the strong winds pass Then we come to Riley Limber as a frog First here, then quickly...

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Ideological Disconnect

My brothers, sisters, cousins Practice their belief In a bifurcated Reality Of which I've found relief They were sold a bill of goods In which I had a part Way back in the eighties I Was a Christian, in the dark 11/26/16

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Judgment comes so naturally It's everywhere engrained From the cradle to the grave Drilled right into our brain "Stop", "don't", "you'll hurt yourself!" A loving mother coos "That's not right," "it shouldn't be" . . . "Do it and you lose!" Teachers, preachers,...

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