Handdown Truth

Our perceptual biases Generally lead us astray From seeing what's really real From birth to death, each passing day We fixate on our personal truth That's handed down to us With each inconsistent deviation We squirm, judge and fuss 8/12/15 6:30AM

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A Conduit to It

Through consciousness, we’re conduits Through which energy thus flows Embracing shadows inside and out Energy emboldened grows Life, inter-dimensional And who we are to it Allows the flow an entry point And thus, the world we get The mind of man or woman Where...

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A Staged Play?

The world's a stage Our lives are a play ‘Bots’, full of emotion Having their own way Anger, frustration Anticipation and love Cycle and circle Without need of a shove Moving around Like a pinball machine Strike one another And some in-between Energy fields Two eyes...

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