Conditional Living

by | Mar 28, 2021 | Political

Washington, Washington
Don’t say it again
My daughter asserts
Conversation’s then end

“The problem’s not them
Cause the them is the us
They mirror the whole
Of that you can trust!”

They reflect imperfections
Hidden from sight
Within the human condition
A continuous blight …

A boundary … a wall
All of a sudden erects
Tensions run high
As my input deflects …

“But the Global Elite-
­Behind the whole plan
Fund the Deep State
And support, such as Iran!

The system in place
Has taken a while
From the very beginning
Within their infamous style

King James gave permission (*2}
‘Round 1606 .. ,
Discover new lands!!
But … my authority sticks

Do what you do
Do what you must
But … I’ll have the last say …
Of that you can trust

The Virginia Charter
Seems opened the door
That led to new places
Their job to explore

The land we inhabit
Stolen from some
Who had it before
Before the things that we’ve done

The warriors fought
And gave their last breath
The women and children
All that were left

The ‘Trail made of Tears’
With freedoms suppressed
Encampments, deprivation
All that was left

Cowboys and ‘lnjins’
Portrayed on TV
Made them all villains
For viewers to see

Victors write history
They bend left and right
Projecting an image
That reflects them in light

But England, King James
Now the Queen and all
Rothschild, the FED
And part and parcel, Cabal

The U.S. was settled
Divided by states
Governors, Capitols
With systems in place

Time moving forward
Needs became plain
Leaders rose up …
Of a corporate strain

Money, as capital
Funding industries large
Oil, coal, electricity
Yet labor still starved

The ‘eight-hour day’
As masses erupt
Demanding their due
To fill up their cup.

Struggle was met
By harsh opposition
Yet gains were extracted
Labor gaining position

Developmental gains (*3)
And backward slides
Countries ‘gainst countries
As promoters hide

Long term planning
Toward globalization
The FED, part and parcel
Of the total creation

1913, President Wilson
Brought Rothschild on board
Jekyll Island the place
With Congressional accord

Plot and planning
Behind all the scenes
Agencies born
All complicit, it seems

Before World War II
And shortly thereafter
‘Intelligence Agencies’
All writing their chapters

Reporting at length
To the ‘behind the scene means’ (* 5)
Cause money has power
And sees its power supreme

Yet, in want of more power and might
It became everclear
To compromise those
Whose exposure would fear

Systems of compromise
Through ‘Think-Tanks and scholars’
Unofficially used
Which also saved on their dollars (*6)

Bringing it forward
To what we now see
The ‘stooges’ in Congress
Complicit, and free (*7)

Passing legislation
That feathers their nest
Like Foreign Aid
They pocket the best

NOW, climate change
A continuous hoax
With the ‘Paris Accord’
Convincing ‘us folks’ (*8)

A problem at hand
As science explains
Complicit with news
They propagandize our brains

Yet, hide from our sight
The mechanical means
To alter the weather
Through the ionosphere streams

They use five o’clock news
Then also at nine
With sound-bites to frighten
And fluster our minds”

BUT! … back to her point …
This daughter of mine
In some ways she’s right
But in others is blind

The point I try making
Yet, fall short, as it seems
Our conscious attention
Is our significant means

Not that the knowing
Should lead to resistance
For in aligning with problems …
They receive our assistance

Though her point is well-taken
From her personal view
Integrity and ethics
By all need reviewed

To handle ourselves
And express just our best
Will reflect back on us
As each mirror reflects

Each perspective,
I think Has merit and all
But in light of 2030 (*9)
Our culture could fall

If a population sleeps
In myopic congestion
An outcome unwanted
Lacking concession

So, big picture, or small
Both needed, I think
To protect all our freedoms
That we’re not pushed to the brink.

1/7 /20 #2

Footnotes: 1/9 /20

(*1) As I’ve synthesized the information coming through YouTube, it’s easy
to see how the ‘Cabal’ the 13 families who hold themselves above the rest
of us (allegedly) have a design on taking over the entire globe and not
only reducing our numbers but also our freedoms. It’s been said that they
have funded every conflict, both sides, because of whatever a current
agenda lies ahead for them. Right now, there is a direct attack on the
family. Heaven knows cell phones are part of the plan. They have caused a
rupture in the family because where everyone in a family rely heavily on
people at a distance, the people closest to them are being dismissed. They
have become a major distraction within the family unit.

(*2) Here I’m going off of memory, based on what I think I’ve heard. It may
be totally inaccurate.

(*3) Here we have an example of ’emergence’ as we begin to observe the
conflicts and contradictions that are inconsistent with our wants and will,
as a community we make demands that eventually get met. This, here again,
is an example of quantum entanglement, or how consciousness metaphysically
intervenes to alter patterns that have been long-standing within the
realital (*4)

(*4) A footnote within the footnotes, what next, LOL. As a poet I’ve always
heard that we have license to make up words, so this is an example:
Realital refers back to reality, however it includes the concept that
reality is flexible and we therefore affect it through our connection to it.

(*5) Supposedly, as YouTube has made available, it’s become apparent that
there is a network of individuals that have not just money, but that money
has led to power. From what is being exposed, it’s been the Cabal that
helped set up this enormous world wide network that controls what goes on
across the world. Allegedly they have been behind funding wars, training
terrorists’ groups, and sometimes it’s with the complicity of those in
power, who knowingly go along and facilitate.

(*6) Money and bribes “probably’ bought malevolent participation; but maybe
support could not be bought. Another way to gain access to the powerful
positions of politicians, bankers and business leaders would be to provide
opportunities for them to compromise themselves. Doing so would give the
people behind the scenes access to their will by threatening exposure of
whatever they had been up to. Thus, in their own minds, based in their own
ideas and goals structured in their egoic natures, they’d have no choice
but to submit.

(*7) There are many rumors about what has been going on in and with
Congress over decades. We’re discovering that what Congress does is to use
its power and position and power to line its own pockets while carrying out
the wishes of those who want to seize global control. Included with that is
the fact that much of the ‘Foreign Aid’ packages that go out, much of it
finds its way back to those who helped to set it in motion.

Rules and laws have been enacted that require our Congressional leaders to
report issues related to money. Not sure of the specifics. However,
evidently, there are no rules or laws on the books as it relates to monies
received by the children of Congressional leaders. It has become apparent
that our leadership is using their children in ways that help them go
around the law.

The new strategy that is being staged, that has been in progress almost a
half century is the whole idea of ‘climate change.’ Again, from information
gleaned from YouTube, this is little more than an effort to create a pot of
gold, with little oversight, in order to not only feather their own nests;
but to give the government much more power to restrict our lives and reduce
our personal liberties. Not sure if it’s true, but with the talk of carbon
tax, they might charge us for the very air we breathe. That sounds very
extreme and am not sure how such a thing could be implemented; but they
might create testers that monitor our consumption of oxygen.

(*8) ‘Us folks’ When ever I had occasion to listen to Obama speak, it
1:1-se to run through me ( agitate me) to hear him use the term ‘folks,’
his usage always signaled to me that he was separating himself out from the
larger body that he was suppose to be looking out for. It just sounded like
a term that meant he actually looked down on us.

(*9) It’s been said that Rockefeller was very instrumental in helping to
create the United Nations. Not sure when, but I think it was after WWII
that he provided the land for the structure to be built to house it. At
some point the nations inducted into or indoctrinated in it passed a
resolution called Agenda 21. I’m sure it sounded good with language that
promotes the idea of ‘sustainable living.’ However, it also (supposedly
/allegedly) provides a call to reduce the population down from 7 billion to
around 500 million people.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)