Continuity Unveiled

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Quantum Mechanics

Not sure how I found
Perhaps Susan, my daughter
Might’a rolled off her lips

Familiar with aspects
That had discovered myself
In the ‘field of experience’
Not from a book off a shelf

‘Attraction’ was lost *1
The Vortex as well *2
Expressions under-utilized
Just the dynamics of hell

My perspectives developed
Way back when
The seventies, perhaps
With T.M. moving in *3

The stress of restriction
A Soul all bound
In communion with life
And family compound

Lost in turbulent weather
Yet, with air that was still
Fighting for peace
Chaos, grist for the mill

Of saving grace
Understood ‘Force of Resistance’
Calculating its power
Based in unhealthy persistence

The recognition therein
I was the problem, the source
A wind-up mouse
In the perusal of course

Calibration, I guess
Got my attention
The word, wasn’t mine
Began observing intention*4

Analyzing the self
In despotic detail
Non-resistant generally
Knew it’d cause me to fail

Judgment of Self *5
Resists what is known*6
Resistance solidifies
Stuff we’ve since out-grown

Those proclivities mine
But they made me weak
Giving in, letting go
Yet with answers to seek

A turn of the tables
Way early on
Poetry opened up
Allowed to move beyond

Contradictions occurred
Time and again
I’d take them to paper
With a pencil or pen

In looking back and looking in
Psychological debris would mount
Iambic pentameter was magic
In getting it out

The ‘enter-resting ‘thing
That surfaced through time
Others seemed to change
As if they’d shared my mind

Somewhere along
The phenomenal mill
A concept took hold
Vibration, frequency, holding still

The thought was magical
Helped lighten my load
Gave my writing significance
Down life’s winding road

I’ve traveled in life
On a trees’ lower limbs
Surveying and shifting
Again, and again

Complaints of a system
That hold us in check
Narcissists conscribed
Cards held out of the deck

Yet, with all of the problems
I Love the U.S.
The ‘US’ all inclusive
With some lingering dust

So, the writing I do
I do with intention
Though its stuck in a file
Maintains a force of retention

Politics now, on constant review
Attempt to dismantle
The globalist plots
With an attempt to re-channel

Timing, influence
All entering in
Innocently ignorant
Not considered a sin

Souls come together
Souls come apart
The resistance to ‘IS’ness
Is where blockages start

The man that I married
In tender young years
Pregnant with life
Anxious with fear

Consternation of cousins
Giving birth all alone
Not a hailstorm thus wanted
So, it pushed me along

An empirical nature
Straight as an arrow
An Aries on fire
And with a vision so narrow

He knew who he was
Stood in his power
Our marriage reflected
In the Tarot, the Tower

Late in the eighties
I took my relief
Stepped out of the way
Of this Indian Chief *7

He died recently
His point of discussion
I resisted so much. . .
Of the Central Bank fussin’ *8

It was actually the FED
And the CFR *9
And the calamitous scars

“A radical”, my thinking
Whenever I did
But the force of resistance
Meant his Truth was hid

After his death
Just a few days after
Ran across Q
A Velociraptor

The citizen journalists
An amazing crew
Dismantling the secrets
Of nothing we knew

Exposing false flags
Born in the past
By an infiltrated crew. . .
Our political class

Bought, sold and owned
Is how it all seems
Cast forward as demons
From bifurcated dreams

Stories and myths
That the Vatican birthed
Securing position
As a nation, on earth

A Bible, sponsored by James
Rumored, a pedophile King
Rumored to rape and kill children
Within a hierarchical ring

Science, the Bible
And metaphysics through man
Reflect giant caverns
With much different stands

Bifurcation created
From our early beginnings
Good and evil co-sponsored
Seems that evil is winning

The concept of money
That has its appeal
For what it can buy
Or in sealing a deal

Money buys trinkets
Perhaps weather machines
Disrupting long-standing patterns
And protests of ‘Green’ *10

Money also created
Blue-Beam Tech
As Trade Centers dropped
Called a terrorist attack *11

Money owns the TV
Social media too
Influences schools
And what our young people do

The point that was heading
How the death of a man
Released ALL the resistance
As was he taking a stand

“BibleThumper” described
Me and my ilk
By this man of resistance
Who was long since red-pilled *12

So, it was after his death
I woke from this dream
Running onto ‘Q’
And the globalist’s scheme

Because my beliefs
Had been sculptured through time
And my nature’s been timid
A perfect design

I share on a scale
Where no danger resides
With clients and friends
As time seems provide

Alive in this moment
In non-resistant review
Of the crap that’s gone on
With our complicity too

The future ahead
Pregnant with promise
Inside biblical Revelations
Expectations devised

Those with a background
Inside the pragmatic domain
Suckle ideological structures
That amplify pain

Was intention and action
Part of a long-standing plan?
To undermine the bulk
Of the body of man

And now, in this day
Where money owns rule
Chaos reflects Revelations
With believers fooled

Swords flying forward and backward
As each defends their perception
The ego’s at stake
The earth holds its’ direction

The many ahead
With money they hold
Are attempting a coup
But, it’s just a carcass of gold

The chaos they’ve raised
By the need to be right
Is waking the sleepers
Now involved in this fight

The point toward was heading
Seems lost in review
About affecting reality
As it touches us too?

What part we each play
In quantum mechanical terms
Is still up for grabs
At long-last, we’ll learn

Putting stuff in Escrow*13
For future withdraw
We continually do. . .
But not considered a flaw

As a muscle gets used
And strength seems to build
The myths of destruction
Will finally be killed

Poisoned at last
As humanity wakens
With disgust for the Matrix
And all that we’ve taken

This shut-down world wide
Owning the world’s attention
How could one percent of the people
Stop economic retention?

Though newly discovered
Makes it all come together
Unification uncovered.

9/27/20 #4
9:59 AM – 1:01 PM

[Footnotes: 10/7/20]

*1 There were CDs and courses that talked about ‘attraction’ right now the
names are gone.

*2 It’s only recently that I’ve run across the term Vortex, although I did
run across a poem that had the term in it. It seems like it was
pre-Abraham-Hicks. I must have drawn the word from looking at the weather
and the force of a tornado, not sure.

*3 T.M., or Transcendental Meditation.

*4 This line attempts to convey the effort at looking at whatever it is
that occurred and attempting to assimilate or dissect the pieces to figure
out what there was to learn.

*5 When we judge anything, it’s where energy is curtailed. We amplify what
we don’t want to experience. Judgment takes with it the certainty of
perspective which being out of line with what we’d prefer calcifies or
concretizes reality in the position we are opposed to. So even judging the
self and our own personal spiritual development uses our power against
ourselves and slows transformation.

*6 To fall subject to self-judgment, just like judging others is
counter-productive to evolution. Rather than falling into a state of
depression because of an assumed failure, to observe the ‘calibration’ or
the elements that led up to finality of the situation, could possibly lead
to an understanding of where one went wrong.

As I put these ideas together, my mind filters back to Abraham-Hicks and
while the above statements outline where I was at the beginning of my
journey, through constant analysis, the process now looks like ‘long-hand’
instead of ‘short-hand.’

*7 Kenneth was half American Indian, his mother, full-blooded Osage, had
been taken off the reservation and eventually adopted out. His father was
Irish with a round full face, so he lacked any of what might be thought of
as normal Indian characteristics. If he had high cheekbones, they were
hidden beneath his full, round face.

*8 I’m not sure where he got his political opinions, but he was very
concerned about the Federal Reserve and their part in the domination of
America. It was only after his death that my mind opened to and was
directed toward what he actually saw.

*9 CFR, Council on Foreign Relations

*10 “Protests of ‘Green’ is referring to the Paris Accord that is designed
to destroy the America we know in the process of having our government
throw money at the project, that will end up like the money allocated for
Foreign Aide, it will be divided among elite thugs.

*11 There is a controversy about whether or not the World Trade Center was
actually hit by an airplane or whether it was made to look that way by
using the technology available through Blue Beam. Rumor has it that Blue
Beam is capable of projecting an image out into space. With all the
aluminum they use to put in the air, it seems like that would also
facilitate making the sky a projection screen.

It’s been said that Bob Mueller was hired 10 days before the Towers were
brought down. He’s also the one who wrote the ‘official report’ about the
whole incident.

*12 I think where I was heading with this stanza has to do with others now
seeing me the way I saw him, as a conspiracy theorist. People who suckle
the Bible are looking at all the incidents taking place in the world and
suggest it’s all a reflection of the words in Revelation. When I insert my
opinion that, with all the money the globalists and elite have, they can
create, are creating a reflection of what Revelations has put forward.
That reality coupled with the quantum mechanical affect of the believers
accepting it as reality, that makes Bible Thumpers complicit in the tearing
down of American culture.

*13*12 Escrow is one of Abraham-Hicks terms, I love it, referring to that
which we want to create.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)