Creating a Viable Narrative for Theft

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[Note: Sometimes as I write, words will come to me that are unfamiliar,
because I have to Google them to make sure they fit the meaning, I’m adding
them in because they may not be part of normal communications.]

History’s an enigma (*1)
As we’re finding out
Some’s been hidden well
Not readily talked about

Our country formed so long ago
Through the hands of other men
Some with upright character
Where our history begins

In 1606 it’s said, ‘was James the King
Who opened up the gate
Targeting the North American continent
This altering its fate

The North American continent
Columbus discovered, we’re told
With James approval
Property stolen, not sold

‘Hopium’ and appeasement (*2)
Led us down a path
Taking land from Natives
As if a rightful task

Pilgrim’s and persecution
Apparent reasons for the move (*3)
Was it stirred by the Reformation
My ignorance finds no proof

Ignatius de Loyola (*4)
When the Jesuits began
A Spanish soldier and six students
Took religion in their hands

Conversion of the Muslim cult
Was their stated goal
Denying others a right to chose
Resistant to their mould

But the Turkish wars disrupted
A trip to Jerusalem
So off to Rome they traveled
Where the Jesuits began

Pope Paul the Third, receptive
To the energy displayed
A new religious order formed
On a fateful September day

The Jesuits, the Catholic church
Became a dominant force
Missions and missionaries
Redirecting others along their course

[The Vatican in Italy
An independent city-state
The smallest country in our world
The Pope decides its fate]

[The Catholic church has sovereignty
Its priests, under its control
Not bound by laws of other lands
Thereby free to cum and go]

[Words have meaning, deep within
In creation leave a mark
The word ‘Vatican’ means divining serpent (*5)
With an essence oh so dark]

So, the Catholic church on one hand
The Reformation on the other
Kings and Queens, and leadership
Twisting, turning ‘neath the covers

History is a mystery
As you stare it in the face
The cummings and going continually
Logistics, hard to trace

A divining serpent sounds malevolent
No one can deny
Idolaters in obvious commitment
In the coverage of an eye (*6)

[Woops, I jumped too quickly
All the way to now
Remembering the photographs
Emblematic seems somehow] (*7)

[The presentation of a photograph
Displays the crucible of change (*8)
The ‘one-eye’ view is prevalent
With morals re-arranged]

[Ideological complicity
The selling off of Soul
‘They’ want to name ‘demonic’
As such another dimension’s role ] (*9)

[The cult must declare intention
It’s what they always say
But, the ‘Devil needs recognition
Or, is it a seed planted in this way?] (*10)

[Looking back into history
A proclivity of domination
Destruction of conviction
Introduction of obfuscation]

[The ‘new wokeness’ now among us
Old patterns brought to bear (*11)
The shattering of a paradigm
By ‘immoralists, who just don’t care]

[The perturbation (*12)
Is purposeful, with intent
Capitalizing our ignorance (*13)
Wherein the Force that Spirit lent]

Armed with a ‘Christian’ ethic
The Jesuits played a part
Called the ‘Society of Jesus’
Missionaries got a start

Taxation, Tea brought to bare
A broken umbilical cord
The Monarchy, Kings and Queens
We no longer could afford

Lack of representation
In England’s legislative branch
Gave way to separation
Freedom lovers took a stance

Serfdom no longer a preference
A fight for freedom ensued
Leaders rising to the surface
A Constitution was to be approved

A Bill of Rights outlining
The GOD given rights we own
Sovereigns, independent
Inherent, not on loan

The developing Constitution
Pleased us in this time
Thinking we had broken free
Was it just placation of a kind?

With a timeline immemorial (*14)
With no beginning, or an end
The twists and turns on-goingly
Where each lesson should begin

We’ve created schools for learning
Discounting experience as such
Driven for survival
Without observing much

The bottom line is rent and food
Just providing for our needs
Daunted by voluminosity (*15)
While hoping to succeed.

Moving back and forth, across the line
From the beginning, to the now
Words and laws define us
Laced with energy, the how

This group decided this
That group somehow deferred (*16)
Writing, rewriting constantly
Illuminated what each preferred

The words emanate from consciousness
As expressions of the will
As with frequencies, some dominate
Some with us ever still (*17)

We are like radio stations and receivers
Some producing 50,000 watts of power
Heard distinctly for miles around
Now ‘a days, supported by distant towers. . .

Individuals born into the world
A Soul, receiver and a call (*18)
Mankind attempts to replicate (*19)
But it hasn’t worked at all

The clones and drones are lacking
Just recorders with some noise
Lack therein, the energy
Which long-term imprints its choice

The infiltration of our system
With their laboratory toys
Is going to be their downfall
Their foundation, self-destroyed.

The Vatican’s propensity
Domination behind the screen
A Sovereign nation, self-proclaimed. . .
Anything but clean

The Vatican, London City
Washington DC, as well
City-states, separate countries
With a ‘Divining Serpent, born of hell

Conflict in our city streets
The people of the world awaken
Survival brings them to their feet
With realization they’ve been mistaken

WE, The People of the United States
Thought we owned our rights
But under this Global threat
Find now, we’ll have to stand and fight

The Act of 1871
According to a report by Marshall
Indebtedness brought complicity
As such our freedoms had to sell

The U.S.A became ‘capitalized’
The Vatican and London City
Part of this fornication

The Republic by the wayside
With a foreign power at the helm
Now, with a foreign adversary
Our system is over-whelmed

The law and money dominate
The world in which we’ve grown
In 1871 our rights were vacated
Because of a monetary loan

The majority of us sleepers
Just waking to go to work
Cooking breakfast, tending kids
With coffee yet to perk

Now immersed inside this drama
Those of privilege, born of wealth
Having slated their immortality (*20)
Want to redesign the world for self

The factor lost within their plan
That the planned-demic brought to bare
Souls are not all linear
Or subject to the narrative they share!

All of that was yester-year
Today is born anew
We’re taking back our sovereignty
The one-percenters through!!

8/2/21 #1
1:30 AM – 5:00 AM


(*1) Enigma: A person or thing that is puzzling or difficult to
understand. We’ve come to find out 150 years after our country was founded
that our supposed representatives, at the time, illegally gave away our
sovereignty. According to the interpretation thereafter, the citizens of
the US became property of the US AMERICAN CORPORATION. This designation
actually includes the birth of newborns. By using capitalization in
printing their names, this means they are owned by the Corporation. That
legalized reality has been well-hidden from most of us.

(*2) Hopium is a made-up word I’ve heard recently. I guess it’s a cross
between hope and drugs. At the point in history I’m sure pharma was not
developed; it would be truer today.

(*3) Admittedly I’m not sure which came first, the “chicken or the egg”
when it comes to presenting all these forces at play.

(*4) It was in 1534 when Ignatius of Loyola along with six students took
vows of poverty and chastity making plans to work for the conversion of
Muslims. Because of Turkish wars they were not able to travel to Jerusalem,
so they traveled to Rome to meet with the Pope. In 1540 Pope Paul III.
The Pope gave authority to the organization through recognition of it.

The Jesuits were part of the Counter Reformation, and valuable as they
attempted through missionary work to help maintain the value of the
Catholic religion and church in the face of abuses of power that were
becoming apparent.

This was the 1500’s through the 1600’s, so is that why those who are
referred to as ‘Pilgrims’ decided to abandon Europe for the North American

Did the Jesuits take an active role in the early stages of the development
of the United States? Old movies show the characterizations of Catholic
missions; but was that after we broke from the Crown?

(*5) Divining: clairvoyance, discovering, ESP

(*6) “Coverage of an eye” this refers to all those pictures of people in
‘high’ positions such as Hollywood covering one eye.

(*7) Emblematic: serving as a symbol of a particular quality or concept,

(*8) crucible: A situation of severe trial, or in which different elements
interact, leading to the creation of something new.

(*9) This seems to be a hard concept to get across. The fact that it keeps
coming up to be interpreted is the key to the confusion surrounding it.

The belief in something, our quantum entanglement or our quantum mechanical
position about something is the factor that enlivens the reality of that
which is believed and accepted. The Bible, in the first chapter created
the concept of good and evil; devils and angels

Now, it’s true there are actions done by people that are questionable and
not worthy; but to suggest that there is a qualitative state or dimension
that in and of itself is evil, is to create that dimension out of nothing.

We have been taught from birth that we are observers. The fact of the
matter, we are creators, to canonize anything is to invest the energy of
the Soul or Spirit into that thing which is creative.

So, on one hand we create based on what we believe. That’s why we’ve been
warned about ‘judgment.’

Yet, there’s more to the story, we also create through our resistance.
“Attention is the currency of the Universe.”

A more creative way to approach things is to recognize that when we attract
things, ideas, or certain people into our lives that create a ripple
through our consciousness ,that is uncomfortable, that could be viewed as
an indication that something needs to be released.

That does not mean that under certain circumstances you might be called to
step in and you should not do it, no, of course, if something is burning,
the fire needs to be put out. You don’t just watch knowing that it will
eventually burn itself out.

Every situation will call forth what is needed. It’s the judgments and
resistances that get created from the traditions and indoctrinations that
is being pointed to. As Heraclitus (470BC) said, “Change is the only
constant.” Be the change by understanding that sometimes things must run
their course.

(*10) “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” Does intention need to be
exposed to appease another Dimension or is the use of resistance in this
Dimension that creates the reaction needed in order to provide the energy
to create the result? Is our energy being channeled, stolen in our
ignorance of the process?

Looking at the physical or material examples of exploitation and theft, in
terms of, using the American Military as a force to go into other
countries, setting up those at the top of the pyramid to exploit the
resources of other countries, I’d say yes. What you see on one level will
be a mirror to another level.

However, instead of using the Military, the exploiters use the media to
capture our most significant resource, our attention and commitment to what
they want us to conceive of as their absolute power.

To the degree that you give over your attention, allowing yourself to fall
into a state of fear and consternation, you are complicit with the problems
we now face. Your religion has failed you.

(*11) Rather than being inundated by this crazy crap that is being rolled,
if it were seen as simply the psychological induction of ideas inconsistent
with our history. Just like this current C-19 aimed at depopulation and
reduction of the elderly, the ideas now being floated just another way to
attempt to institute change.

On one hand they will institute it through getting those who are young that
have been targeted through education, the other way they will promote it is
to our resistance to it.

It just needs to be seen as a view of desperation. Harnessing our
resistance empowers proliferation of he propaganda and gives it life.

(*12) Perturbation: Anxiety: mental uneasiness

(*13) Capitalize: Take the chance to gain advantage from.

(*14) Immemorial: Originating in the distant past, very old.

(*15) Voluminosity: Greatness of volume, voluminousness, fullness, bigness,
largeness – the property of having a relatively great size. For some
people, without the education needed to exploit great funds for their
service to mankind, the issues they face seem insurmountable. So, their
attention does not get squandered on contemplation of why things are the
way they are, they are busy on the hamster wheel trying to survive.

(*16) Deferred: Put off (an action or event) to a later time, postpone

(*17) “Some with us ever still” The United States Constitution, The Bill
of Rights, some novels, inventions. Consciousness has the potential to
pierce the veil of the unknown to bring forth something that will stand
through what we call time.

(*18) “A call” this refers to a calling. Some of us come in with a
‘calling.’ Maybe we all do; but some get lulled into complacency.

(*19) It was at this point in the poem that something else became active
in my awareness. That is the function of the human Soul or Spirit as it
relates to the earth plane. We have Scientists that have used their
creative intelligence and ingenuity to develop ‘life-like’ representations
of human beings; but without the component of the Soul, they are literally
powerless. They must depend on those with a Soul to help create the world
that they think they want or deserve.

So, on one hand as they have created a kill shot to reduce the population,
they are actually eliminating that part of the population that will succumb
to the fear they engender. This fact is apparent by the fact they have
allowed themselves to be bullied into being vaxed.

So essentially, they have shot themselves in the foot. Their days are
On one hand we could be sad for those who will die as the result of taking
the shot; or we can view the culling off of that portion of the population
as an Act of GOD.

In other words, if you view the last two years as significant in terms of
allowing a contemplative force to view the dynamics adopted by the 1% as an
education opportunity, then something has been gained. As far as those who
have gone on, “energy never dies, it just changes form.” With the new
health paradigm that will come about after the exploiters have left the
earth plane, those who have been systemically damaged will have help in
their return, if there is residual consequences from the toxic pollutants,
they’ve had injected into them. It’s just all part of the evolutionary

(20) “Having slated their immortality” Evidently the CGI units known as
clones can have the standing consciousness of a human being implanted into
the CGI unit itself. With all their technology, I’m sure uncomfortable
memories can probably be eliminated.

In an interview sometime back, I saw HRC being interviewed on TV. It was
as if she actually believed what she was saying. In light of her alleged
history, there was no hint of guilt. It became apparent, to me, through
that interview, programing and deprograming is entirely possible.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)