Don’t Blame Them

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Philosophy

This was the fourth poem of the day (Monday). My partner for the next four
days was sharing his success on Wall Street. He mentioned that he’d made
six thousand dollars. My response was, “great.” He then countered it
with, “It doesn’t mean anything, I could lose eight thousand tomorrow.”
Well, the metaphysical philosopher attempting to operate in the Quantum
Now had to insert herself. “What if you could make a steady five thousand
a day?” He sat there and played with the idea, “That’s twenty-five
thousand a week, IMPOSIBLE, that’s not reality. That’s what led to the
poem. Not entertaining the same range of concepts that I do he brushed it
off. Anyhow, that was the impetus for this poem.

NOTE: Concerning the title of the poem. I’ve used a lot of terms I heard
from Abraham Hicks, I’m not one hundred percent sure I’m using the terms
correctly, so if I’ve bastardized them, I apologize.

Reality Isn’t real
It’s what we come to know
Based in our experience
Emergent inside the flow

Cultures have lived and died
Emerging along the way
Generationally affected
Slightly different, day to day

The question we’re confronted with
What creates the change?
Who we are within the scope
Inside the Quantum Now sustained

If looking for a boogie man
What do you think you’ll find
Magnetics breed discovery *1
Equal to that defined

YET! . . .As is always, lives a BUT!
Expectation within the collective
Affects the ebb and flow
Giving nature its directive

Group think, mind-hive
Can change most anything
Multiplied by factors
That a multitude might bring

For instance, with the current NOW
So many living from the past
Convinced of some projection
Provides a shadow being cast

The shadow of destruction
A ‘GOOD BOOK’ thus contains
A resourceful one percent
And a context unrestrained

When you have the money
Resources without end
Mayhem outward flowing
Can corrupt most any men

So, the reality we make friends with
Will give us what we want
Metaphysics inside the vortex*1
Calibrates the stunt *3

[Note between sections: Because I am engaged in watching the back-channels
on YouTube and Google, so much of my work flips that direction. Some might
say that my political poetry does not take into account the idea of
calibration, because I drag negativity into the mix by calling how I see
it. Here my philosophy takes a turn.

Because there is no disconnection amongst us, meaning that we’re all
connected to and through the Unified Field. We may all be operating at
different frequencies, but I believe that when I write I make what I write
available to those who are synchronistic to my frequency and vibration. In
other words, we are like radio receivers and sending units. So, there is
the possibility that the writing might have an impact. While that point
could be argued and it might even be the basis for hospitalization from
some stand-points, I’ve seen it demonstrated time and time again.

All of that being said, when I elaborate on what I see going on in the
world, I also wrap it up with intent. Intent is very important in the
court of law. So, MY INTENTION is not to create fear because fear is akin
to resistance, and resistance stalls out change.

Just thought I’d elaborate that here because anyone capable of observing
contradictions would jump on an opportunity to point out the shift from one
perspective to another.

Since the 1% want everything *4
And it seems we’re in the way
They are using all resources
Each and every day

Mainstream media for example
Constantly ‘flooding’ the zone *5
Globalistically connected
That six corporations duly own

Reporters not true journalists
Recounting words upon a screen
Every channel parrot’s doomsday
Death, destruction on its wings.

But the Administration leans on Patriots *6
Who see what’s going on
And recognize the puppeteers
The Deep State and beyond

The ‘Trump Card’ is in the wings
An Amendment called Fourteen
To address the Anti-Constitutional Pledge
By Governors, Mayors and their team

Gitmo planned for some
FEMA Camps for others
Those burning, looting, killing
Ripping the hearts out of their mothers

“Money, the root of all evil”
s often heard as said
Monies now passing hand to hand
Supporting the ‘Walking Dead’

Are the rioters chipped and tracked?
Targeted by thoughts in their head?
How many, I wonder, on unemployment
Literally, the ‘Walking Dead’

9/14/20 #4

Note expansion: The name of the poem is ‘Don’t Blame Them’ in that I’m
speaking of Abraham Hicks. I’ve been watching many of the episodes and
have borrowed their terminology. If I have used the words incorrectly, I
apologize. In this poem I am using them the way I understand them.

Additionally, because I am writing from a place of ‘no holds barred’ I’m
allowing all the colorful representations and behavior to live as they
existed in the moment, rather than making them acceptable to the audience.
If there is objection to what is written, PUT IT DOWN! (the book, not the
work, LOL)

*1 We are electro-magnetic energy fields and we attract into our lives
things we want and things we don’t want. “Magnetics breed discovery”
refers to how your mind affects what you discover.

*2 My understanding of the Vortex is standing in the place where universal
energy moves in and through to create that which we’re asking for, that
which we desire.

*3 The word calibrates I’m not all that sure I understand. What I’ve
decided it means (which may change) is the composition of who we are in
several ways. For instance, frequency and vibration has some to do with it;
as well as emotions. In addition to those, all the backlog of information
that would support our getting our desires or the backlog of pessimism that
says it’s not ours to have. I think all of those aspects influence the
vortex and our ability to center ourselves in it.

In short, if we are ‘spiritually aligned’ then Creative Intelligence, the
Unified Field will shower us with its blessings. Contrarily, being in a
state of resistance (which is also a form of calibration) to what is, to
the way things are moves us outside the force and power of the vortex. We
then become a force onto ourselves which impedes the vortex’s ability to
deliver what’s in ‘escrow’ for us to receive.

*4 For those not familiar with the 1%, they are the 13 richest families in
the world. They are responsible for creating the United Nations, from the
World Trade Organization, The CDC, The World Bank they were responsible for
the TTP which Trump dismantled. Associated names with all of that is The
Federal Reserve, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg’s, the Council on Foreign
Relations. They are responsible for working behind the scenes with the
Global Mafia that includes much of the CIA (we might question the ‘I’).
Other names that have been associated with the commitment of Global
dominance are Rothchild, Gates, Rockefeller.

*5 There’s a woman on YouTube called ‘Amazing Polly’ who finds herself
constantly amazed, put together a clip called Event 201. It’s an event
that took place in New York on October 17th or 18th of 2019. One of the
continuous comments that she highlighted the various participants saying
was, “We have to FLOOD THE ZONE.” This, of course was a reference to using
the new media [what our President, Donald John Trump refers to as ‘Fake
News’] We have seen happening over and over, then saddling the listeners
with the negative propaganda. Thinking back to the definition of
‘calibration,’ think about the negative consequences of filling the minds
and hearts of those watching all that fear-porn. The fear generates
resistance to the consequences they are expanding on and thereby they
harvest the natural force we represent.

*6 There are ‘Citizen Journalists’ who are busy digging into much of what
is going on, citing sources and expounding on the political crimes, the
perpetrators and how things tie together. The fact that these channels
exist is what is creating an energetic wave. The information represents
calibration. The resistance generated by understanding the game plan of
the Globalists diminishes their effectiveness. For this reason, all the
social networks are working to ban these sites. It’s to their advantage to
keep us in the dark and in a state of fear. They are thieves stealing our
most natural resource.

The Citizen Journalists are keeping Americans and those around the world up
on what’s happening, through their efforts they are strengthening the
resolve of Patriots around the world. The United States is a Beacon of
Light to the world.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)