Epistemological Ignorance

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The following poem is a reflection of the post which states:

“No one notices your TEARS
No one notices your SADNESS
No one notices your PAIN
But they all notice your MISTAKES”

Epistemological Ignorance

Forces within the phenomenal plane (*1)
Enslave Soul’s to acquisition (*2)
Therefore human focus
Sidesteps emotions of contrition (*3)

Narcissistic within their bubble
Content within the known
Can’t see beyond the ego’s bent
Quick to cast out stones

Empathy and compassion vacant
A 3-D life imprinted (*4)
To expect sympathy, not judgment
Birth sensations of contempt

A Soul steeled by life experience
Thereby dependent on the Self
Allows the pain departure (*5)
Without external help

To lean on another’s reaction
Makes of one a victim
Understanding of our BEING here
Frees us of all dictums (*6)

(*1) Originally it read “Forces within the material world” in either case
it is referring to us human BEINGS (distinct from clones, my current
understanding of what is going on in the world of technology, we have
humans who have opted for eternal renewal. That being the case they’ve
transferred consciousness into an A-I mechanism. However, that excludes
their connection to SOURCE. Through our connection to SOURCE (or GOD, as
some would say) we have access to and through the UNIFIED FIELD. Living
outside that understanding is what is referred to as a ‘living hell’
because you are conditioned to and dependent on all of the other dominant
forces also prevalent. Ascension, while characterized otherwise, is the
act of stepping out of the dependency of lock-step behavior. We have the
potential as conduits to transform the UNIFIED FIELD through the act of
transmutation. BEING individually present to the emotions, allowing them
to act as a pinball machine and drive-up uncomfortable states, while
simultaneously knowing it’s a process like deleting a program on a
computer, that action has a universal affect. Why? Because SPIRIT or SOUL
is merely frequency and vibration. At the basis of our BEINGNESS, that’s
really all we are. We are torsion fields acting within and amongst other
torsion fields. We attract life events through consciousness.
Consciousness is a force in our phenomenal plane. Questioning the nature
of whatever is happening will reveal what is needed to learn as the result
of the experience. Resisting an experience will act as a magnet drawing in
consistent experiences until we understand that we are the source of our
own experiences. Resistance and Judgment are two elements that are
currently being used to capture the force that is available to human
BEINGS. Stoic philosophy takes the stand to “Observe reality with healthy
indifference” (my interpretation). As conduits connected to SOURCE, when
we observe reality in its evolving state (with that attitude intact), we
become channels for that energy to pass through, allowing the transmutation
of circumstances. Contrarily, the act of making a judgment, curtails our
existence as conduits and rather than acting as transducers, we help to
concretize circumstances we are uncomfortable with experiencing. Therefore
we become complicit with the problems.

(*2) The survival instinct was enhanced by the concept of wealth, money,
which leads to control. So rather than having our connection revealed to
us, we have been thrown into a state of competition.

(*3) Because we have been fed stories and myths about the division of
reality into concrete and abstract aspects, we’ve been robbed of our
understanding of our own complicity in the destruction that we are seeing.
There is no sense of personal guilt, despite the overarching theme of
religion that we are all sinners, inherently guilty of something, there is
a general effort to be “good”, inside a need for general acceptance.

(*4) Here is the reference to those machines that will reprint an object
out of another material. I think this includes taking a gun for example
and reproducing it in plastic. It’s been said that the majority of people
live in the 3rd Dimension which includes time and space. In this line,
there is the attempt to draw those 2 elements together. How our reality
gets forged by whatever exists when we arrive.

(*5) This admittedly is an abstract concept. However, if, as a Spirit
you’ve come to the earth plane to help transform the nature of reality,
then as a torsion field of frequency and vibration, you will pick up or
experience what’s going on around you, as well as your own personal stuff.
If the feelings and emotions that are present can be observed in that
detached way, they can be released. Einstein said that everything is
energy, emotional pain as a psychological encumbrance is just energy vying
for our attention. Attention is Universal collateral. To heal the Self by
understanding the underlying message helps to heal the world.

(*6) You have to look no further then the ‘vaccine’ mandate promulgated by
the Big Pharma Cartel to see the effort to force us into their depopulation

My question is, does cloning actually exist? If it does, is that part of
the reason we are being sequestered and targeted? If you look at history
and all the effort to create the concepts that provide the basis for
division. . . then use that obvious attempt to drive a wedge between us. .
. if we can use that as a message delivered within our actual experience as
a mirror that the Universe has allowed to actually reflect the divisions
actually being humanly created through what we’ve learned to call science
and technology, that is human BEINGS verses clones. Clones (to my
understanding) are devoid of Soul. They are dependent on propaganda and
brain-washing to influence forces within the torsion field, human SOULS, to
self-destruct in their ignorance of epistemology.

6:04 AM – 8:09 AM

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)