Everything’s Been Weaponized

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Political

Exorcism calls my name
To write down what I see (*1)
Night is on the clock
But sleep has abandoned me

Laying as it were
Thoughts dancing in my head
Ignore them in pursuit of self?
Or remove myself from bed …

They’ve tried to weaponized the DOJ
Hillary and her mates
But long before the hammer dropped
Others toying with our fate (*2)

Weather warfare now the latest (*3)
Medicine the same
Vaccines full of Mercury
To affect each thinking brain (*4)

Weaponizing food
Growing poison through and through (*5)
Killing bees in consequence
Warfare … rather new


Medical treatment through HMO’s
Listing what can’t be found (*6)
Money treatment, pathology
Helping patients in the ground

Weaponizing pharmaceuticals
Relieving symptoms for a price (*7)
Synthetics, patents, contradictions …
Have a slice of life

Common-Core and cursive
A two-fold continuum
Create in-home division
Wih parents that are dumb (*8)

Writing becoming foreign
Gives our ‘Rights’ a break
The original documents seem
Arabic … The future seems at stake

Weaponizing TV
Newspapers and magazines (*9)
Hollywood and movie stars
Who influence all it seems

Jim Baker round ’bout 3 AM (*10)
Sharing Impeachment views
The people need to understand
Propaganda on review

The sleeping masses suckling
Swill they find at church
Heads buried ‘neath the sand
As old men’s fables search (*11)

The ‘Thirteen Bloodline’ extinction
In their ‘Fiat Money Trust’
Just Weaponized egos
In the massive likes of us (*12)

Weaponized competition
Pitted one against another
Educated, Slim and coiffed (*13)
Finding brothers against each other

Weaponizing races
Cultures, religions too
Using ego armed with judgments
To get their agenda through

Weaponizing sex
The act, as well, each gender
Value in the market-place
Children chosing now transgender

Weaponizing countries
Pitting one against another
Lopping off big segments
New weapons to discover

Weaponizing the economy
Trade paths disappear
Amazon saves storefront costs
Profits greater here!


Out of business signs
Clerks out on the street
Homeless in transition
Rats, fleas around their feet

Encampments of the homeless
Trash, rats and fleas
Typhoid, cholera, death
People on their knees

All for want of money
A life of luxury
God … take these 13 bloodlines
And set the whole world free


6/8/19 #2 3:40 AM – 4:30 AM

6/12/19 Footnotes:

(*1) Speaking Being …

(*2) We have been a puppet of England since the inception of our country.

(*3) Lockheed Martin is doing experimentation with affecting weather
patterns under the direction of the Cabal. It’s my understanding that NASA
use to be under the guidance of the US government with tax dollars
supporting it. It has been brought to my attention lately that may not
currently be the case that their experimentation is now being paid for by
groups outside of government and not under the oversight of government
either. The current weather patterns that the US

is experiencing has 2 distinct agendas: 1. Reduce our ability to grow our
own food. 2. Convince us that we are experiencing

Climate Change’ in order to usher in more freedom reduction legislation,
and get the public to get behind programs that will allow the Cabal to suck
more tax-payer dollars from us.

(*4) Did not mention Flourite here, but it is another chemical that has
deleterious effects on the brain. It calcifies the pineal gland which
reduces integration between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. We
will be condemned to the left hemisphere only … it contains all of the
indoctrination we’ve been subjected to since birth. Our right hemisphere
provides a degree of creativity as well as insight.

(*5) Glyphosate will kill the insects that attack the plants and reduce
yields. So, groups like Monsanto have created hybrid seeds that will allow
the plant to grow unheeded by the poison that it is sprayed with. They fail
to tell us that the poison is consumed by the plant which is passed along
in our food. Now they are saying glyphosate is also being found in beer and

(*6) In the 90’s under the Clinton Administration the government installed
HM O’s. It was stated during that period that the HMO would receive $47.
per person signed into it. The HMO pattern meant that money would be
received by it’s establishment regardless of them producing treatment. This
is called a ‘capitated rate.’

Their concern was, what if clients require extensive treatment over a
period of time. That would greatly impinge on the money provided. The
answer … a list of illnesses and diseases will accompany the HMO
Developmental program. If what the patient has is on the list, it will be
treated. If it’s not on the list, they will tell you, “We can’t find
anything wrong.”

Doctors signing in to work at the HMO’s are required to sign an agreement
to the rules of the HMO as well as an agreement not to release the above
information to the client.

Because HMOs are the primary provider and most people sign into them
because of money issues, most will not seek a second opinion,

Most recently I’ve run across a few people telling me about relatives who
had gone to doctors regularly and despite being seen by professionals, they
received no diagnosis of cancer; but both died of it. Welcome to an HMO.

The information about the HM O’s are details that are allegedly true.

(*7) Modern medicine is no longer about bringing people back to a state of
health, it’s about symptom relief through pharmaceudicals. The synthetic
materials in medications that allow them to be patented cause additional
issues that will require more medication. When you enter the world of

(*8) Bill Gates is allegedly part of the Cabal’s efforts to finalize the
implementation of Agenda 21, now called Agenda 2030. The Agenda will reduce
the population down from our current 7 &1/2 billion people to 500 million

Their methods are continually to create divisions and to dumb down the
general public. This being the case, the Common Core education that Gates
has forwarded completely complicates the method of computation. One of the
affects that

it is having is to make children come to the conclusion that their parents
must be dumb because they don’t have a clue how it works, so they are
unable (in most cases) to help them come to learn it.

In addition to that, they are taking cursive out of the school. Fifty years
from now, there will be a whole population that will not be able to read
the original Bill of Rights or the Constitution as it was put forth by our
fore-fathers. It will look like Chinese writing or Arabic to the untrained,
uneducated eye of one who only knows how to print.

(*9) It’s unbelievable the propaganda that is being produced for
consumption by the mass media. If it’s not catering to the ego by trying to
convince you’ll be ‘more than’ if you have this ‘thing,’ it may just try to
undermine your morals by producing sex-stars that put it all out there.
Let’s not forget the political lies that the Cabal is pushing in order to
maintain or regain its position in government. If HRC had gotten in, the
800 FEMA camps throughout the US would have been full of us ‘WalMart

(*10) It was on a YouTube channel, Jim Baker was talking about the
significance of having the mass of the public behind Impeachment, so it was
up to the news channel to keep pushing their narrative. His words were a
little different than that; but that was the message.

(*11) I’ve been there, so I shouldn’t rip on church-goers so hard. Church
is certainly important for developing a sense of community and getting to
know one another. But beyond that the development of different religions
has helped to weaponize differences of opinion. Everyone thinks theirs is
the right one.

Perhaps that’s owing to the over-consumption of Fluoride, which has shut
down the ability to see beyond personal indoctrination.

(*12) Fiat Money is what has been declared as having value.

As a thing in itself, devoid of the conceptual force that it carries, it’s
just paper with ink on it. Through the indoctrination that it carries,
we’re all willing to exchange it for the things we decide on. Again, we are
influenced by propaganda which fans the fire of our ego which makes
acquisition of it (money) a driving force. People sell each other out over

(*13) Coiffed: From the word coiffured, to have the hair fixed.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)