Evolutionary Consequences

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Truth and consequences
Eternally inspired
The Universe Complicit
In all the muck and mire

The population is awakening
In the part it’s played
Creating the conundrums
That become revealed each day

The TV narrative, mere witchery
Creating spells of dissolution
Breaking down confidence
Yet. . . the basis of this revolution

Conditions revolve ‘round belief
Put in place through time
By those who seek control
Through redirecting each simple mind

The one-percent now realize
The error of their ways
By elimination of believers
It’s resistance in its place (*1)

Resisters can do the math
And overtime will see
As conduits of the light within
We will shift reality

The old norm of the underworld
Those who’d count us out
Make preparation for the new 1%
It’s what Covid’s brought about

9/17/21 #2
9:34 AM

(*1) As a thing in itself ‘resistance’ is not necessarily a good thing.
In this line I am referring to those who see through the wall of illusion,
that this ‘kill-shot’ has nothing to do with protecting the population; but
rather relieving it of its place on earth. Since human beings are
frequency and vibration, to send out the signal (or frequency) of
resistance toward that which is not wanted, it actually works to concretize
it in reality. This is the great fallacy played against humanity.

It may sound like I am an advocate for doing nothing but observing. That
is not true. As you look into the world of culture, the world of social
order, there are systems in place that have various functions. As people
developing within society we seem to be called to different vocations, each
vocation with protocols within its jurisdiction. In other words, as
plumbers, electricians, bakers, wives, or barbers we have been trained in
given areas. So, while we may not have the training to affect this
upside-down reality that the globalists are attempting to develop,
consciousness itself is a weapon of causation. If this were not so the
media would not be such a significant aspect of this plan.

Now, if you take that as obviously apparent, along with what has been
revealed through physics concerning quantum physics and how quantum
entanglement involves insertion of consciousness and blend those together
you get a new formulation. In other words, attention is the currency of
the universe. If we understand that what we give our attention to we are
helping to energize because through that attention evolution takes place.
Therefore the fear we hold about things and the resistance that we harbor
to those ideas, we become generators of reality. Our lives substantiate
our perspective and things get worse. This is how we have been used
throughout history.

Another fact needs to be brought forward here. This thought that I’m
calling fact rests in possibility. That is, are human BEINGS being
cloned? It’s been said that the consciousness of each person being cloned
is removed from that individual and placed into the clone. It’s also been
reported that the human BEING then ceases to exist. If that is true, then
the soul of that individual no longer exists and therefore it is no longer
connected to mass consciousness or the Unified Field. If that is the case,
while they cannot energetically add to or detract from conditions, but are
merely computers with linear skills, they are dependent on manipulation of
human consciousness to actually directly affect reality. Their
contribution to the world is very limited.

Taking another side-step. The human species are computer-like in nature,
to the degree that the experiences that we go through leave an indelible
mark in the body-mind and nervous system. Those people now engaged in
attempting to get us to see our complicity in the conditions of our own
individual and collective lives point to the fundamentals of projection
based on assumptions that have integrated and soldered into our individual
experience through belief. The theory then is that if we can reduce the
boundaries, we’ve set up in our consciousness about what is possible,
possibility has the potential of expanding. This then is what is possible
at the level of HUMAN BEING because energetically through frequency and
vibration we are connected to the CREATIVE aspect of the universe.

That is the difference between clones and human BEINGS. Human BEINGS
through their connection to GOD or CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE can have a
material effect on reality; whereas clones do not share this potential
anymore than a computer full of information has any significance unless
it’s engaged.

What then is the point that is being made? Despite the fact that whatever
our vocation, whatever our education level, whatever our age, each and
everyone of us that are actually still human BEINGS help to bring forth the
new quantum future as we observe what is happening, knowing that the
reality that is becoming apparent to us is allowing us to be conduits to
that new reality. We are the light of the world the very same way Jesus
was. He only used the example of Judgment as an entry point to a more
significant Truth.

Jesus was not around to edit the Bible. It has taken the liberty to
bifurcate the nature of energy into two aspects and as believers have
attached themselves to these erroneous views, the construct of these binary
energies have accumulated power on earth, not because they exist
independent of humanity but because humanity has come to accept their

After completing everything above up to this point, another idea surfaced
that I’d like to explore which does not tie into the idea of resistance as
a force of creation. But rather it has to do with the nature of ions.
While negative ions have a positive affect on us and positive ions have a
negative effect, it you use ionization units in an environment high in
positive ions, the effect of that ionization (assuming it is producing
negative ions) is that the negative ions attract and neutralize the
positive ions. Ions are particles that are undetectable by the naked eye.

What if, as human BEINGS, we had a similar effect? That is, the potential
of cosmic consciousness operating through us as conduits? What might that
look like? We might first need subjective awareness. That is having a
healthy understanding of ourselves as a subject in our own lives. . . How
do I interact within my life to help constitute it. How do I keep it
stunted, contrarily who do I become that makes it possible to move beyond
the invisible boundaries that keep me stuck. Subjective awareness requires
greater objectivity.

The need for greater objectivity brings us back to the nature of
ionization. While positive ions have a negative affect on us and the
world, negative ions elevate or neutralize conditions. If you broaden that
picture out and think of people as represented as ions, then you come to
realize how people are drawn together through the very nature of their/our
energy field, it makes sense why some relationships are more work than
others. According to observed conditions, when people reach that place
where their boundaries do not allow integration the lessons available are

According to Science (which in the face of the last hundred years I’m
beginning to question) but, if Einstein is correct and energy never dies it
just transforms, then consciousness which represents energy must also be
continuous. If that is true, along with the idea of reincarnation then we
chase through lifetime after lifetime with the boundaries we’ve constructed
throughout our eternal struggle toward transformation.

What I find interesting regarding the idea of Jesus returning versus the
idea that reincarnation does not exist, how can that duality be resolved?
Their response is, He will return as a Spirit. Perhaps the illuminati will
paint the sky with enough aluminum particles that a ‘Blue-Beam’ image will
be projected simultaneously around the world by Elon and his sky full of
satellites to the point that religionists are satisfied.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

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