Hate Mongers

by | Mar 28, 2021 | Philosophy

Metaphors become our mirrors
A way to see what’s hidden
In a format well constructed
Where Truth seems almost forbidden

Our world runs on fossil fuel
A lie provided in the past
Oil reserves extracted
Jobs in this associated task

Oil then reflects an energy
Past technology requires
Metals need lubrication
So value does not expire

Tesla and Edison
Gave daytime to the night
Electricity a fundamental
Helping to shine the light

Necessity, mothers invention
Intelligence then the key
Competition fuels development
These forms require a fee

Our body-mind and spirit
Evolved as such through time
A gift unto the playing field
Of renewable design

Evolution, transformation
We are energetic beings
Come and go through lifetimes
Recycling hidden dreams

In this, reincarnation
Recycled in and out of night
Hell-bent on full disclosure
A human, or unconscious plight

Spells, spelling words and world (*1)
Verbs and nouns, I think
Carry frequency and vibration
As such, provide a link

Letters used in spelling
Create a spell through grace
Word without it’s single ‘l’ (*2)
A world without a face

Extending the idea of metaphor
To instant communication
Cell phones, Internet progress
Reflects human integration

Words travel across the globe (*3)
In effortless connection
Thought an energy likewise
Not affected by detection

In this a point worth making
We’re Souls come forth to live again
Unabated by an errant world
Lost in narcissistic sin

Listen beneath the ego’s noise
Inculcation caused by birth
Bring your treasure trove of knowledge
And demonstrate spirits worth

See the world within the self
And the self within the world
Be puzzled not by what’s around
For each, unique as pearls

Cognitive dissonance is temporary
In discovering who we are
Change the only constant
That’s what I think, so far.

4/28/19 #3

(*1) & (*2) These two stanzas puzzled me as I typed the poem, “what did I
think I mean, what was I getting at?” The two stanzas seem to point to the
fact that we ascribe meaning to various words.

If you try to spell world without the ‘l’ it doesn’t work, the thought does
not go through. Words describe the width and breadth of things and if in
the hearing of the words we accept them, something becomes solidified. We
get an image. There is no way you’d get an image of the world, or see the
‘face’ of the world if I replaced world with word.

Words therefore are important because they have the ability to stir people
up. This is being demonstrated through television. For example, take
mainstream media and the effort they go to get us to condemn our President
by the use of language. Mainstream media needs to go by the way-side the
way the telegraph did and the way home phones are going also. Words in
their arena are used to create an audience hostile to our President. The
reason this is occurring is owing to the fact that under his leadership,
many many people in government are guilty of misdeeds and they know if they
don’t succeed in getting him out of office, they will go down with the ship.

Mainstream media is owned by 6 Corporations and they are all backed by
George Soros money. There needs to be some form of government intervention
whereby the MSM is held accountable for the hate and hostility it’s
attempting to foment.

(*3) Words through various methods of transmission travel across the globe,
but they are all being monitored. Thoughts, while intangible, also have the
ability to travel because they represent frequency or vibration. And while
we have the ability to embrace others with our thoughts, currently there is
no concrete method of intercepting them. But. .. thoughts also carry energy
and when you have MSM poisoning the minds of large audiences with hate
mongering, that’s where there are outbursts.

It’s interesting to hear the people who get on the various news channels
spouting and reinterpreting what they think the President said. What they
are actually doing is psychological projection. The ugliness and vileness
of their spirits are being clearly seen through what they call their

Witches used to be burned at the stake for creating spells, MSM is getting
away with it scott free. We have the freedom of speech guaranteed by the
Constitution, but using language as a fulcrum to incite people is
tantamount to ‘spell-binding.’

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Linda Brady

Linda Brady

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