Hegelian Triage

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Is there a legal precedent
For the cities that we see
Where crimes can be committed
And predators are free?

Where are the yellow vests
Within the USA
Protesting such insanity
Standing in and for what they say (*1)

Seems behind the scenes
Money is greasing wheels
Just more fiat capital
Money brokers ‘cuttin’ deals’

The concept of Sanctuary Cities
At last, MUST go through court
To rid our national landscape
Of ‘leaders’ we now support

Back-room deals and greasin’ wheels
Paves the way for crime
Lugnuts such as Soros
And the Rothchild’s need jail time

Patiently they’ve planned and schemed
An ‘all-out’ effort to destroy
Our nation and our sovereignty
If open borders they could employ

Sotero, The Illuminati Man (*2)
Holder, HRC, ‘no name’ and more
Provided weapons, training and equipment
That pushed us into war after war

At last, with 9 / 11
Supposedly an outside job
Provided the scale for justice
For the DOJ cabalist mob

In truth, ‘the war on terror’
Was also, ‘terrorists within’
Bombing people from their homes
… Assimilation never to begin

The goal? Full disruption
A foundation for division
But, the future is intact
Unbranded by their decisions

YET, as Spirit takes its’ rightful place
Confusion ‘il be no more
The psyops now apparent
With freedom underscored

The adage long adopted
By the Muslum God
“Death to the Infidel”
In the future is found odd

The Mind-Manacles used to hold us
And direct our every step (*3)
Seen by one and all …
As a ploy, by the inept

The Gods we have created
From countries all around
A philosophic concoction
“To help the medicine go down” (*4)

In the process of discovery
Some advantage took
Systemic utilization
That started with a book

‘The Book’ has gone through changes
Interpretation and deletion
Depending on any current goal
Within the ‘Global World’ completion

‘Revelations’ brought the world it’s end
As reflected in its respective words
Quantum entanglement helped shape it
As in churches all was heard

Somewhere, an intervention
And instead of a violent end
The Bifurcation the Bible created
Closed off, that brought a new world in

So …. women, “Let your air down.”
Dawn the light within
Own your sense of Self
Uncovered heads … no sin!

If a sack is what you like
Wear it, as you will
But rejoice in your own sovereignty …
You’re not your husband’s shill

Look every one and all
To see this varied Truth (*5)
We’ve all been secretly utilized
The New World is our Proof (*6)

The Bible says: “The word of God”
Is the final law
Within and out, as well, throughout
A Spell most all and all

Eve and Adam, hanging out
Doing no one harm
Eve, crossing into ‘no-man’s land’
Setting off alarms

Disobeyed, is what we’re told
But it’s deception of the Truth (*7)
Words brought forth a counterpart
As an evil force, the proof

Words of such … passing through (*8)
For all of us to read
Reify this contraband
For negativity to proceed

THEREFORE! it’s incumbent
That Spirit takes a stand
Within Vibratory Frequency
Extending to the whole of man [kind]

Please understand the folly
In the sense of separation
The Unified Field = a collective
Including ALL of life’s creations

Words and SPELLS agenda laced
Have control in mind
Free yourself and others
Of ‘slave-making’ at this time.

2:44 AM -4:12AM


[Note: Footnotes created during typing the poem to create greater clarity
of meaning.] 6:22AM

(*1) Did we sleep through some era where this was acceptable? We are a
nation of laws. Where do the Governors get the freedom to legislate freedom
from the law? People have been seen on YouTube and FaceBook whining about
this issue; but why have we not seen such a protest that MSM, Google and
Facebook have not been able to hide the demonstration. I’m not speaking of
violence, just people willing to take a stand and stand behind it. The
development of Sanctuary Cities is unprecedented in our nation. Perhaps a
way of countering this is for those living in Sanctuary Cities to not pay
any Federal or State Taxes. Would that also go unpunished. How long before
services would be shut off?

(*2) The illegitimate Muslum who stepped into and shat all over the Oval
Office and the Constitution.

(*3) In writing the word ‘direct’ the concept of DEW came to mind, Direct
Energy Weapons. That’s what we are being used as in relation to each other.
Our religions divide us, our incomes divide us, our education and job
status divide up. We judge and misjudge each other and thereby affect each
other and ourselves. But this is what we’ve been taught: Part of the psyops
propaganda that has been instilled in our programming.

(*4) From the movie Mary Poppins, starring Julie Andrews.

(*5) The Truth is varied because there are so many different stories and
philosophies, ‘religions’ out there that are the constructs used to
manipulate us, to divide us, to control the ego. Those individual ‘truths’
give us permission to look down on each other. But the truth is we are all
cell in the body of humanity.

That does not in any way suggest socialism or communism is the answer. All
of the ‘ISMS’ need to be tamed. People individually and collectively need
to control themselves without the intervention of an overarching control
mechanism. It’s the divisions that have led to the laws to create control.
We are not currently in a position to unlock our homes.

Capitalism has it’s issues, Government has it’s issues. Capitalism has
given us the competitive spirit and provided the where-withal to have
sanitation, running water, electricity. There may be future refinements on
both; we need to understand our own individual part in creating the chaos
of the current system so that we might not repeat the mistakes in creating
the new one.

(*6) For those who are not fully aware of what the United State of America
and the world is going through, we are in the birth canal of change. The
Bildeberg’s would choose abortion; but our duly elected President Donald
John Trump, with all his personal resources and family responsibility
realized what would come if he did not step into the picture. We are in the
early stages of redevelopment.

(*7) Through the body of the story, using words, an evil force was created.
Everyone reading the story here-to-fore believing such a force was created,
became entangled in the idea, thus through the use of words an idea was
captured and perpetuated.

(*8) Through the instrument of the Bible, which is reportedly the word of

In Werner Erhard work call The Forum, after long hours of ‘being in the
space of it’ a secret gets unfolded:

“I take the stand, I am the stand I take.”

When we speak, we create. The people behind all the authoritarian works
that have create the wakes that we find ourselves being pulled into are
exercising the power of Spirit. It’s now our job to wake to that reality
and be slaves no more!!

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)