Hood-Winkers Dismantled

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Political

Preface :

There were several issues I wanted to capture with this poem, and yet I
left out the fact that I believe President Trump is in the position he is
in, in order to turn this ship around. He’s done an astounding job with
all the opposition he’s had to work with. Thinking about the power of
resistance, they probably deserve a ‘thank-you.’ If what I believe about
resistance being a Force in nature, then the whole Obama Administration,
the DOJ, the FBI, the State Department and certainly the Democrats in
Congress have helped to fuel his rise to victory.

Watching mainstream media it’s obvious they are working overtime to pump
out fear-porn to utilize the Force of our nature against ourselves.

Seems the people vs government
It’s always been the same
Made to think that in our preferences
Voting somehow levels the game

Somehow, we’d put into office
A party with a plan
Would look to the public’s need
It’s forever been a scam

While we’re force to pay out taxes
Slicing off a sum
They do damn what they want to do
As if we’re deaf and dumb

Highways, by-ways, high rises
All engineered and built
By ‘Deplorables’ in sack cloth
Not diamonds, pearls or silk

The commoner in a common land
Where we’re taught that freedom rings
Live lives of common resistance
To the struggle that life brings

Up at six to go to work
The kids at school by eight
Moms pushed out from their kitchens
To help secure their economic fate

Groceries, dishes, homework
A steady state of patterns
A cyst, a toothache, cancer
So many things that matter

All in all, kept busy
Chasing money, paying bills
Thinking government has our back
As was, and surely still!

In the meantime, as life would have it
A different world evolved
Government and corporations
Grew up, to problem solve

Our Constitution and Civil Rights
Right up in our face
Making us think we’re ‘somepin’
Ignoring the anal rape

Colleges and Universities
Turning people out
Lookin’ to their own interest
How’s our systems have come about

Enter in the Central Bank
Rothschild and the ‘Crown’
Soros and the Bilderbergs
With ‘fiat’ to pass around

Inflated egos on the money hunt
Bought for mere a dime
Have infiltrated our government
And been so for such a time

In our innocence and ignorance
We’ve brushed our teeth and went to sleep
While the leapers skulked around
And decided we were sheep

Sheep no more, or ever were
Just embroidered in their plot
Agitated here and there
With the culling of our lot

For example, take our children
And what they’ve been put through
Education is a mandate
To know that one and one is two

In the absence of their attendance
We’d end up in jail
They’d be then relocated
And all would thereby fail *1

Now, within that mandate
Comes forth the larger group
Health concerns are formalized
By the Gates of such, and troops

Polio, mumps, chicken pox and more
Arrested way ahead of time
By vaccinations metered out
But, at this current date a crime

The crime, the vaccinations
Government sanctioned, as such, by law
Risk-free pharmaceutical corporations
They want to vaccinate us all

Mercury and other poisons
That destroy the tissued brains
All meant to dull perception
To facilitate the parasitic strains *2

The parasites among us
All standing hand in hand
Complicit and engrained
And behind ‘The Old Grand-stand’ *3

Hidden from our outer view
Puppet-masters out of site
Using ‘fiat’ currency
Printed day and night

Slowly, ever slowly
Dismantling our conventions
Traditions lost inside the law
Cloaked behind pretentions

Example, take ‘old people
In old age chose not to marry
“Grandma’s shackin’ up”
Since Social Security is primary

Or, Welfare under Johnson
After killing JFK
Creating Democrats
With fathers on the stray

Used we’ve been for evermore
In one way, or another
Divisions built of propaganda
We refer to as ‘Big Brother’

‘Big Brother, or ‘Big Sister’
As Nancy might proclaim
“Set-up to show her failings “*4
Pelosi her last name

Her father, Delasandro
In the Mafia was said
Gavin Newsom, as her nephew
All part of the ‘walking dead’

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The rumors are the same
Her father, a high ranker
In the New York Mafia’s game

The current torrent of activity
As chaos builds beyond the norm
Is in direct reflection
Of the current political storm

The chaos in the 3rd dimension
Thought of herein, as time & space *5
Little more than Spiritual disruption
In the expansion of God’s Grace

Speaking of such as God
Please, let me make it clear
GOD, too, is in the arsenal
An asset of division it appears

Everything that gets expressed
Within the boundaries of time and space
Comes through and from our Eternal Source
And lacks a common face

Our different cultures extract a loyalty
Providing the basis of division
Weaponized ideologies
Essential, as provision *6

Race, gender, ethnicity
Moral codes or perhaps without
Equality born in a corporate world *7
All lies, just tossed about

Standing at the precipice
It’s all coming into view
The good, the bad, the ugly
And the players on the move

We can whine about the DOJ
Weaponized by a ‘renegade’ *8
Or, see it a fundamental
To get us to this stage

If it weren’t for human trafficking
Or, satanic rituals by the Queen
Our understanding of creation
Wouldn’t mount to anything *9

The ‘elite’ with all their riches
With an additional thirst for blood, it seems
Had hoped to own their power
And to use our GOD given resource free *10

In this current mass awakening
As errors are cast aside *11
We wake to see our ‘little’ part
To which we do and did abide. *12

Subjugated and objectified
Through images and words
Guilty, as well, in our ignorance
And through reaction, ever spurred

Reaction, resistance, insecurity
As our systems grew around
Shattering our significance
Dulling meaning, never found

A system, fiat funded
Just a printing press and ink
Creating wealth, idealized
By ‘intellects’, paid to think*13

Complicit by virtue of our ignorance
That has been remedied at this time
In this Age of Spiritual development
Creating this new paradigm

Judgment, Jesus warned
Rocks upon our path
Short-circuiting our access to Source
As resistance, a boundary casts

To see the flow of nature
Unrestricted in its healing
Lives outside a resisted point
That ‘Big Brother’ keeps concealing

‘Big Brother’ owns the media
And its fear-porn of every stripe
As conduits to the great unknown
We must see beyond the hype

Standing in the ‘Grace of God
Extending God’s Grace beyond
Will wipe away the stain of man
That humanity’s been waiting on

Some will argue, forgiveness?
For vultures torturing the young?
Letting go of such judgments
Will bring a new song to be sung *14

Judgment, opinions, convictions
“Calibration” I think a term
Comparing measurement values *15
Of the assumptions developed or learned

To view our position objectively
As if in view of another *16
Would have us view ‘self’ from the Higher Mind *17
At which point might discover

The self that’s here upon the earth
Is connected to the ‘Self’ above
But, it’s the scabs and scars of experience
Producing anger absent of love

Love is an energy, Love is a Force
Love is our first defense *18
Dropping fear and judgment
Allows energetic movement to commence *19

This is the point we’re living in
All hidden is being revealed
As we stand in the Love of GOD
All error shall be healed *20

9/6/20 #1
2:30 AM – 5:30 AM


*1 The family union would not exist. So, by proclamation of our
government, we’re forced to put our children through schools, which in this
day and age indicate indoctrination.

*2 Parasitic strains, referring to those who’ve created leadership using
the image of Satan. They attempt to treat us like mushrooms in their quest
for domination.

*3 In that I’m reminded of the Wizard of Oz who puts on a big show from
behind the curtain

*4 Referring to her reference to being set up by the hair salon. I’m not
suggesting she way, just ruminating about her excuses.

*5 The 3rd dimension, as is being used here is what shows up or manifests
in the world, we live in.

*6 Provisional reality was created by us. We create definitions of what is
true, convince those around us of the efficacy and a construct is created.
Humans have created context upon context until we lost in our own web of
confusion. In order for us to be accepted within a unit or group, we must
calibrate to that unit, otherwise we’re shunned. We have real world
examples of that happening.

*7 The term equality seems to have a sliding scale of whatever mainstream
media or social media tells us it means at any given point in time.

*8 The name used by #44, renegade is not capitalized on purpose! He was an
illegal president and he needs to be impeached before he is executed. His
4-year term in office violated the laws laid out in the Constitution. To
allow his term in office to stand without vacating it undermines the ‘Rule
of Law!’

*9 This is not to sanction human trafficking or child trafficking. That’s
not the meaning here. Both of those aspects are so abhorrent that they
draw attention to the septic tank of reality

As the egoic forces that would like to dominate the world have created
methods to subjugate those in power, in order to use their power at will,
behaviors and systems were created that reflect the corrupt, immoral nature
that has achieved characterization. In other words, one thing points to
the other.

Pedophiles such as James Del Afantis (Not sure if it’s spelled correctly),
he is a product of the Rothchild’s. The name he chose means “I like
infants.” All of that information is derived from YouTube. Years back
PizzaGate was exposed; but fell by the wayside as just a conspiracy theory.

His ilk used babies and youngsters, not just for sex; but also, to generate
adrenochrome, a drug stronger than meth, reportedly. Their methodology was
to inflict pain in order that the victim secreted adrenaline into their
blood stream. This would give the recipient of the blood a high. In
addition to that, it’s been said that the blood of these young people,
whether babies or a little older, has an enlivening effect on the user.
It’s been said that’s why the ‘Royals’ maintain longevity. All of the
above has been obtained through various channels and posts on YouTube.
While the information seems viable, I have no personal knowledge of such.

*10 Our overarching resource is our Soul or Spirit. While we have the same
relationship to Source or GOD as Jesus apparently did, we have been under
the influence of those who have not given us all the proper information.
For example, the resistance we have to not having what we want is actually
a force which separates us from getting it. The Globalists, the elites
exploit our innocent-ignorance by producing more and more turbulence that
we automatically react to, which fosters more of the same. We are being
psychically cannibalized and participating in the process!

*11 “Errors cast aside” On one side of this comment It’s being suggested
that the Deep State players are being seen for who and what they are and
either being imprisoned or executed, hence “cast aside.” On the other end
of the spectrum it is being suggested that we’ve come to realize how we’ve
been drawn into this comedy of errors and as we reclaim our power,
transformation occurs.

*12 “To which we did and do abide” By constantly being tormented into
reaction by the ‘contrasts’ that we can’t be with, we’ve errantly used our
Spiritual power to build an empire for those unworthy. But this is the
year of 2020. Vision unimpaired is 2020.

*13 In this is the remembrance of the Vietnam War which was begun with a
lie promulgated by the Rand Corporation Think Tank. The public was told
that one of our ships had been destroyed by North Vietnam in the Bay of
Tonkin. It never happened. This is an old example of how our media has
been complicit in using its power and force materially to move our
behavior, our patriotism and our fear into a position of compliance.

*14 The idea of forgiving in no way pardons the actions. All of these
false actors aligned together toward mayhem need to be exterminated. It
does not seem viable to house and feed any of them. Give them what they
would have gladly given us, extinction!! According to Agenda 21, the New
World Order under the jurisdiction of the United Nations would like to
eliminate all by 500 million human beings from the face of the earth. In
this age of A-I, artificial intelligence, we have become an incumbrance, we
are in excess of their needs.

*15 Admittedly Abraham Hicks and Esther have entered the sphere of my
experience. The interpretation available for calibration, based on my
understanding is our effort to look at all the reasons that we come to
certain conclusions. So, when you’re in disagreement with someone of a
contrasting view, if you have objectivity available then what you’d do is
search backward to attempt to understand how those measurements or
decisions got ingrained to make you come to a conclusion. By doing so, it
puts you in the driver seat to alter whatever position you might be
taking. Or, contrarily, you realize that the ‘other’ which represents a
‘contrast,’ is positionally concretized. The truth is, it may also be the
case with you in terms of your perspective. I think the goal is to become
aware of the ‘inputs’ so to speak which have influenced your position,
judgment, etc. Perhaps the goal is to move beyond judgment of the
contrasting view which might also have an affect of disentanglement. In
other words, through our judgments and resistance, we use our Soul’s energy
errantly to entrench ourselves and others into a stilted position of

*16 Awkward wording, “As if in view of another:” If we were looking at or
watching someone else, we would have what we would call greater
objectivity. Sometimes it’s difficult to be able to stand outside oneself
with absolute objectivity.

*17 Also referred to as the Higher Self. It’s been said that it’s the
pineal gland existing between both hemispheres of the brain that allows for
transfer of energy and thought between them. Apparently, the left
hemisphere has been described as that aspect which collects and maintains
information concerning our experiences collected during our human sojourn.
While it’s been intimated that the right hemisphere provides access to our
Source or Soul. Under the influence of fluorite, the pineal gland becomes
calcified. The calcification process creates a barrier between the two
hemispheres. One of the ways it appears to show up as an issue is the
inability to move beyond the width and breadth of a person’s personal
experience. In other words, our truths and our beliefs are left hemisphere
dominated. We become encased in our judgments of the world. That is a
personal observation as compared to a scientific fact.

Science is losing its place in the world. We are beginning to see that
what poses for science at this point is rumor and innuendo based on
whatever agenda or narrative is being propagated or transmitted.

*18 Unless you’ve experienced this first-hand, it will not make sense. If
you view your life and what’s going on around you as a schoolroom, so to
speak. With everything that’s happening you accept it as something you need
to consider. Coming from that place you’d be less likely to throw stones
at others for what occurs. You’d be more likely to try to figure out what
the occurrence meant in terms of what you might ultimately gain from it.
That would be a very non-resistant position. Most of us probably move in
and out of that; but rarely stay there on a continuum. But oddly enough,
in the acceptance and gratitude of the events, they will lead to greater
clarity. As I’ve recently learned through Esther and Abraham Hicks it’s a
reflection of standing in the vortex.

As I familiarize myself further with their language and vocabulary, there
will be more about that later. As a matter of fact, my understanding may
currently be incorrect. Time will tell; but chances are the significance
of their verbal representations may alter in my language of them as I
develop under their tutelage

*19 This line is more significant than it may at first glance seem. When
speaking of energy moving in this case, what is being referred to here is
bringing newness of material manifestation from the upper dimensions into
the 3rd dimension. Things may change.

*20 In the original line it says, “shall quickly be healed,” which would be
my highest desire; but my 3rd dimension experiences suggest otherwise. I
include it as a desire.

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