Ignorance is Not a Crime*1

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Health

Big words in healthcare
Intimidate the mind
As they would in any field
With no ‘re-fer-ence’ to find

Glutathione for example. . .
Gluts, the butt, perhaps?
Or a glutton of a one
Every mind fills in the gaps

But none of those ‘fit the bill’
When the account is low
It’s reduction can be problematic
Many unhealthy issues show

Alzheimer’s, for example
Nerves and brains can be affected
Atherosclerosis is another
Heart issues thus detected

Cancer, Lupus or [rheumatoid] arthritis
Prevails in its absence
The body slows production
Lowering the bodies defense

Thirty to thirty-five
Lifestyle, ancestral DNA
All culprits in decline
Based in studies, now-a-days

Glutathione, so important
Foundational, it seems
Yet, the word intimidates
In the absence of what it means

Diabetes, pancreatitis
Thyroid and pancreatic function
Suffer when its low
Requiring a medication conjunction

Accelerated aging:
Macular degeneration
Becomes aspects called to live with
We think it’s just timely disintegration

A product to address it
Taken, everyday
Eternal, by Vasayo
With Liposomal at play

Fat bubbles protect delivery
It’s taken where it’s needed
Protection that tastes great
Medical treatment thus defeated *1

So much we know, and don’t
In a new world every day
Symptom relief through pharmaceuticals
Perhaps, domination will fall away *2

Our culture’s been bombarded
Engineered, as some proclaim
By those who’d use our ignorance
And view us with distain

But the world is under-going
Transformation at this time
Vasayo’s an inside partner *3
In our shifting paradigm

Transparency, its motto,
Using modern tools
Technology provides control
With lessons outside of school

People supporting each other+
In groups, or one to one
Circumstances seem to matter *4
I found out on the run

Tolerance, compassion
Despite my interpretation
They took my hand metaphorically
Expanding aspects in discussion *5

I’m new to this, admittedly
With people steeped in understanding
Having enormous hearts to share
To a mind needing a rebranding

Commitment for the task at hand
In terms of, from my side
A commitment to further learning
Am a novice armed with guides

Keith Bradford, my first exposure
To the leadership involved
Patient to a fault
With confusion always solved

The paradigm of medicine
I think. . . will take a hit
With Vasayo’s clear philosophies
We’ll become a nation, mostly fit

The end that rules my life
Directing me to choice
Brought me to a community
That can also hear my voice

Thankful and appreciative
A venture, compressed within a week
Approaching twelve days of vacation
With new tools to help me seek

God is good, God is Love
Despite the different brands
Showing up in this group,
Empowerment their stand!

Back to glutathione*6
Of which the liver seems produce
With Liposomes and organics
Health will become a proof

Antioxidants made flavorful
Self-resistance held at bay
So many pluses so far
As my product makes its’ way *7

1/4/21 #1
12:23 PM – 2:25 PM


*1 This is not advice for medical treatment. It is just a suggestion that
if the supply of glutathione is supplied to the body before it gets
depleted, the need for pharmaceutical enhancement might not be necessary.
I am not a doctor, just connecting the dots of logic.

*2 Again, not suggesting to start Eternal by Vasayo and stop
pharmaceutical, just suggesting that if the balance of glutathione is
maintained symptoms may not appear.

*3 Again, this is my opinion, not the companies. As a metaphysical
philosopher watching the destruction of the ‘old guard’ and the reinvention
of America, (at this time) I think Vasayo is part and parcel of developing
a new cycle. History indicates healthcare, at some point, became symptom
relief. If we can supply the body with what is required actual health
might be reinstituted. Again, my opinion.

*4 In terms of my personal exposure to this product line was an
unwillingness to consider it. In being introduced to it, my internal
dialogue was that someone wanted to get me involved so they could make
money off of me. That’s what you call ‘already listening.’ That is
listening from our history and coming up with assumptions that keep us from
looking beyond.

However, nature showed me otherwise. My neck, shoulder and arm caused me
to miss 4 days of work. When the lady who wanted me to ‘go to a meeting’
to learn about the product, came by and used the CBD cream on me, not once;
but 3 different occasions and I felt enormous relief, I was willing to
investigate. So, circumstances make a difference.

*5 The pain and relief thereof made me a hungry listener.

*6 I had no previous knowledge of glutathione. During my vacation to
Arizona, I was to learn that in order for it to be received into the body,
the liquid had to be administered under the tongue. This, of course was
old technology. With the development of Eternal, using Liposomal
technology, it could be swallowed directly.

*7 The generosity of this organization outshines others I’ve been in
association with. The products that I had coming were to replace the
products that I received ahead of my order, which then would be returned.

To discover more about Vasayo:
6thdimensionVCBDone.com [CBD products here]
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Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)