Inquiring to and Through the Infinite

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How does everything fit together

The what ifs and the ‘is’
What’s true, what’s manufactured
Whatever have we missed?

Did Jesus walk the earth?
Did Mary not get laid
Was all that manufactured
Keeping most the world engraved

Do I make my way to the QV (*1)
To attend to all the lies
Dancing in the River of Light
Wherein photons, just an uncommon spy?

I’ve been called a ‘virgin spirit’
Attending to the unobserved
Sometimes seeing into me (*2)
The rocky truth gets stirred

‘What if’ beyond false attribution
Some of what I say is true?
That is. . . our Source connection
Manifests what’s coming through (*3)

‘What if’ we are potential conduits
Like a hose where water runs
But its energy, not water
And connectivity’s the sum

The analogy of the Red Sea
With Israelites escaping
Moses was that led them
The Egyptians tried over-taking

But the Hebrew’s say another day
The Egyptian army was destroyed
The Pharaoh’s chariots went under
No way they could avoid

Was it the force thereof the righteous
That caused the sea to part
Frequencies, waves and particles
Wherein the ‘parting’ got its start

The multitude of Hebrews
Standing in the dirt
Focusing collective attention
Seems none of them was hurt

Was it the magic of intention
That caused the sea to part?
Or really just a story
To light a hungry heart

In other words:

None of it really happened
Just story of potential
Intelligence behind the scene stepping in

Detailing steps sequential
So the Red Sea, an analogy
Analogous to Now
Standing tall among Egyptians (*4)

But to fuck them is the how
Living in the Third Dimension
With a Fifth Dimension take. . .
Do we mask up for protection
But. . . what then is at stake?

Do we step out on the stage
And give our lives a whirl?
Players in this game of evolution
Or just stylists doing cuts

A friend says: “’Step back’ (*5)
Giving others room
To do their karmic dance
And learn later, if not soon”

“There’s freedom in ‘self-acceptance
Living only in the Now
Let disingenuous others
Figure out their how. . .”

“Manifesting the unmanifest
Quality of the absolute
As a frequency modulator
In affect astute”

“Wherein within the silence
Of an objective soul
Reorienting one’s circumstance
Not a tainted goal”

“But privacy, an accompaniment
In the manifestation act
Others cramped behind their labels
Your truth may not track!!”. . .

So privacy’s important
Just like my friend suggests
Others can and will find their way
As is my “G” attests. . .

“Focus on being selfish
Taking care of self
Not to the detriment of others
You don’t need their help”

“Constrain Linda’s ego
Lyn will lead the way
Gain the freedom of ‘no-mind’
And watch the words you say”

Integrate the parts of you
Share your truth on paper
Others will be drawn in
You’ll be a ‘his’try’ maker”

“Not on the stage of life
But underneath the table
Turning off the spotlight
And ultimately be stable”

9/3/22 #1
1:52 AM – 3:17 AM

(*1) *”Do I make my way to the QV”:*

Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton speaks of the QV as the Quantum Vacuum also
referred to as the Zero Point Field, pg. 97. I’m not quite arrogant enough
to believe that I’m actually capable of drawing from the source for
information, but I find that I’m so resistant to what humanity has been
subjected to for such a long-protracted period of time. Certainly myself
included. Most of it lives for me as with the force used to push us all
into masks during C-19

(*2) “
*Sometimes seeing into me The rocky truth gets stirred*”

The tendency to move straight into conjecture, drawing from opinions,
judgments and convictions surface so naturally, it can be both jolting as
well as revealing.

*That is. . . our Source connection Manifests what’s coming through*

Perhaps that’s why religion had to be invented, to provide an answer to the
question of manifestation. If human Beings actually thought they had power
outside of the stories that got manufactured which actually created the
bifurcation of energy.

What do I mean by bifurcation of energy? Einstein early on said there is
‘just’ energy. King James decided it would be better to fracture energy in
order to explain human frailty and failure, hence we got the story of the
Garden of Eden and the concept of good and evil.

Since much of what I’m saying is what occurs to me to make sense and not
established in any book, I have to add it lives as my current truth. As we
all know, truth is relative, if it doesn’t resonate, that’s
understandable. If you look superficially into history, we see the
constant struggle for domination. An effort to keep people in ‘their

The Romans crucified Christ, assuming that is all true. Then the Roman
Catholic Church created the symbol of him on the cross as some form of
idolatry. In my mind it’s disgusting, but we’re told that poor, poor Jesus
died for our sins. Yes, because the ass-holes that were there didn’t move
against it. . . again, if any of it is true.

As the result of all the ‘stories’ of miracles this virgin child created,
which we obviously have not come up to that standard, it becomes incumbent
on us to stand in his shadow and mourn our own insignificance.

As the Roman Catholic Church utilizing the atrocities gained favor, power
and force, it was incumbent on the Monarchy to reach to regain its
position. Thus in 1611 we get England’s version of events. The
introduction forced the Vatican to develop the Jesuit Army to persecute
those leaving Catholicism. This prepared the way for development of the
North American Continent and the destruction of the peoples who were here
initially, the Native Americans.

Is any of what’s been said here true? It’s what makes sense to me, but
that’s looking very superficially at the overarching patterns of control
and division that appear to be intentional.

If we ever came to realize our actual connection to that energy field that
Einstein spoke of and realized our level of significance in operating from
intention, we’d be hella dangerous to those who narcissistically see us as
useless eaters.

The stories and symbols became essential to keep us distracted. New forms
of distractions arise constantly.

(*4) “
*Standing tall among Egyptians But to fuck them is the how*”

I wrote this vulgarity in the wee hours of the morning. . . The point is,
if through utilizing our will, intention and understanding of how
significant we actually are and stop bending over, taking all the crap
that’s being pushed on us, we could actually reinvent the human condition.
But people will have to get their head out of their ass and throw
Revelations in the fire. People who call themselves Christians are so
proud of the chaos that’s being delivered onto the masses because it gives
them some sense of security that what they’ve held as true is actually
coming to pass, ignoring their actual complicity in bringing this crap
forward by virtue of the crap they’ve been fed their entire life. But, as
they say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

*A friend says: “Step back” Giving others room*”

I have a tendency to engage in conversations that attempt to share “my
wisdom” with others. My new friend, who appreciates my child-like
enthusiasm, has been known to suggest that I allow others to develop at
their own pace.

He sees the various aspects of my personality or character suggesting that
the child-like aspect, while honest, needs to have the impulsivity

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)