Judgment Hovers

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Philosophy

Judgment hovers close to home
Won’t ever let us be
Before looking into another’s life
The judgment might not set you free

Judgment is but opinion
Built from a basis that is learned
Passed down generationally
A vibration built on terms *

‘This’ is said criteria
‘That’ can never be
But, experience, the teacher
Has always been with me

So, judge as will, from habit
But its only you it hurts
Each construct is a barricade
But its disaster to which you flirt

The energy of judgment
Revisited on your nest
Will turn it upside down
And make it quite the mess

Character assassination
Standing outside the door
Brings experience to learn from
Within each judgment stored

5/27/20 #2

*Because we don’t usually identify our own connection to Source, because
the Bible has us believing that we are separate and must look to God, then
we don’t realize the damage we do through the process of making judgments.
Our judgments operate as a conclusion. Energy stops where a conclusion is
drawn, therefore we have the potential of slowing down evolution for those
we judge; but simultaneously we slow down our own transformation process.
It’s a no-win situation.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)