Life’s Mysteries

by | Mar 17, 2021 | Philosophy

This poem was written back in 2014, I mention fracking and the like and am
not sure whether my perspective was influenced by the fake media pushing or
opening the door to the Paris Accord. Just another way to give money
direction so that it could be harnessed by those pushing it for personal

There are mysteries in life for me
They run the gambit whole
The chakras and rainbows
Reflecting a connected soul?*(1)

The Upanishads might say so
Though chakras might’ve been missed*(2)
As the Chinese proposed them
In this wholistic twist

In studying massage
In nineteen eighty-one
Meridians and tsubo points
Where curiosity had begun

Twelve for the first one*(3)
Three sixty five the other*(4)
The years and days connected
Like a sister and a brother

GOD lives in our unconscious (*5)
And wisdom tries impart
Correlates relatedness
Maybe did so from the start

Illness, for example
The body and the planet
Toxicity systemic (*6)
And we take it all for granted*(7)

Sugar water we pump into us
And whine ‘bout inflammation
Ignorant of the part we play
Cause we’re lacking information

Fracking, now the big thing
Pumping poison in the ground
Forced to purchase bottled water
An exchange that’s not so sound

Where about’s our logic
In creating this big plan
Money, gold and silver
Will be the death of man

What culture was it, historically*(8)
Lining aqueducts with lead
We’re standing in their shadow
Mankind will end up dead

The XL is about money
Though jobs is what they claim
Workers pray for paydays
No matter who or what is maimed

Clinton signing NAFTA
And GATT right there behind
Sent jobs and smog to China
On two counts not so kind*(9)

At some point we need awakening
So, history won’t repeat
It’s the programs that are not working
We must stoically delete

Reality is but a code*(10)
Attempting to call us home
The negative of a picture*(11)
Kodaking replaced by phone*(12)

The Internet, an example
With everything connected
Calls forth Carl Jung’s theory*(13)
That we’re unconsciously directed

Jesus, as a man
Came demonstrating pattern*(14)
“That the Father and I are One”
In connection to what really matters



*(1) “The chakras and rainbows, reflecting a connected soul?” As has been
pointed out in other poems, life, intelligence gives us clues to itself and
to who we are to it. This lives like one of those hints. Eastern
philosophy tells us about the tsubo or acupressure points, as well as the
meridians. It has also given us the concept of the chakras. These
poignant clues point back to a broader reality, how we are one with the
world, how we reflect it and it reflects us; or its affect as a result of
us and our influence.

For instance, look at the issue of global warming and air pollution. Then
look at the condition of a large portion of our population, what they are
doing to themselves through the pollutants they ingest into their bodies.
Smoking is a good example. Right now human health and ecological health
are head to head; and I might add both are in the shape they are in based
on the net affect of the Capitalist system. The cigarette companies are
given credibility and license to kill people by our government. The Same
way the government gives license to the oil industry to destroy our earth
through digging worm-holes all through it and injecting poison.

We have to also hold ourselves accountable because we create a market for
both of these things. Through our willingness to support such industries,
we give them the money to buy legislation to promote their own ends.

The Stock Market must also share the guilt because there are a lot of
people attempting to make money by supporting unconscious industries.

*(2)”Though chakras might have been missed” The Upanishads existed around
300 BC [fact needs to be checked]. The Chinese came up with them; but I’m
not sure when.

*(3) “Twelve for the first one” The body has twelve energy meridians, that
correspond to the number of months in a year.

*(4) “Three sixty five the other” At the time I took the course: Seifu Ku
Jujitsu Shiatsu Massage, out of the Jujitsu Federation, they said there
were 365 tsubo points which correspond to the number of days in a year.
Since that time I’ve heard there are more points than that.

The thing that I found compelling is the theory of the body and acupressure
points back to how we measure time. Everything gets woven together.

*(5) “GOD lives in our unconscious” again I refer to generation,
organization and delivery. The fact that we keep chasing after
interpretations of this aspect makes it pretty clear that there is
something inside of us that won’t let us be. We keep searching for meaning;
but we can’t read what’s in front of us because we attempt to look at
things objectively rather than seeing them subjectively. We are the
subject affecting the object by how we view it.

*(6) Toxicify is not listed in the dictionary, so I made it up. There must
be a word that describes the process of toxifying, but I couldn’t ferret it

*(7) “and take them both for granted” Because of the way our culture has
impacted us, the educational systems, the modern technology, the
distractions, the hedonistic self-indulgences that we take for granted, we
are destroying ourselves and our planet, both are equal by degree. But,
because we can read ‘the signs’ we ignore them.

*(8) “Money, gold and silver will be the death of man” what culture was it
that lined it’s aqueducts with lead and destroyed their culture with lead

*(9) “On two counts not so kind” The first is the fact they took them away
from workers here in the United States; but the second factor is they sent
all those fossil fuel making corporations to China where they have no
restrictions on what they can pump into the air. A television report on
that issue said there are a lot of people in those countries contracting
and dying from lung diseases.

*(10) “Reality is but a code” Here I’m referring to the phenomenal plane,
the earth and all the things it’s brought forth, which includes are ideas
about everything.

*(11) “The negative of a picture” Here I’m referring to the picture as
being the solid mass or matter that makes up reality. The negative is like
spirit or creative intelligence trying to communicate with us through the
out-picturing of reality.

*(12) “Kodaking replaced by phones” Are you old enough to remember the
process of using film, as with a Kodak camera? Now we’ve evolved to the
point where we have instant accessibility. Something can happen in one
place and it instantly be known around the world. Spiritually it reflects
back to our psychic connectedness.

*(13) “Calls forth Carl Jung” We’re instantly reminded of Carl Jung’s
suggestion that we’re all connected at the level of the unconscious. The
development of the Internet helps to give us access or recognition of this

*(14) “Came demonstrating pattern” He was the out-picturing of what exists
for all of us, we are all One with creation; but our enculturation obscures
this fact.


Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)