:Looking Back

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Political

Looking back on 2020 (*1)
From ten years forward, to ten years back
The efforts of a handful (*2)
Caused themselves to go off track (*3)

Since everything is energy (*4)
Intention, an internal spring (*5)
Comes up to be acknowledged (*6)
Then spirals back again (*7)

What we put in motion
Will circle back on us
We’re all cells within humanity
Of reciprocity you can trust

The year of the election
Money tried to get its way (*9)
Overarching agencies
Took our sovereignty away

Governors and Mayors
Elected by the many
Turned their back on us
Our significance weren’t any

Forced us to spend money
On masks and sanitizer
Generated fear porn
MSM, the complicit analyzer

But humanity being what it is
Didn’t take it sitting down
Voices found among us
That we might never had ‘a-found’

The blacks and youths were utilized
Just fodder on the run
Until they saw the usership
Wherein dignity was none

Social media, a two-edged sword
Bringing people into connection
Identifying dissidents
While giving them direction

Globalization, loss of freedom
Took a rapid turn
Something shook the world and nation
As from history would learn

JFK, Jr. reappeared
Everyone seemed shocked
But his delivery is what did it
With a voice, no longer blocked

His father’s death, 911
The war on terrorism and drugs
Vietnam, the Titanic
All choreographed by thugs

The depression, Woodrow Wilson
The Federal Reserve and all
A Congress with its lobbyists (*16)
The ‘plandemic’ toward our nations fall

Hitler and the Bilderberg’s (*17)
Resources throughout the world
Human trafficking, pedophilia (*18)
The sacrifice of boys and girls

The 1600 German scientists (*19)
Brought into our fold
Monsanto, Bayer and round-up
Health calamities untold (*20)

Think-tanks using intellect (*21)
To sell its ‘bill of goods’
Just hoodlums with a bank account
By and large just hoods

Epstein, the CIA, Mossad
With a giant honey trap
Teen-aged girls of little means
Taught to take a lot of crap

Building 7 and the Pentagon
To cover moneys theft
The role of England and the Vatican
Propaganda right and left

His appearance woke the sleepers
The dissidents lost steam
In the sunshine of reality
Everyone waking from their scheme

Divisions quickly mended
The boundaries fell away
All with the re-appearance
Of our hero, JFK

Confiscation of wealth among
Those who’ve fouled our nation
Locked inside their web of lies
Impotent of creation

The lessons left for learning
Separation is a myth
The plans you have for someone else
Will find you in a twist.

7/17/20 #1


(*1) “Looking back on 2020:’ As a working theory, I’ve concluded that the
process of visualizing something other than what exists (without resisting
that which exists) you create movement for change to occur. As long as we
hover in each ‘now’ moment with criticism and disdain we secure our place
there. This poem then, is an effort to observe (what is, outside of
resistance to it) and create a vision beyond what currently exists.

Perhaps it is/was the observation of the ‘Cancel Culture’ dynamics that
metaphorically enthroned the idea. Our reality is full of metaphors that
use our physical, material existence to point to a correlating spiritual

(*2) “The efforts of a handful:” Here I’m referring to the 13 families or
the 1% of humanity that have decided they’d like to own the power of this
domain and either eliminate those who threaten their existence or just
muddy the water and take up space. Herein are the Bilderberg’s, the
Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations.
All of these entities are responsible for integrating themselves into the
fabric of the United States with one goal in mind, to use it or destroy
it. In the early stages we have been used by these infiltrators to get
them what they’ve wanted. Now that the tables are turning on them, they
must move into the destruction phase.

(*3) “Caused themselves to go off track:” It’s been said that George Soros,
at 16 years of age helped to ferret out the Jews for the Germans. The way
that it was described, it was a joyful experience for him. The only way I
can reconcile that in my own mind, coupled with his continued effort to
destroy the vestiges of freedom and peace for the world, is it must have
taken on the heightened experience (energetically) of that of an orgasm.
An event that keeps playing out with the pillaging of the world.

(*4) “Since everything is energy:” It was Einstein through science that
said, “Everything is energy.” I believe the other part of that is that
energy never dies or ceases, it just changes form. With this idea, I’m
introducing its companion that misguided energy under the right set of
circumstances will return to its sender. Either because of ignorance of
this phenomenon, or just that outright manipulation of humanity, this fact
has not been developed well in our psyche. When wronged the reaction is to
get even, rather than allowing nature to take its course.

(*5) “Intention, an internal spring:” When you stop and think about our
legal system, ‘intent’ is extremely important in the court of law. (There,
you have an actual metaphor that has come forward to be considered.) As
‘spirits’ operating at the human level it is also extremely important.
Intent is an energy that flows through us into the world to affect
outcomes. It can be as elemental as wanting a chocolate chip cookie,
therefore all the actions necessary to accomplish getting that cookie come
into play. That, of course, is a very innocent, personal want that may
have long-term ramifications; but it will not spiral out into the world in
most cases to affect or hurt someone else.

Other forms of intent can be darker and more self-serving. This, of
course, is where the court of law comes in to over-see that justice is
meted out. In the system that was originally visualized this system might
have worked. However, in our current system that is rife with corruption,
and infiltration real justice has been stymied. Agencies such as the CIA
along with other ‘Intelligence Agencies’ developed worldwide after WWII,
own their allegiance to the Globalist’s and have been doing their bidding
right along.

The point here is, what we are seeing under this Administration is the
culling of those forces that have used their intelligence and resources to
undermine the entirety of humanity. Yes, their intention is quite clear.

(*6) “Comes up to be acknowledged” This is an extremely important line in
the whole poem because it draws on the ‘force of consciousness.’ Currently
on mainstream media and the multitude of ‘talking heads’ that continually
capitulate their integrity for a few dollars and perhaps to protect their
reputations from whatever is hanging over their heads, we see the barrage
of propaganda. As the truth of their actions begin to filter in and people
are able to pull away from their dependence on this brain-washing tool, the
‘force of consciousness’ which is the remaining resource that the
Globalists are attempting to extort will begin to shift the outcome.

The media, which is owned by 6 major corporations use science and
technology to sell us instruments that will, in the long run, allow them to
alter the ‘emergence’ of reality, the shifts that occur in our culture.
Everyone that sits in front of it, because it’s a habit or a pattern that
comes naturally, are complicit with the destruction of the American way of

However, if in the process of watching the propaganda, by recognizing it
for what it is, there is the potential for undermining its force. The
Stoic position is ‘Healthy Indifference.’ Our society through its many
‘organizations’ have successfully created walls and boundaries within
itself and among all the different groups. Here again is an additional
metaphor, when you look at what we as a country are going through with our
border wall. This is not to suggest that the border wall is not
appropriate, yes, in this current environment it definitely is. It is the
Globalists who want to destroy our culture and our freedoms that want
boundaries taken down. They are using our Congress, our children and our
black citizens at this current stage of destruction. Without borders, we
would be forced to support the world without end through taxation. It has
been the goal of the Globalists to slice the globe up into ‘Unions,’ we
would have been the North American Union. Our ‘union’ would have included
Mexico and Canada. They want the United Nations and the other
organizations such as the World Trade Organizations, The World Bank, the
CDC and the WHO to have the overarching say of what happens throughout the
globe. They want to set up a system of people they appoint, voting (such
as it is) will no longer exist. Why, for one, it would no longer be
necessary. Just like now, with the mask mandates, despite the fact that
mayors or governors are not in a position to create laws, the businesses
that we need to sustain ourselves are being squeezed and manipulated to
manipulate us as well.

Back to my original point, “Comes up to be acknowledged,” as we are able to
see things with clear vision, realizing that the fact that everything’s
coming up to be seen is an indication that we are entering a new phase,
rather than allowing ourselves to be rocked into a state of fear, then we
become part of the creative process for positive change. The ‘Healthy
Indifference’ for those of us watching the unfolding, (without access into
creating the change itself), we begin to use the power of our soul (as
conduits of energy) connected to GOD. We must begin to introduce into our
cultures awareness of a new truth that has been denied us from the
beginning. Again, another metaphor: Just as mothers are connected to their
babies through an umbilical cord, we too are connected to GOD through an
invisible umbilical cord. In that by our understanding of our true nature,
we become custodians of change.

(*7) “Then spirals back again” Energy is in a constant state of flux. If
we leave it unobstructed, it will return back to its origin. What does
that mean, “leave it unobstructed?” What we usually do is enter into it,
creating judgments, generating hate and opposition. All of that is a
misuse of energy. Yes, things need to be addressed, but, if we are
conduits through our umbilical cords to GOD, then we draw upon the power
and force of GOD to give viability or a concreteness to something where
none existed prior. . . “Where 2 or more gather in my name, there will I be
also.” That’s a metaphor. Our minds were not equipped to understand the
entirety of the message, or, the message was polluted as a way of
maintaining power.

So, as we watch what’s happening in Congress and we see how the DOJ and the
Obama Administration had used their positions to weaponize against our
current Administration and we see the complicity of media in attempting to
keep us ‘brain-washed;’ what we’re also seeing is how GOD is unwinding the
spiral to correct things. We are the 99%, we are the force.

We have been extremely blessed to have so many honest people still within
our government that not only operate with integrity but are brilliant in
the way they’ve used current resources to keep us informed about the
underpinnings that have created the chaos we are facing.

The Qanon movement is our saving grace. By using the Internet and Social
Media (another metaphor, by the way) as a means to bring the silent
majority information about the ‘dark side’ playing out behind our backs, it
has put us in a strategic position. The development of this vital network
is tantamount or juxtapositional to mainstream media, which is operating as
the result of the recension or rescinding of the Smith-Mundt Act which does
not allow the use of propaganda against the citizens. It was the Obama
Administration in 2013 that rescinded the law. His purpose at the time was
to allow for the ‘False Flags’ that were created by the CIA. They were
intended to draw the public into a position of wanting gun confiscation.
The supposed school shootings where ‘crisis actors’ were hired to play a
part in brain-washing the public to gain a foothold on sympathy to take
guns out of circulation. We can now see, with all the bought and paid for
chaos, that would have been a huge mistake.

(*8) “What we put in motion/ Will circle back on us/ We’re all cells within
humanity/Of reciprocity, you can trust:” Everything that comes around, goes
around. As a culture, our ego has been that which has been fostered.
Money, wealth, fame, education, physical looks, accomplishments, ownership
of stuff, accomplishments of our children. This is all part of the
brain-washing and an effort to create a division between us. When we’re
born, we’re given a name, that name automatically separates us from
everyone else, then we go out and manufacture a standing for ourselves in
order to add significance to the life we’ve lived. All of which is just a
natural phenomenon. The ego looks up to and down on others, all part of
our training, conscious or unconscious.

But, in the major theme of things, everything is connected. If you think
about the human body as a metaphor for our culture. We are a collection of
organs. Each organ is a collection of cells. All of the organs have to
work together to keep the body functioning. In a culture we have a
multitude of organizations. Some are governmental, some social, some
educational, some medical/pharmaceutical, religious. Each of those
organizations are supposed to have been developed to enhance the cultural
system. That’s what we’re supposed to accept as true. Unfortunately, just
like cancer cells in one organ can bring down the entire body, so too can
organizations that are developed for their own ends.

We’ve developed this idea of karma to explain how people will get their
up-comings, however, it’s not about punishment, it’s about learning. The
Bible teaches the ‘concepts’ of Heaven and Hell as distant places; but the
far greater truth is the peace you experience here on earth or the internal
chaos that sets us up to magnetically attract circumstances commensurate
with those emotional and psychological states. Through our umbilical cord
to GOD ‘AND’ the collective we draw to ourselves things, events and
circumstances that justify our ideological, emotional and moral structure.
We also visit stuff on others, the line that is supposed to reassure,
actually is a line that the unconscious is trying to break through the
conscious mind of the speaker, the line is: “I just love them to death!”
It’s meant to demonstrate devotion; but it also suggests to the speaker
that there are things in their way of being toward their loved ones that
they need to observe. No one would choose to kill someone they love, yet
the worry and fear that we invest in those we love does nothing to uplift
their existence.

(*9) “The year of the election/ Money tried to get its way/ Over-arching
agencies/ Took our sovereignty away: Event 201 in New York in the middle
of October, 2019 was designed to create the blueprint for the Pandemic or
as some would say, the “Plandemic.”

The event was sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bloomberg and
The World Bank. It became apparent in review of events taking place there
that they were involving all their resources to generate enough fear in the
world’s population that would cause humanity to bow to science. The term
‘science’ is used very loosely in this case. Science has also been
hijacked by the use of the Globalists. Through agencies of ‘science’ or
‘fake-science,’ just like that of ‘fake-news,’ money’s influence, has
secured any last shred of integrity. So, with the complicity of media and
a slew of Governors and Mayors who have pledged their allegiance to the
Illuminati and therefore to China and the CCP we have had a deluge of
propaganda put forward to force us into a state of compliance for either
fear of getting a fine, not being able to acquire what we need because we
wouldn’t comply with each stores ‘mask mandate’ we’ve been forced to play

This footnote pulls in the information in the next two stanzas.

(*10) The next stanza is actually an effort to project into this current
situation new voices. We’ve had Qanon, we’ve had what the group calls
‘Citizen Journalists’ but here is an effort to bring more people into the
fold, people like Peggy Hall who is one attractive, vivacious woman willing
to give it her all. She is having an amazing impact on what’s going on
around her. She’s not just whining about what she’s seeing, she is taking
steps, educating herself, taking on the system, appearing before boards
that make decisions and then sharing all of it with the rest of us. With
all the absolute corruption that is going on in California under the
Communist leadership of Gavin Newsom (Nancy Pelosi’s nephew. . . her
father, by the way is Del’Assandro of Mafia fame) she was able to get mask
wearing suspended in Orange County. Hats off to Peggy Hall, she’s a
modern-day hero, possibly a Joan of Arc.

(*11) “The blacks and youths were utilized/ Just fodder on the run/ Until
they saw the usership/ Wherein, dignity was none:” Here again is an effort
to use the vibration and frequency available in the use of words to create
results. To the degree that these words are read and integrated they will
take on fruition. It is in the ‘Spirit’ or the energy available as a
conduit of GOD that we impact the world that we live in. We are all called
in different ways. Peggy Hall has hers, this is mine.

The goal behind the stanza is to break the blacks and you free of their
‘entrainment.’ Given everything else revealed, little more need be said
concerning the dynamics involved.

(*12) “Social media, a two-edged sword/ Bringing people into connection/
Identifying dissidents/ While giving them direction:” It’s been reported
through the Citizen Journalists that Facebook and different venues have
been seen making up events and posting about them in order to generate a
reaction in the audiences they are connected too. The goal is to identify
those people who could be suborned into creating the necessary chaos. Some
have become paid mercenaries; others are just people who are convinced they
are doing the right thing.

(*13) Globalization, loss of freedom/ Took a rapid turn/ Something shook
the world and nation/ As history would learn:” Here again is the effort to
create something out of nothing by projecting an outcome that has not fully

(*14) “JFK, Jr reappeared/ Everyone was shocked/ But his delivery is what
did it/ With a voice, no longer blocked:’ There are rumors that John F.
Kennedy, Jr., his wife and sister-in-law are not actually dead. The
retelling of the story goes like this. He was preparing to run for the New
York Senate seat in New York against Hillary Clinton. That’s probably all
you need to know to guess the rest. Well, thank the methodology of
intelligence. Because he had a security team working for him, they
discovered an explosive on his aircraft. On inspection, it was discovered
that as the plane ascended the explosive would engage and on descent it
would explode. Well, obviously they removed it. Realizing what he was up
against, he chose a different path, that of disappearing in order to
understand what was really going on, who the players were and how he could
engineer a team to eradicate the problems associated with the plans the
Globalist had for the rest of us under the United Nations Agenda 21.

His team put an explosive on the plane that would be detonated from the
ground. They put a seasoned pilot in the craft with a parachute. John had
access to speak to the tower, despite the fact he was not on the plane.
The pilot parachuted to safety, the plane crashed and no bodies were

This has not been confirmed yet, with his reappearance. But here, as above
it is being projected as a possible future event.

(*15) Herein begins the information that he revealed: “His father’s death,
911, The war on terrorism and drugs/ Vietnam, the Titanic/ All
choreographed by thugs:” According to Citizen Journalists John F. Kennedy,
Sr. had to go because he represented a threat to the world economy and the
role that the Federal Reserve played in it.

It’s been said that it was George W. Bush, Sr. who was head of the FBI at
the time that put the ‘hit’ out on JFK. While the entire world knows where
they were and what was going on the day he died, Bush said, he could not
remember. There are actually pictures showing the profile of a man, which
matched George, Sr. at the event. Of course, the other thing is, it was
Lyndon B. Johnson that had run against Kennedy in the Primary. In good
faith Kennedy brought him in under his wing, a fatal mistake.

Kennedy had been vocal about bringing about an economic reset, wherein he
would back our money with silver. It was Kennedy’s innocent vulnerability
and willingness to confront evil directly that seems to have been his

911 under George Bush, Jr. we had the Towers come down. Blue Beam had been
developed, enough aluminum and barium in the sky facilitated a screen on
which to project an image. That is one scenario. The truth is, perhaps
planes were photo-shopped in for the benefit of newscasters. In the case
of the first tower, were there people actually looking at it as they went
about their morning? The towers had been loaded with explosives in order to
bring it down. The story about that is that there were elevator shafts
that had been closed down for an extended period in order to set the

Again, in the back-channels on the Internet, people like ‘Amazing Polly’ or
Mike on The Patriot Hour (two of the Citizen Journalists) revealed that
Silverstein had wanted to bring the towers down, he’d even applied for a
permit to do so; but was denied because the pollutants would cause serious
injury to everyone around the area. With that closed door, he took this
step of involving himself in this ‘False Flag.’

Another fact that has been hidden is the fact that it was Robert Mueller
who was put in the position as Director of the FBI 10 days ahead of the
destruction of those towers. He was also the one who wrote or oversaw the
writing of the report about the ‘terror attack.’

Of course, the event led to the ‘war on terror’ which meant we mobilized
troops to Afghanistan. The real purpose behind getting our young men there
was to protect the ‘poppy plants’ that ultimately became part of the
money-making apparatus that old Geo. Senior had been involved in. Now,
were the drugs only to benefit him and his family? Or, were they part of
the money used by the ‘Black-hatted CIA?’ That is the question.

Of course, most know at this point that getting us into the Vietnam war was
also set into motion falsely. It was Daniel Ellsberg that revealed the
truth of this event. He was a new employee at the Rand Corporation at the
time, an arm of the Globalist think tank. They released information
through the corrupt arm of the media to make us think that one of our ships
had been attacked in Tonkin Bay. That’s what led us into the Vietnam war.

The Titanic and it’s sinking had to do with the Globalist wanting to
control the development and distribution of money, not only in the United
States, but ultimately around the world. There were 3 of the richest men
in the United States who were against it, Getty was one. . .they all
decided to take a voyage on the Titanic’s maiden voyage. It was in 1912
that the Titanic sank with all three opposing voices on that ship. In
1913, on Jekyll Island is when Woodrow Wilson got together with Rothchild
and created the blueprint for the Federal Reserve. This plan was put
before a very small minority of Congress during Christmas break and was
passed without effort.

It’s also rumored that Deutsche Bank was involved with the above scenario.

(*16) “A Congress with its Lobbyists:” Laws need to be passed to take this
benefit away from corporate America. We may not know the details involved
in the collusion that goes on; but with the Representatives becoming rich,
as the result of their positions, it’s not hard to speculate what is
happening. If they are not getting returns on the ‘Foreign Aide’ packages
they are passing, they get kick-backs from drug companies for their efforts
on behalf of the Pharmaceutical industry. for example. We can only
speculate how they are able to fill their pockets while supposedly ‘serving
it’s citizens.’ There needs to be limits on how long any of them can
serve. The shape that our country is in is proof that they should not be
in charge of deciding that term limit need not apply to them!

(*17) “Hitler and the Bilderberg’s:” It’s been said that it’s been the
Illuminati behind the strings setting up every war we’ve been in. World
War II is no exception. There are also rumors in the ‘back-chatter’ that
Hitler and his woman were whisked off to Austria or somewhere safe.

I’m sure, if we were able to see clearly into every nook and cranny that
all the wars, we’ve entered into have profited someone, somewhere. At the
same time, our Patriots gladly sacrificed their life, liberty and limbs in
an effort to protect America.

(*18) “Human trafficking, pedophilia/ The sacrifice of boys and girls:”
It’s very hard for anyone to actually cognize the idea of trafficking
people, pedophilia or ceremonies designed to ensnare people into
compromising their integrity all for the benefit of money. But it’s
because we’re not involved in or caught up in the downdraft of energy that
pulls people in or ‘entrains’ them. If we look at the chaos in our country
by what seem like normal children and young adults, it’s hard to come to
grips with how it could have come about. There again, we’re caught up in
the details of our own lives and have not been subjected to the energetic
drafting that pulls people in. For that, we can be thankful.

Speaking of downdrafts and getting pulled in. Two things come to mind.
One, following behind an 18-wheeler in a small car. They say, you can
actually save gasoline by being sucked into the draft of the larger
vehicle. That’s one example, another would be the way we find ourselves
being attracted to someone. There is not always an easy answer as to why
we find or move toward someone who is to become our partner in life, at
least for a time. But, it’s that same kind of thing, that pull that we
sometimes associate with fate. In reality, the force that draws us in is
putting us in a stronger position to learn something about ourselves.

(*19) “The 1600 German scientists/ Brought into our fold/ Monsanto, Bayer
and round-up:” After the end of WWII America inherited 1600 scientists.
The information is gone over in Annie Jacobson’s book: Operation
Paperclip. It was a postwar U.S intelligence program under a secret
military contract. We can only speculate what they have done in terms of
undermining America. We see for example, Monsanto created genetically
modified seeds. We were told that because we had such a large population,
it was necessary to re-engineer our way of growing our food. For that
reason, they made the seeds resistant to the poison they were sprayed with
in order ‘to kill the insects.’ They forgot to mention that the poison was
then allowed to grow within the plants themselves. Then, when we eat them,
end up with allergies, rashes and any number of things that we might not
have had otherwise.

That’s only one thing they may have helped create. I’m sure others could
add swiftly to the list.

(*20) “Health calamities untold:” You don’t have to look further than the
issue of vaccinations to see the problems that we as a culture face, within
the Frankenstein of medicine. On one hand, the government requires them
for children to be thrown together in a school setting, in order to
supposedly ‘protect each other.’ Of course, we are required by law to send
our children to school or find a method of educating them that meets
someone’s standard or as parents there are fines involved. So, the law
forces its citizens to get into the camp with these drug companies in order
to stay out of the sites of legal repercussions. Yet, the pharmaceutical
industry is held blameless when our perfectly normal children become marred
and damaged by the poisons they inject into our children.

We need to bring healing back into medicine and take Frankenstein out of
it. It was during the 1930s when John D Rockefeller was informed that he
not only had to break up his monopoly of Standard Oil; but he was
instructed to stop disposing of fluoride (a waste product generated during
his processes) in the waterways. It was then that he went to his chemists
and asked for help with finding a way around the expensive collection and
disposal process. The solution was to convince the rest of us of its value
for our teeth and bones. In reality, it calcifies the pineal gland.

But the important thing here is, he solved a problem and made money doing
it. Then connecting with Andrew Carnegie, they developed the plan to go
into the pharmaceutical industry together. The problem then became getting
the medications and the information into the hands of the professionals who
would prescribe them. With that in mind they began donating to the Medical
Universities. When they had produced enough support to catch the attention
of the Universities, they asked if they could have someone on the Board,
the request was granted and here we are in 2020 when medicine and medical
treatment is more about system relief than it is about being healthy.

(*21) “Think-tanks using intellect/ To sell its ‘Bill of Goods/ Just
hoodlums with a bank account/ By and large just hoods:” We have the Vietnam
War as a striking example, but it’s my suspicion that the ‘Intelligence
Agencies’, like the CIA work with the Think-tanks from the various
prestigious colleges to create viable, believable scenarios that they
‘sell’ to the American public through

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)