Manifesto of Creation

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What is the relationship
To who we are and what we have?
A network, web of ideas
That become our internal map

At conception it begins
Within a mother’s womb
Mom’s our incubating connection
We’ll discover ‘neath the moon (*1)

The food, the mood and stresses
The joy, the pain the guilt
Become the building blocks
Of which human seems is built

The material construction
Includes so many things
Ancestral DNA
Dead relatives also bring

Apparently within the construct
We’ve come to know as ‘time’
The conscious and its counterpart (*2)
Affects the life that we design

Our region may determine
Our relationship to God
The hunger that impels us
Into the ‘Group-Think’ mob (*3)

Our conditioning is conditional
False prophets find their way
Taking residential ownership
‘Til we feel we have no say (*4)

People, well-intentioned
Or, even those who’re not
Define us unto restriction
Some with a global plot

Yet, while they speak of Jesus
His virtues and His Force
He said, “some would follow”
To deliver us in course (*5)

Jesus knew the Force of God
Lived within His Soul …
Connected absolutely
He was our ‘Maker’s Mould’

Yet, instead of understanding
That we shared a common path
We’re condemned by our culture
Not to recognize the math

Science in this modern age
Has another story here
How realities get entangled
Producing what we want. .. and fear

The conscious mind embraces
What apparently seems true
But. .. the unconscious in the background
Has it’s jobs to do

The unconscious can be programmed
To accept most anything
Poverty, enslavement
Passing conditions, we have seen

Words … the tools of torment
Or, help to set us free
Impacting not just us alone
But … everything we see

Energy is frequency …
Vibration, if you will
Attention gives it direction
As was, and is now still

To juxtapose and prove a point
Let me lead you now astray
To the lies the media’s feeding
Each and every day

The point is rather obvious
Found on MSM and news (*6)
Using propaganda
And their DJT abuse (*7)

Thought and belief are capital
Upon which our nation’s built
The Globalist machinations
Are using Saul Alinsky’s skill (*8)

To use projection on us
Revealing plans, as if another’s
To dominate and manipulate
The ‘Force of Soul’ undiscovered

I feel as if my effort
Called forth, at this time
To bring forth this hidden Truth
To impact the paradigm

Consciousness , a two-edged sword
With power of its own
When resistance enters in …
Can do creating all alone (*9)

Jesus spoke of judgment
As something to avoid
Cause everything’s a mirror
Into our inner void

If there’s something you can’t be with
It will never let you be
Constantly producing
Another mirror to help you see

The inner world and it’s counterpart (*10)
Systemically are joined
For our Soul’s enhancement
In this a new world being coined

This then, the New World Order
Not as the Rothschild’s planned
But humanity set free
God’s presence as the seat of man

Consciousness has no limits
In its ability to create
War, marriage, pay to play
Ideas to deliberate

In considering the veracity
Of the power of the mind
Consider all the systems
Constructed over ‘time’

Systems meant to harvest
Potential power that we own
Lulled into acceptance
Of the Matrix that has grown

Break out, break free
Observe what holds you back
Resistance to what is?
Can create enormous lack

Creators, not observers
As the globalist’s daily show
Harvesting potential Force
Providing what we think we know

Turn the outside noises down
Get in touch with you
Your haves, and ‘not’ … the lack thereof …
Not a simple thing to do

BUT!! Turning light thus inward
You’ll discover all that’s true
Together we’ll create
An adventure worth living through!


(*1) An analogy to having been born, out of the womb and gaining experience
as the result of interacting with whatever your particular region brings to
you. It happens under the moon, under the sun, day, night until we reach
our expiration date.

(*2) The unconscious mind

(*3) The need to belong, as well as that underlying sense that community
draws us into its wake, much like being behind an 18 wheeler on the freeway
in California at 70 mph, lol.

(*4) We can lose our unique voice in the drumbeat of the crowd.

(*5) Those who have been raised on the power and force that Jesus
demonstrated reflected in the Bible are in anticipation of a return of that

(*6) MSM, mainstream media. It is a conglomerate owned by 6 major
corporations (Disney allegedly being one of the largest) with apparent
ties to George Soros. They appear to all be connected to a nonprofit
called ‘Media Matters’ who supposedly send them their talking points every
morning at 4 A.

(*7) Our beloved president Donald John Trump, who is busy addressing the
thousand ways we have been swindled by our government leaders who are
complicit in attempting to destroy America and throw us under the
leadership of the globalists.

(*8) From what I’ve observed through various YouTube channels, Saul Alinsky
wrote a book that included the idea that projection should be used as a
tool against the enemy of community In other words, accuse your opposition of
what you’re trying to accomplish. This we’ve seen daily in mainstream
media. The DNC atte

(*8) From what I’ve observed through various YouTube channels, Saul
Alinsky wrote a book that included the idea that projection should be used
as a tool against the enemy of communism. In other words, accuse your
opposition of what you’re trying to accomplish. This we’ve seen daily in
mainstream media. The DNC attempted to undermine President Trump’s run for
presidency, now he’s being accused of using those tactics on Joe Biden.
Instead of the forces of information being congratulatory about President
Trump uncovering the heist of our government, he’s being prosecuted in the

(*9) The world is a product or construct of what we want and what we don’t
want, as the result of our individual and collective force which is
centered in consciousness. In our resistance to what is or what we are
currently experiencing, we actually reinforce it.

Therefore, in order to create any form of alteration of an existing
pattern, we are called forth just to observe it, not necessarily accepting
it; but realizing that as it has been made aware, it achieves the
possibility of being altered. Heraclitus said, “Change is the only
constant.” Energy flows where attention goes.

(*10) The counterpart to the ‘inner’ world is obviously the outer world or
the world we find ourselves living in with all the entitlements and

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)