Money as Insulation

by | Mar 13, 2021 | Political

Money, as insulation
Very misunderstood
Reciprocity is far reaching
and NOT always good

A nation known as ‘US’
Once was very great
’til its’ leaders undermined it
To terminate its fate

Dismantling of America
A gradual steady thing
Began with trading power
To get money. . .for a ring

A ring, a watch and clothes
A car, a house, a pool
Money spent by capital
Bought many of a fool

Enterprise, Empowerment Zones
Back in eighty-six
Dominoed with ‘Free-Trade’
The tax-base took a hit

People on the homeland
Re-stratified at best
Lost good jobs that paid well
‘Games Theory’ seems a test

Money went abroad
Sending trinkets home to sell
‘Free-Trade’ meant no income
Life’s quality soon fell

Money, now at issue
The bills were piling up
Cuts became essential
But what programs could be cut?

The think-tanks in the wings
Created such a deal
Wed insurance to medicare
HMO’s becoming real

The savings most amazing
With a capitated rate
A listing of what’s covered
Began a failing state

A lid, of course, was needed
Malpractice suits a cure
A law to fix it up
The answer, clean and pure.


Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)