How to login to your website.

Step 1.  Get to the login page

Three ways to login to your website.

Use the “Login” link on the bottom of your your email account compose an email addressed to your Poetry Publishing Robot


Click on the “Login” link at the very bottom of your site.


Type the address into the top bar of your internet browser as follows:

Step 2.  Do the thing

You should have received your credentials from central command. This is the really easy part, just do the thing.

If you forget your password just use the “Lost your password” link to have a reset sent to your email for you to use.

Step 3.  Your Dashboard

Once you have logged in it should direct you to your dashboard. Which looks like this.

Editing a Post (Quick Edit)

Step 1. Get to your Poems (posts).

On the sidebar menu, click on “Posts”.

This will take you to your “All Posts” view. Lots of magic can happen from here.

Step 2.  Find the post you would like to edit.

If the post you are looking for is on the first page, then you are in luck.

If the post is not, then you are still in luck. For there are ways to filter and search your posts to find the one your looking for.

Sort with a FILTER

You can use these drop down selectors to filter your posts by date or by category.

Click the image to enhance >

Use the SEARCH

You can use this search box to search for the title of your post.

Click the image to enhance >

Step 3.  Prepare to attack

This is where you find out why the title to this set of instructions says (Quick Edit).

If you have managed to pin down the poem you where looking for, then congratulations! Now hover with your mouse over then poem title and you will see additional options appear.

Step 4.  Quick Edit

By pressing “Quick Edit” you can easily change the Title and Category of your poem.

Step 7.  Review and send it

Things can be edited after they are published but you should strive to have it right the first time always 😀 When you have it right, review your email and send it.

All About Tags and Categories


You can use categories to sort and group your poetry posts into different sections. For example, your poetry could be filed using categories like Spiritual, Financial, Political, Family, or Weather.

Categories help visitors quickly know what topics your poetry about and allows them to navigate the poems faster. Poems are mandatory for a post and the default category is “Uncategorized”.

Here is a list of all the current categories on your site, if you would like more let me know:




Tags are the second tool you can use to group your poetry, based on similar details.

The main distinction between categories and tags is the size of the topic they cover. Categories group broad topics of your poetry while tags describe a specific detail in the poem.

You can add any tag to your poetry and it will automatically add them to this list. You don’t have to only use the tags listed here:


Why they are important

When a visitor clicks a particular category or tag it will open an archive page with all the poems that have the same category or tag. As your library of poems here grows this will be essential to help people find more of the stuff they find them selves gravitating towards.