Observing or Creating?

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Philosophy

Questions have I many
of this thing called passing time
of the dramas that we witness
in the shifting paradigm

Are we just observers
in this vast domain
or creators unaware
as we utilize our brain *(1)

The brain somehow a gateway
twix heaven and a hell
Embracing each experience
interpreting each common spell. . .*(2)

*(3) Thinking now of language
its construction over time
symbols assigned with sounds
each culture tries refine

Words construct ideas
that lead us to conclusion
propelling us to action
or leading to exclusion

The spelling of each word
lends the word its power
with imagery from its history
a sprinkle or a shower

So, spells and spelling linked
inseparable by nature
relative to the speaker
and intention to be sure *(4)

Enters now our senses
our eyes and too, our ears
taking in the world around
relieve or ramp our fears *(5)

Now if we are creators
believing what we see
coupled with our hearing
in trouble might we be

For forces in our world
try manipulate each thought
stealing yet the best of us
as they engineer their plot

The soul of man his treasure
linking to the spirit world *(6)
the animus our everything
can be cultured as a pearl *(7)

Now, if the world’s created
or impacted by our thoughts *(8)
can at length, we disengage it?
by subtracting what we’ve brought?*(9)

If we manifest the unmanifest
of the absolute each day
by who we are and what we do
and what we think and say

Can it decompose
within the twinkling of an eye
Heraclitus intervention
change a constant, by and by

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
meditation is his ‘schtick’*(10)
stress release a mechanism
a method he would pick

Self-awareness finds expansion
in twenty, twice a day *(11)
helps us see our tiny part *(12)
in the unfolding of the play

It makes us more accepting
‘stress-eaters,’ so to speak *(13)
in facing our reactions
as our judgments makes us weak *(14)

It’s the resonance of our judgments *(15)
to the things we cannot be
that help us see our failings
and lead us to be free

When Jesus came a calling
the message that he brought
was simply of forgiveness
but at length, it wasn’t caught

Forgiveness precipitated
as in the recognition of a ‘sin’ *(16)
a word so misconstrued
must define it once again *(17)

A ‘sin’ is just a little thing
blown out of proportion
an error in our thinking
in need of an abortion

Jesus, a ‘space-maker’ *(18)
not creator of a myth
paralyzed by history
polluting his great gift

In essence was a heretic
discarding Jewish law
but now his word, canonized
. . . suggesting what he saw

Subject to interpretation
and manipulation by a few
who’d freeze-form status quo
constructing a narrow view

Passing the collection plate
to collect its ten percent
sophistry in motion
a space with purpose lent

Most are well intended
as leaders of the word
standing in the shadow
as leaders of the herd/heard

Unconscious of the power
and of the part they play
misrepresenting reality
and impotently pray

Religion pays great dividends
as a strategy divides
people wander aimlessly
tax-exemption it provides

The government, a cancer
pretending it’s the cure
fueled by selfishness
and agendas not so pure

Do we affect it, or project it
which is the case to be
is it we deserve it
or our power cannot see?

We say it is our freedom
that has such great appeal
yet step by step are losing it
through special interests making deals

Lawmakers are quite lawless
with exemptions close at hand
[they] track and trace our movements
and their powers great expand

A community of takers
pimping their own worth
trading deals for dollars
destroying this, our earth *(19)

Sink-holes caused by fracking
oil barons in pursuit
destroying drinking water
populations remaining mute

“For the world is near the end”
as the Bible’s heard to tell
Christians’ll go to heaven
and sinners’ll go to hell

A placebo is a distraction
meant to fool the mind
religion’s and its beliefs
are destroying all mankind

The earth, the air we breathe
lives in this moment, now
it’s demanding our attention
we’re the horse behind the plow

To shut off all our power (*20)
and settle down to die
is to accept things as a given
and our gifts thereby deny

The multitudes are children
who mimic what they see
all waiting for a savior
longing to be free

The Savior that we long for
comes from deep inside
starting as a conscience
providing direction as a guide

A speed-bump causes braking*(21)
suspension thus protected
a conscience brings a second thought
affecting redirection

Self-awareness, perhaps the key
to nurturing a change *(22)
our world becomes a mirror
to the way we are deranged

To what we come in contact
gives us who we are
beliefs and expectations
often causing scars

Embracing all existence
without rejections force *(23)
perhaps the river redirects
within the normal course

For, the animus is the well-spring
our connection to creation
judgment halts the flow
in every situation

So, as Congress does its’ fancy dance
bowing to the dollar
perhaps it’s just a catalyst
to break religions dollar

For, if in the here and no
people consciously awaken
the strength of history’s myth
will thereby, then, be shaken

The Bible contradicts *(24)
what some would promulgate
that God will interfere
with our natural fate

Taken up to heaven
as an ending to all things
defying laws of gravity
in church, the Pastor sings. . .

“In the presence of God we gather. . .”
a wedding will begin
as you look, there’s only people
sisters, brothers, friends

For granted, take each other
for the others always there
taking up space and time
allowing us to compare

Part of the human condition
to look and analyze
Solidifying through resistance
What appears before our eyes

Knowing the part we play
linking up to cause *(25)
is the conscious act we make
to give our actions pause.

6:08 am – 9:58 am


*(1) This is an over-simplistic statement. The brain helps make the
decisions, but the energy comes from the spirit. When we judge something,
or come to conclusions about something (which is a judgment) we cut
ourselves off from potential spiritual energy.

*(2) Whenever the attention is arrested by something, we can be held
‘spell-bound’ by it. It might be some personal drama that we’re going
through; or a national disaster, 911, Katrina. Something that holds our
attention, can be of a man-made nature or a natural event. In any case we
can make up a lot of theories without much information.

*(3) At the point of attempting to create a relationship between
something that happens and how it holds our attention, I used the word
‘spell’ and it threw me into another thought spiral, incorporating the idea
of spelling and language.

*(4) In casual conversation we share ourselves, sometimes to get input,
sometimes to create clarity about something. Then there are those who use
language to draw us into their web, if you will, that’s what advertising is
all about. It’s about convincing you there is something they’ve created
that you need to buy. Or, in the case of politics, more times than not
legislation will be put forward after some catastrophe has occurred. It’s
not always clear whether an event was set into motion in order to sway
public opinion, in order to limit the opposition to legislation or the
dictates of government. Such was the case with Vietnam when Rand
Corporation (according to Daniel Ellsberg) invented the attack on one of
our ships at Tonkin Bay. President Johnson linked the attack and our need
to retaliate in a speech to the American people. We get drawn into the
spell by the intensity of the idea, the speaker and intent.

*(5) It pretty much goes without saying that we are influenced by what we
hear and see. Our senses give us information about what’s going on around
us. Sometimes things look so bleak that it takes away our peace of mind.

*(6) I think I pretty much use the terms soul, spirit and animus as
synonyms. But it occurs to me that it’s through that aspect of our own
‘Being’ that we connect to Universal Intelligence and the Collective
Unconscious that is a power source. Norman Vincent Peale refers to ‘the
power of positive thinking’ and how the brain is like an automatic
servo-mechanism that seeks out what it needs in order to create that which
it is targeting.

*(7) If we buy into accepting the ideas that are put out in the world, we
give up our own power to create and allow our energy to be siphoned off to
help others create their goals. An example might be buying stuff you think
you can’t live without on credit, then becoming overwhelmed by
indebtedness. Wondering at the point of frustration why you thought you
needed it in the first place. You didn’t buy the thing, you got sold it.

*(8) This idea has several levels to it. Seeking to be safe, there are
those among us that created housing. Shelters were crude in the beginning;
but improved over time. That’s not the stuff to which I refer, more the
petty stuff. The stuff of judgment is more the kind of stuff I’m
referring to. We have a tendency to look into the world and at other
people and judge it and them based on some measurement that we have in our
head. That action stifles development because it curtails energy. If we
instead observe what’s going on and know it’s, as Heraclitus said, changing
because change is the only constant then maybe we might be able to affect
change rather than helping to maintain the status quo.

*(9) “by subtracting what we’ve brought?” My theory is two fold. One, we
can’t see the stuff in ourselves that doesn’t work; but when we see it
outside of ourselves in someone else, we recognize it as not o-k. Perhaps
what we’re seeing ‘out there’ is really just nature’s way of giving us a
mirror to see ourselves. So, in the state of activity with the thing you
don’t like ‘in the other’ forgive yourself and the other, so both can be
‘let out of prison.’

By way of a story I’ll expose a personal event that occurred two days ago.
I went into a local restaurant; McAllister’s to get a baked potato to share
with my significant other for dinner. While sitting there I observed a
woman standing at the counter giving her order to the clerk. She had been
there for quite some time. At some point the waitress started reciting
back to the woman her order. The customer hadn’t just ordered a
cheeseburger or the like, she mentioned everything she wanted on it. She
did that with each item. It took the waitress about five minutes to
recount her order back to her. I was astounded. But simultaneously was
astounded by how patient the waitress was with the customer.

The next day, when I recounted the event with one of my own customers, my
goal was to point out how this woman micromanaged every aspect of her meal
and how hard that would be to live with. At that point, it struck me, that
probably is how I occur for Richard. He uses the term ‘complaining,’
you’re always complaining. It’s true, I consider him a man-child and too
often attempt to ‘educate’ him about how things should be done. When he
complains about my complaining I always remind him he has options, nothing
is cast in stone. The point, of course, is to use the events that draw our
attention to improve ourselves rather than adding another layer of judgment.

So, on one hand we may be looking at something that we can’t see in
ourselves directly; but we can objectify it in someone else. On the other
hand maybe the event we’re witnessing is just something that goes against
what we hold as correct, true or good, perhaps it does not reflect
something in ourselves; but it is still something with which we cannot be
with. By actively resisting that thing, we actually reinforce it through
the power of our animus, spirit or soul. If we begin to observe our
reactions to what we’re experiencing, we might have a clue how to handle
it, our reaction might allow us to evolve more quickly. Therefore, when we
find ourselves ‘having an attitude’ about something, if we forgive
ourselves for having the attitude and letting go of the resistance to the
thing with which we cannot be; perhaps we could use the situation to move
ourselves ahead.

Way too often we feel stuck, like there are things we’d like to accomplish;
but it’s like something is holding us back, this might be the answer, we
are inadvertently holding ourselves back.

*(10). . . “meditation is his ‘shtick’ not to marginalize his technique.
As you sit down to meditate, you begin by thinking of the mantra you
receive in your initiation ceremony. As you continue to re-introduce your
mantra, a thought will come. You don’t resist the thought, you just notice
it and gently bring back your mantra. The thought represents stress

The way I picture it we’re like a giant piggy bank full of pennies. The
pennies are thoughts, ideas, judgments, isms, and rules that we’ve
collected from when we first got here and maybe even before we got here.
As you meditate, the mind will release stress (as a thought, although maybe
not even related to the thought) like taking a penny out of the penny
bank. But you don’t get poorer in the process. Your body, mind and
nervous system becomes freed up, less restrained. Psychologically you
might feel less weighted down by concerns.

Generally speaking you will have more energy. Meditation can produce many
effects, your health can improve, you might need less medicine. Intuition
can increase, you find yourself being at the right place at the right time
for something you never gave a thought to. Your life might become more
orderly, you might become happier, more satisfied. Doors might open that
were closed before.

*(11) Meditation is recommended twice a day, morning and evening for 20
minutes. It’s now being called “mindfulness.”

*(12) . . . “helps us see our tiny part” It helps to create greater
self-awareness. As we develop from childhood, it’s as if the world
conspires to control us, we don’t see our part or participation in it.

*(13) . . .”stress eaters’ so to speak” This is strictly conjecture and
interpretation on my part. But when we sit down to meditate we let go of
the things of the day that bring static into our lives.

*(14). . .”as our judgments make us weak” Assuming that what I’ve said is
true that we hold ourselves and others back

*(15) “It’s the resonance of our judgments”. . .I use the term ‘resonance’
with license. It generally refers to the sound of something echoing or
of a vibratory quality. Here I just mean there is something left over.
The thing that is judged and resisted continues to live in our experience
because by the very act of resisting it physically, emotionally,
psychologically, we embody it with our spiritual power and it will probably
keep showing up in our experience until we can come to peace with it,
forgive it, let it go. Let it go and it will set you free.

*(16) . . . “as in the recognition of a ‘sin’. . . I’m suggesting when our
mind and spirit observes reality and reaches out to judge it, that’s the
place we need to look to see how we continually help to reinforce what
we’re seeing. That’s a hard one to get. I studied under Mary Baker Eddy’s
teachings at one point in my life, Christian Science, and it didn’t make
sense to me that who we are in relation to what is affects that which is.
I kept thinking she wanted me to deny the bad stuff, I didn’t recognize my
part as being an aspect of God, thereby affecting everything around me.

*(17) . . .”must define it once again [the word sin]” according to Mary
Baker Eddy a sin is just an error in thinking.

*(18). . . “Jesus, a space-maker” if you don’t have to feel guilty about
everything you say, do, or think because you can ask forgiveness and
receive it, that lends the freedom to be.

*(19) . . . .”destroying this, our earth” Though it’s not mentioned,
Global Warming and the whole issue of greenhouse gases, fossil fuel
emissions concerns me. Corporations fled the country and are belching
their poisons into the sky without oversight. I have to believe there are
methods of running vehicles, for example that would not make us dependent
on oil products which are causing so, so many problems. But, since that’s
how that industry makes its money, they will keep buying up patents on
anything that might offer promise.

[Note:3/14/21, at this point I’m recognizing the false narrative about
changing weather patterns as a method to gain public support for destroying
our world and hijacking money for their personal use.]

*(20) Quantum physics tells us that the observer affects that which is
observed. Science therefore confirms that to some degree or another as we
observe, resist, accept, or somehow judge what we see we affect it.
Intelligence and consciousness is the mechanism for spirit to enter the
phenomenal plane.

*(21) A speed-bump does not literally cause braking; but when we observe
that one is apparent, we’ll slow down to protect our vehicle, if we have
experience with them that is.

*(22) To be self-aware one begins to realize how we have created the
circumstances under which we live. It’s only through an understanding of
self and the metaphysical principles that connects us to our world that we
find our path to freedom.

*(23) Here I refer to judgment. When we reject what is as not what it
should be, that is a judgment. Through our judgments we focus our force
against the thing we judge, thereby reinforcing it.

*(24) So many of my Christians talk about Jesus returning to earth and
taking his flock up to heaven, the assumption seems to be that they will be
taken up and all others will be left behind. This seems contrary to the
laws of natural physics, defying gravity. The Bible says “Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust,” there is the recognition that matter exists in the
phenomenal plane.

*(25) “Knowing the part we play, means becoming conscious and accepting
responsibility for our actions. Judgment is an action which creates
stagnation for all involved.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)