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Questions have I many
Of this vast domain
Of the dramas that we witness
Through our window pane

Are we just observers?
Of this thing called passing time
Or creators unaware?
As a process of the mind *(1)

The paradigm seems to shift
In the twinkling of an eye
We glance back at history
Viewing it as the bye and bye

Innocently observing
The mayhem and the pain
Resisting that it happened *(2)
Produces equal strain

The past is then passed forward
To the future, you might say
Like hardware that’s created *(3)
As a program, that gets replayed

God created us in His image
And His power thus portray
Played out through the theme of life
In patterns day by day

We can see this in reflection
To how habits create a force
That we have to consciously break
In our daily normal course

A habit, as a force
Or, force of habit, if you will
Requires conscious participation
If the process you might kill

It takes then waking up
To what in you doesn’t work
Replacing it with something
That doesn’t imitate a quirk

The process of awakening
Is akin to ‘being born again’
Discovering your kinship
To creation as a friend

Viewing what you see
In transition, so to speak
Like a child growing up
Whose family life is bleak

Childhood can seem so endless
Like nothing might every change
But the moment you’re not looking
The patterns rearrange

High school might lead to college
And at last to a career
Our new roots seem to grow
With each change and passing year

One foot beyond the other
With a decision that’s been made
Creators and participants
Is how the game of life is played

Failure is a decision
As Edison might say
Or a way that something doesn’t work
Along the path of play

When energy is stagnant
Or ‘Chi,’ the Chinese say
Stagnation steels its grip
The end has found its day

Think now for a moment
What is dominating thought
Brought by Bible teachings
With no opposition to our lot

The world, it says, is ending
Catastrophe is near
We see chaos round each corner
Accompanied with fear

This thought has been ingrained
Within so many minds
At the peril of humanity
The blind willingly lead the blind.

Ignorant of the part they play
That leads us to destruction
Not knowing of their participation
Oblivious to this deduction

For years we feared two thousand twelve
Because of Nostradamus predictions
But time has cured misgivings
Yet not dampening church convictions

Jung speaks of the unconscious
And from it we all drink
The ‘collective unconscious’ ocean
Helps give us what we think

The ego seems an aspect
It helps structure who we are
Once its’ been inculcated *(4)
Its wracked with hidden scars

The ‘Truth’ then, as we know it
Is based on our belief
Given us by up-bringing
Of which may need relief

The ‘other’ who wears a different skin
Whose color is not the same *(5)
Has been ingrained conversely
And shares this common stain *(6)

Those who would control us
To maintain this status quo
Use knowledge as a weapon
Restricting educations flow

The ‘church’ *(7) as is, for instance
Receives its’ tax relief
For staying inside its’ boundaries
Curator of ‘god’ belief

Looking now at metaphor
To explain just how it works
TV and Big Brother House
Creates liars, revealing quirks!

Using thus a carrot wisely
Money, a history of success
Creates division and disparity
With people put to test

Technology is a two-edged sword
Kills innocence in it’s’ track
Yet lending information
Might say, it’s got our back *(8)

Getting back to ‘born again’
Reclaiming gifts innate
Seeing things through God’s eyes
Recovers a doom-day fate



*(1) “as a process of the mind” . . . This statement is an
over-simplification because it includes consciousness and spirit.

*(2) “resisting that it happened” . . . Theoretically speaking, what we
resist, persists. Because of the relationship between matter/mind/spirit,
our resistance to something only empowers it or strengthens it. If you’ve
ever hated yourself or chastised yourself for being fat, for example, it
only seems to make you eat more and make more wrong decisions about your
diet. It was only when you made a plan, following it and letting go of
personal derision that you made any progress changing what didn’t work for

*(3) “like hardware that’s created” . . . Hardware in this case is
tantamount to computer hardware.

*(4) “once it’s been inculcated” . . . Calcified is another term, frozen in
time. Sometimes when someone tells me of their arthritis, I wonder if it is
directly proportional to their calcified thoughts, or ‘already listening’.
Preconceived notions or prejudices save time, you don’t really have to
weight information if your mind is already made up.

*(5) “The ‘other’ who wears a different skin, whose color is not the same”
. . . Their skin may be a different color, or the same color, the issue is
not the color of the skin; but moreover the nature of the up-bringing.
Cultures across the world all emphasize different things.

*(6) “and shares this common stain” . . . So, whether you were raised with
cannibals and believe it’s o-k to eat people, or raised to believe that sex
is only for procreation, those beliefs not only color our own behavior; but
they color our opinion and judgments of others who do not share them.

*(7) “The ‘church,’ as is , for instance’ . . . any church, the Mormon
church, the Catholic church, any number or recipes of Baptist churches.
Just churches in general that teach in absolutes.

*(8) “yet lending information, might say, ‘its got our back” . . . on one
hand the news media feeds us a lot of twisted interpretations on what’s
happening in the world to keep us from getting up in arms and reacting.
Yet, in some ways, it does have our backs when it warns us about weather
conditions. So, it stays in our good graces.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)