One and One is One by Agreement

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Systemic Control

Marriage, as a system
Can keep a couple stuck
Tied within a system
That doesn’t give a fuck!

The wedding is expensive
As people gather round
In conscious recognition
These two are tethered, bound!

So, one and one is one
As energies conjoin
Propagating acceptance
Of activities ‘tween the loins

But contracts might then calcify (*1)
A Soul’s contract, in the end (*2)
Tied to another’s judgments
With resistance stepping in

If the ‘other’ maintains boundaries (*3)
This expectation has a price
Reifying limits
Takes an energetic slice

For consciousness, as a force
Is not a neutral thing
Resisting another’s path
Has a consequential ring (*4)

The echo of resistance (*5)
Affects the whole damn field
New systems get created
To purify the yield

Psychiatrists and lawyers
Or the doctoring of nerves
Creating temporary relief
That really doesn’t serve

Marriage and the government apparatus
Creating lots of parts
Souls’ freedom thus suspended
That doesn’t serve the heart

One and one is one
When two souls agree
Standing outside a system
With sovereignty in-between

8/21/22 #1
Began 9:22 AM – 1:53 PM
[Interrupted, ended timeline includes footnotes]


(*1) “But contracts might then calcify “

Being attached within the context of a relationship that is grounded in
expectation and judgment, which forces compliance, can damage the soul. To
the degree that it is unable to accomplish what they had initially
incarnated for.

However, stepping into a karmic relationship where there is that form of
consternation and control could be part and parcel of what is needed to
produce the preferred outcome.

Our societal structure serves itself, but we have to chose whether or not
we are going to be forced into wearing masks, as with this latest round of
Covid-19. I wanted to make that distinction; I’m not speaking about being
a chameleon and adopting an acceptable persona.

(*2) Conjecture and assumption: A Soul’s contract, in the end.”

Coming from the perspective that as an aspect of spirit, descending to the
3D realm, we come with a purpose.

(*3) “If the ‘other’ maintains boundaries”:

As I typed this line, a thought made its way in. This could mean to
Thomas that as a ‘free-agent’ I should be able to have both he and John.
I’m not sure that that would be the case in your mind Thomas, but no: One
and one is one. Within the unification of two souls unabated by
interference, transformation occurs.

Conceptually I believe (since ingesting your perceptions that are contrary
to mine) rather than attempting to point out the undercurrents associated
with the controlling interests of the world; we would automatically
transfigure reality through providing attention differently. I’ m not
exactly sure what that looks like; but as we unite in spirit it will be

(*4) “Resisting another’s path
Has a consequential ring”

Here again we run headlong into “Do unto others. . .”

After writing “Do unto others” I heard. . . is that a given or a
metaphysical construct? Is reciprocity actual, or is it visited on us
through the divination of another?

(*5) “The echo of resistance
Affects the whole damn field”

As creators in this reality, according to principles of quantum mechanics,
we affect the world we live in. Our thoughts, emotions, expectations,
regrets all enter into the Unified Field through our Being embodied. As
such we (supposedly) magnetically attract circumstances consistent with
where our attention takes us. Therefore, the resistance we infuse into
reality helps to calcify or solidify circumstances that have gained our
energetic output. Therefore, we get to be right.

Since we’ve been taught, we are generally insignificant, we cannot
comprehend how we affect the experiences that we are going through.

As Empaths, we absorb the energies we surround ourselves with. If our path
pulls us around low-vib people, they benefit by our expanded field and we
get pulled down. This can affect our mood and disposition.

Based on ionic principles (my interpretation) Positive ions (which have a
negative effect on us, an example would be Los Angeles smog prior to NAFTA
and companies moving to other countries. LA was a mess. Negative ions, on
the other hand, have a positive effect on us, an example might be the ocean
or mountains (where terrain has not been reengineered or molested).

When people take a break and go on vacation, they sure don’t go to a place
that does not provide greater balance. Well, perhaps that might only
include self-aware people. Those who are still harnessed by the ego may
see a break alternately.

Associated with the negativity that occurs within a long-standing negative
relationship, what happens is more new systems appear. The Internet is now
advertising psychiatric help online. Hell, that saves gas, LOL.

The point is, one thing leads to another.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)