Philosophy] The Power in Forgiveness

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We think of things as karmic
but clearly, that’s not true
Reaping what you sow
is just energy returning to you

Watch what you set in motion
cause you’re the one in charge
If it will harm another
it’ll return to you by and large (*1)

Forgiveness is the answer (*2)
to set it back in motion
Discharging it from inside yourself
and creates in their life commotion

Forgiveness then, the first defense
for a wrong that’s been committed
To drive the lesson homeward

Forgiveness coming from the heart (*3)
it sets the field in motion
Anything less authentic
will quell this sweet promotion.

3/9/15 (#1)

(*1) I think ‘by and large’ is an idiom, or a colloquialism consistent with
a culture, it means sooner or later in this case.

(*2) My daughter Katie use to ‘nail my feet to the floor’ . She’s always
called an ace. In reference to forgiving she said “Mom, you forgive as a
manipulation to punish.” She was sorta right, when you can get clear of the
psychological, physical or material assault. .. that is the emotional
baggage connected to it, the energy will be transported back to its origin.
“Energy follows the path of least resistance.” So in being able to heal the
body-mind of any apparent assault, you’re set free and the energy will
return to its source.

(*3) This is the tricky part. The forgiveness must come from the heart and
not the mind. The field of the heart is a ‘torsion field’ ( according to
Richard Bartlett in Matrix Energetics) which is ultimately connected to the
field of ‘Infinite Possibility’. So you might have to go into the mind and
convince it that in fact we are all human spirits and as such in absolute
connectivity. The mind of a man would not convince itself to cut off its
own hand. Using that line of thinking you might have to convince the mind
that whoever made the assault ( whatever the problem seen by the mind as a
personal assault) probably wasn’t thinking clearly when they did whatever
they did because they could not clearly see their own connectedness. In
order to get to the torsion field of the heart, you have to move out of the
left side of the brain into the right hemisphere of it in order to reach
the field of the heart, therefore the forgiveness must be capable of
releasing the negative emotions associated with the occurrence.

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Linda Brady

Linda Brady

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