Rebirthing Our Nation

by | Apr 11, 2021 | Political

Change requires commitment
Understanding of the facts
This poem then, an effort
To take our nation back

There are mysteries in history
Unraveling at this time
Development of the FED (*1)
And meaning of design

The story goes back centuries
With England at the core
Monarchies metered out the law
England’s still the biggest whore

The Spirit of America
Lived before our nation’s birth
James and George saw promise (*2)
In capturing its worth (*3)

A compact and signatures
Helped to launch the deal
Colonies in ‘New England
North American coast were real (*4)

Permission by the crown . .
The Monarchy in charge
Had fingerprints a plenty
Controlled things by and large

“GO! create settlements
Establish governments that serve
But, the bottom line is this. . .
It’s England you’ll preserve!!”

In 1776 it was
The Tea Tax birth commotion
Ship to shore delivery
From somewhere ‘cross the ocean

Colonies fed up
As true freedom had appeal
Blood-sucking Monarchies
Agenda much to real

Forefathers led the way
Pen and paper crossed
A Constitutional Republic
At this point, England lost

Overt control was ended (*5)
Covert control began
The Civil War production
With the Monarchy behind the stands

The general means of production
The North and South with chores
Picking cotton or creating cities
Human labor, both ends, whores (*6)

Survival always the goal
Acquisition of shelter and food
City dwellers or slave camps
Swept together and used

Lincoln did what he could do
To defend our countries stand
Loans sought to fight the war
Ended with ‘interest’ demands (*7)

A printing press and Greenbacks
In the Spirit of independence
Backed by Good Faith alone
The monies only defense

Lincoln had to go
For the Monarchies would lose
If the USA had no outer boundaries
England would end up the caboose

To recap for a moment
In 1606 it seems
Colonies New World sanctioned
Still sat beneath England’s Kings

But England’s Parliament lacked
Colonies had little representation
High taxation and tyranny
Led to colonial dissension

Our Forefathers met in concert
Mapped out America’s course
But England never concurred
Stirred revolutionary forces

England is and was a cancer (*8)
Monarchies run the show
Invasion or infiltration
With egos all aglow

1812 a new game
Economic sanctions ensued
Crippling American Trade
The war with Britain renewed

Somewhere in the debacle
Right now, not very clear
Economics along the path
Brought us to devastation that year (*9)

1871 Reportedly the year
The U.S. bankrupt, broke
In debt and dependent
Congressional representation a joke

The Act of 1871
Gave our freedoms away
Sold off our Civil Rights
Congress, were Traitors that day

Now a ‘Corporation
Capitalization of letters the key
Sold out through an Act of Law
As judged by history

This all missed by most
As we’ve worked within it all
Convolutions and pollution
Is all we ever saw

“A country unbound by others
A danger and a threat” (*10)
What could be the answer
To tyrants still hidden yet

Economics runs the motor
Economics is the key
The lynchpin to domination
A conceptual aspect certainly

Bankers understood it’s power
People used it to sustain
Borrowing and lending
An entertaining game

Borrowed at an interest rate
Residual income without a job
Late payments, paid for tardiness
Money birthed a lot of snobs

How to harness America?
The country of England’s sperm
Nazi American banksters
With thinking caps would churn

Jekyll Island facilitated
A plot, a plan devised
Seven bankers met
It was in 1910 comprised

The topic, the Federal Reserve
England’s Rothschild’s baby
Money printed, loaned with interest
To a global government. . . maybe (*11)

The problem in the way. . .
Three billionaires in opposition
Knew it was a nightmare
Not worthy of fruition

A plan therein developed
J.P. Morgan at the helm
An ocean cruise in unison
With an accident to come

John Pierpont Morgan (*12)
Provided all the funds
In the planned destruction
Rothschild’s wanting it done

The Titanic and Olympic
The projects undertaken
Designed with death in mind
Poor workmanship unmistaken

While reporting it the Titanic
The ship that took the fall
Was actually the Olympic
It was ‘pig-iron’ that took them all

The Olympic had had an accident
Somewhere along its path
The hull up front was damaged
‘Pig-iron’ became the patch (*13)

Wen later on its ‘maiden voyage
News claimed ‘Titanic’ sailed
Yet a damaged ship replacement
Meant the dealthship couldn’t fail

Guggenheim, Astor, Strauss (*14)
Three billionaires in opposition
Invited for a ‘maiden voyage
By J.P on his acquisition

The invitations purpose
Outlined and very clear
Discussion toward reunion
Of the Oppositions fear

Underlying concerns to discuss
Agreements to be made
BUT! J.P. jumped the ship (*15)
These billionaires were played!

The ship pulled out as scheduled
The three left in the dark
April 14th a moonless voyage
The death toll more than stark

The Captain had his orders
Edward Smith the name
Remembered now in history
But seen as such, a shame

Four days into its voyage
Crossing the Atlantic
Ran into an iceberg
Resulting in a panic

The death toll unresolved
1500 or 1600 plus
Unprepared in passage
Lacking lifeboats, a must (*16)

From England to New York
A simple feat, it seems
But with an underlying motive
Removing opposition was the scheme

So, moving on beyond the wreck
1913 was the rise
Twenty months of long debate
A new banking plan devised

Woodrow Wilson met with Rothschild
Jekyll Island, again the place
Ironing out discrepancies
The New World Order, still in the race

With opposition still intact
Despite the billionaires destruction
The plan for its installation
Came with new instruction

Let Holidays and vacations
Clear out passage opposition
The Federal Reserve was passed
By a quorum in position

Christmas Eve 1913
The day cancer took a’hold
England capturing the USA
Still a nation undersold

Citizens still victims
And yet, the strongest force
Undermined by psychology
Undefined, of course

The ACT of 1871
Providing Washington Sovereign status
The Vatican, London City
Laid back and laughing at us (*17)

Trump is/was/will be our saving grace
Backed by a sovereign military
Our President was and is
Despite propaganda contrary

The FED is dead
No options left
The US Treasury is its home
The globe, not subject to theft

The Bankers and backers of money
Crimes committed through time
Rockerfellers in London bank
A trillion stolen with Hitlers crimes

DuPont, Harriman, Ford
Complicit with Hitler’s rise
Nazi bankers, low-lifes
With a public that’s hypnotized

Tied to the psychology of development
Propaganda of trends and change
While the Monarchy of England
Destroy the freedoms that we claim.

7:36 AM – 1:28 AM


(*1) How the Federal Reserve, which has nothing to do with the Federal
government; but is owned and operated by the Rothschild mafia.

(*2) King James created covenants to develop the North American
continent. King George followed up with it.

(*3) Capturing the value that was evident in the Spirit of America, that we
needed to own our freedom, our sovereignty. Over time, we became the
pit-bull of England. While propaganda convinced us that we fought wars to
protect our freedoms, we were doing the bidding of the Monarchy and the
Rothschilds. Who seem to have their sense of entitlement to some historic
period in Babylon.

(*4) Virginia Compact of 1606 signed by King James

(*5) It took 8 years, 4 months and 15 days to end the war with England and
declare our sovereignty.

(*6) My using the term here sounds more savage than it is meant. It’s just
that our entire culture, just like the pyramids of old, has been built by
the hands of human labor. There is no intention to diminish either end of
the spectrum, our logistics and culture seems to have been the determining
factor in our development after birth. While the term whore has been used
to present the idea of a woman having sex for money is not how I’m using it
in this instance. Rather than doing sex, we are just doing whatever is
called for, within our capabilities in order to obtain enough money or
where-with-all to survive. That probably makes all of us whores by that

(*7) Lincoln attempted to borrow money from the loan sharks of England, but
they wanted 25 to 36 % interest on their money. So, he decided to create
money on the merit of the good faith of America, which he did. Because
there was green ink on the back of the bills, they were called

This act was in conflict with those who, at that point owned the banking
system, so Lincoln had to be eliminated.

(*8) What we see happening, if you look at history, England likes to keep
everything it does a step away from itself. What it has done throughout
history is to involve other countries in getting what they want, usually
without revealing their involvement.

(*9) Not sure how long the economic downturn of America lasted as the
result of the war of 1812.

(*10) This is reminiscent of a phrase taken out of the London Times, the
sentiment is the same, the languaging is different. They were suggesting
that if as a country we could control our own currency, we would be a
threat to the world.

If you look at the nature of projection and the fact that London City
houses the vast holdings of the Vatican and tie that to all the mischief in
the world, you can see that they actually do know what they are talking
about, however it’s England, the Rothschilds, George Soros, the C_A, the
Mossad, the many NGOs which use their illegal wealth to create the chaos,
not the small down to earth little man.

(*11) In other words, if they could control global currency, they could
ultimately control the globe. This was the inception of utilizing whatever
they could control to create that one world government they (the 13
families) thought they were entitled to do.

(*12) We mostly know him as J.P. Morgan

(*13) Reportely, pig-iron is not as strong as steel or some other
replacement metal. It made it the ‘accident’ an easier event to create.
But, of course, the FBI and the C_A would suggest this is all just
‘conspiracy theory.’

(*14) The names of the three billionaires worth, collectively 11 billion
dollars, as far back as 1912. Who, by the way, earned their money outside
of the banking industries. And yes, banking is an industry. They are
Benjamin Gugenheim, John Jacob Astor and Isador Strauss.

(*15) Admittedly that is taking license with what happened. He never got
on the ship. The way the story is told, they made a big production of
bringing his stuff aboard; but since he was use to making a grand entrance
after everyone else was there, they were not surprised that he did not come
on board with his stuff. The other three men did not come upon the
knowledge of him not joining them until the ship had sailed.

(*16) In addition to not having enough lifeboats to facilitate the people
on board, they were not equipped with the correct flares. The white
flares, which is what they possessed, indicates a party, the red flares
indicate there is trouble and they need help. The ship only carried white

(*17) It’s my understanding that those three: Washington DC, The Vatican
and London City are all experiencing sovereign status, which means that it
doesn’t matter what laws are passed, they have status that protects them
from laws made in any jurisdictions.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)