Reconstituting Reality

by | Mar 6, 2021 | Political

DJT, a businessman, worth billions
Had better things to do
Than give up a lavish life
And see this Third World War clear through

But, with a heart of gold
And a family that’s behind *1
He took on the task
That to most, were blind

Ridding this great nation
A nation grown askew
Of infiltrators and predators
That none of us really knew

We’re accustom to the laws
Restricting our legal rights
Helmets, as well as seatbelts
In case of, or prevention of flight

The descent was meant to be slower *2
But with ‘The Donald’ now engaged
The TRUTH blowing in the wind
They were forced to turn the page

The China virus a component
With the ‘Gain of Function’ of bats *3
Provided mail-in ballot legitimacy
This, as a matter of fact *4

Governors and Mayors
Went along with this plan
But Trump’s overwhelming support
Broke their algorithmic commands

Votes being divided
Never ever counted as one
Algorithmic division
With the elites now under the gun

Dead voters voted
Votes in multiple states
Illegals joined in, it was stated
“Let there be no missed-stakes!”

Ballots mailed out that were plenty
A dead cat received one, it seems
Most not requested
This was a Demon-rats dream

China up to their neck
As ballots supplied from abroad
Some with deliberate errors
Allowing them control of their fraud

China, the ‘virus,’ the election
A plan with lots of cast
Intellects, elites and fodder-dumb
Woven for results to last

The ballot counting a circus
Observers pushed out in the cold *5
Covid engineered as ‘distancing’
Beyond the boundaries, a scold

There were ballots without folds
Folds for the mailing apparent . . .
Common penmanship graced many
Chicanery ever inherent

A thousand plus were witness to
The many forms of the fraud
Properly ignored by fake journalists
The truth and the lies at odds

Affidavits signed and worn unto
By witnesses on the grounds
Subject to harsh treatment by
Complicit, vote-counting clowns

About the ballot drops:
Large metal containers
Zuckerberg’s money provided
Reported as a half billion retainer

Buildings used to tally the votes
Paid from the retainer
As the story goes
The goal could not be plainer

The ‘plan-demic’
The ‘virus’ and masks
All played a central part
As tabulation of votes was the task

‘Over-seers’ were corralled
Kept more than 6 feet away
Humiliated in calling attention
Restricted in having a say

The mis-printed ballots, perfect
Helped a lot in this fraud
The errors or omissions
Found ‘Dominion’ at odds

Adjudication stood at 80%
Seventy-nine percent over past *6
Biden, a puppet, perhaps a clone
At present fulfilling a task

The majority public, in the USA
Stuck with their head in the sand
Clones now as stand-ins?
Exposing the Marxist plan *7

Money has bought infiltration
Criminal behavior greased the wheel *8
Power excised from the guilty
Stealing our freedom, just part of the deal.

Moving on:

The China virus, a four-fold plan *9
Driving up fear, the first
To set the stage for extermination
A mRNA shot, the worst

They’ve ‘named it a ‘vaccine’
Because under the law are free
To damage and maim the public
Granted by Congress = immunity

The shot, a synthetic pathogen
Not producing an Immunol Transmissive Response
Created to turn your body against itself
To produce an Elite Renaissance

Multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s, Alzheimer’s
Accelerated cancer growth as well
Producing an auto-immune condition
Sending a trusting population to hell

Closing down the economy
Sovereigns cast to the wind
Unable to meet obligations
Stimulus checks rolling in

Beneficial government tidbits
Wherein dependency mounts * 10
Government becomes our savior
With fiat bucks, meant to count

Wilhelm Hegel, way back when
The ‘Hegelian Triad’ was his
A problem provides interception
Solutions and praise can’t be missed

A population un-weaned from the lies
That mainstream media sells
Fear of disease and death
Fear-porn, the TV propels

The effort of our destruction
A hand that’s wearing a glove
Fingerprints and a hidden agenda
And the main-stream lies thereof

The Rothschild-Soros Mafia owns China
Deflecting Cabalistic control
The answer seems apparent
“The virtue of selfishness has its’ role

Patriots in the background
Awaiting a harvest that’s new
Using the law of the land
Bringing a Sovereign Republic back through

A Commander N’ Chief in the background
Awaiting the tide to turn
As the Globalist plot unravels
A variant to reality learn

We’ve been mushrooms covered in muck
Brain-washed into submission
Rushing from a hard day’s work
Watching TV for new thought transmission *11

The road’s been long, laborious
Waiting upon the change
But will we be shocked by a horrible truth
An imagination makes very plain

Surrendered our world way back when?*12
To aliens from far away
Bringing technology forward
Wanting to stay and play

Reptilians, what some may call
Hiding in human form
Sacrificing our very young?
From the womb to six is the norm

Adrenochrome, a basic fuel?
Introduced to those on the left
Humans, clones, reptilians
It’s become anyone’s guess

It’s said Hollywood’s enmeshed
Have sold their souls for a dime
Events that focus on chaos
Human sacrifice brought on-line

Hunting parties ramp up excitement *13
Six to twelve for the gig *14
Children held as prisoners
Slaughtered by useless pigs *15

So much needs addressing
A job the Military’s got
Freeing the children held captive
While unraveling the Globalist’s plot!

10:40 AM –4:00 PM


*1 It’s my understanding that his family was supporting the idea of him
running for President.

*2 The Globalists had a 16-year plan that would gradually meet their goals
put forth by the Georgia GuideStones. That of reducing the population from
over 7 billion people down to 500 million. But, with the Military backing
Trump’s election, they prevented HRC from doing to Trump what happened in
this election. It’s my understanding that they could have stepped in this
time and prevented the fraud that occurred; but what needed to happen was
to show the American constituency what was in play. Not just in this
country and around the world. It probably is the reason so many of the
narcissists that are in Congress have been able to return despite their
lack of benefit to their state. The public had to become aware, thus, we
are in the mess we’re in right now, not as a punishment; but as a wake-up

*3 The term ‘Gain of Function’ refers to taking a bacterium that our
bodies would not normally pick up, and taking steps to get the body to take
it on. So, this is how our intellects and scientists are using their
education in these bio-labs. Memory suggests these experiments began in
North Carolina. Not sure if it was part of a bio-lab there or at a
University. At some point the project made its way to Fort Dietrich. As
the process fell on the right ears, they demanded the project be
disbanded. Again, as memory serves, it was ‘Dr.’ Fauci who put the project
on its way to China, the Wuhan Laboratory, supposedly built by George
Soros. During the time they were developing their ‘project’ Fauci
allocated 3.7 million tax dollars. Again, not sure, but I think he was the
head of the NIH at the time, so he had access to tax monies.

*4 “Pushed out in the cold” They were very much mis-treated. Given a
‘cold shoulder,’ treated as an interruption and a bother, at times removed
from the premises. The ‘plandemic’ was used to justify the fact they were
forced to stand at distances that would not allow them to be able to
observe what was happening.

In addition to all that, there were times they were requested to leave,
sometimes escorted out, at which times there was cheering about the course
of events. It’s not clear whether the ballot counters were receiving pay
for their dirty deeds; but clearly the observers were said to be volunteers.

*5 Because of all the fear-porn generated by mainstream media, the lies
coming in from the WHO, elevated death rates. Phony PCR tests which
identified healthy people who ostensibly had no symptoms; but tested
positive because of the fraudulent way the test was developed. People
being scared to death to be around other people, for fear of catching this
flu, were willing to acquiesce.

*6 It’s been said that in prior elections adjudication stayed a little past
1%. So, 80% made it quite obvious that there was a HUGE problem. Since
the ballots that were printed in other countries were actually created with
the purpose of having the machines reject them, this then allowed the
people doing the counting to make a decision who the vote would go to.

This situation was above and beyond what we saw where the ballots were kept
under a table and ran through time after time.

*7 In terms of Congress and all the stories about people who have been
arrested and either in jail or executed, it makes me (or anyone watching
some of these YouTube channels that feature ‘Gene’ who is supposedly
‘decoding’ what’s going on) wonder if in fact we are watching a
presentation featuring clones. The point, I would imagine, is to try to
drive home the point of our future destination, given the direction things
are going. If this were true, then any of the people who hated President
Trump enough to vote blindly for Biden will be celebrating when the who
story shifts and President Trump is once again the Commander N’ Chief of
the USA.

*8 When you think about all the stories that have come out about Epstein
Island, pedophilia, child sacrifice, adrenochrome and the other atrocities
(some that may not have been revealed yet) it’s not difficult to see why
people would bend over backwards to keep these crimes from becoming
public. That technique is an old fashioned form of control, originating
with Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria in 1776. Supposedly the Illuminati came
about during that time as well. In other words, if you have something on
someone, you own them; but more importantly you own the power they hold in
their respective positions, whether the banking industry, government or
corporate. It’s been said that Epstein was a double agent, working for the
United States through the CIA as well as the Masoud.

As the story goes, to be willing to sacrifice your soul to the
organization, it would bring wealth and fame. It’s been said that that is
why so many of the people in Hollywood gained notoriety, likewise stardom.
They were willing to play the game.

*9 Four-fold plan:
1. Use the ‘plan-demic’ to justify mail in ballots,in order to fraudulently
steal the election.

2. Controlling the masses by forcing us into wearing the masks not just a
way of taking away our right to choose (control); but as a method to cause
people to become sick by breathing their own carbon and bacteria. It’s
been said that it can cause respiratory pneumonia.

3. The virus and the fear that mainstream media was pushing has also
caused people to line up to get the vaccine because they trust and believe
in the system under which they live. This decision, according to what
doctors have come out and said, will subject recipients to future illness.
Speculation is 4 months to 4 years. The injection is supposed to be a
‘treatment’ because it does not induce an Immunol transmissive response,
rather, it causes the body to turn on itself. This, according to what is
being said, is part of their program to reduce the population, “the slow
kill.” This is the plan coming out of the United Nations known as Agenda
21 or Agenda 2030.

4. Destroying the economy fits in the 4 things the China virus was
supposed to do, in order to facilitate the ‘Reset’ the globalists intended
to foist on us. These stanzas were added in and I did not go back to
figure out where this information should go, if this work was diligently
put together.

*10 In all fairness to President Trump, I do not believe that his wanting
to send out stimulus checks had anything to do with attempting to draw us
into a Communistic or Marxist mentality whereby the citizens would kneel
at the hem of the government in order to be taken care of. It appears to
me and to so many others that he knew this was all BS but because the fake
media had such power, his only recourse was to offer support as he was
able. So, his help was sincere. He understood that the United States
citizens were being placed in front of the firing squad with the actions
perpetrated out of China who are controlled by the Rothschild Mafia.

*11 I have not had any form of television for 9 years. After cancelling
Comcast, I started watching movies. I’d get them at the library, so there
was no cost at all. Just a little inconvenience. Eventually I was turned
onto Q and what was actually happening in the world. I no longer support
the movie industry either.

As I watch YouTube and see all of the nonsense about ‘woke-ness,’ the white
and black issues, people choosing to change genders (at a young age having
their sexuality taken from them through medications) it’s astounding to
me. I guess, if I’d been watching TV straight away it would not have been
so shocking. It shows up for me as communal insanity.

*12. It was in the forties, ’48 perhaps when an alien ship crashed on
earth. They said they reversed engineered it and that’s where a lot of our
improvements came from. It was long about that time that transistors came
about and scientific and technological changes occurred at a rapid pace.
Could it be that the leadership at that time made a pact with creatures
from beyond our world?

Some of the platforms talk about ‘reptilians.’ It’s hard to imagine or
understand. But they (the podcasts) suggest the reptilians take on human
Sometimes I think there is a lot of crazy stuff put out on the Internet
just to get people (like me) to bring it up in conversation to nullify any
credibility I might have otherwise.

*13 I saw a podcast yesterday that was very disturbing. Someone had gotten
a thumb-drive sent to them. They were not sure why, but they opened to
find that military bases that had been closed were being used as prison
camps for children where they produced adrenochrome. The children had a
prison number attached to their name. The blood type was listed. Whether
or not they were suicidal was listed. According to the podcast, they
children were usually disposed of after 12 years of age. Their blood was
no longer viable for their project.

It listed the quality of adrenochrome and the price for the various
All of the information was typed, she said it would make it impossible to
track. The information was very extensive, page after page after page.

It listed the various military camps that this was taking place in. The
podcast made me consider that possibly that’s why things are going the way
they are. President Trump in other words, is taking a back seat to Prick
Biden while the Military works to find where all these children are and
taking steps necessary to end the torment that has been thrust upon them.

*14 I don’t mean to make light of what they are referring to as the
‘hunting parties’ but the children (according to this report) are between
the ages of 6 and 12 that are used for these events, if any of it is true.
It’s hard to wrap your head around such behavior; but I know that we each
live in our own little bubble.

*15 The useless pigs are obviously those people who have gathered in
groups to carry on behaviors (if true) that is so very hard to believe.
The predators and pedovores that would seem to be soulless to be able to
conduct such acts.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)