Rescinding Spiritual Confusion

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This poem was written after listening to a Podcast from Above & Beyond,
Flow State (continuous mix).

Change, the new continuum
Society on the rise
Nature smoothing out the rough spots *1
Shadow dancing filled with lies

Change needs participation
Of the many who can hear
Information ‘bout the happenings
That has engendered so much fear

So, breaking through the darkness
With dissemination of the truth
Step one, as information
Surfaces with its proof.

Step two, the recognition
That justice will be served
To those behind the plots
By degree to which deserved

Within the step that’s two
Distinctions, need be made
How we might facilitate
And the important part we play

The resistance that we generate
Cause things are going slow
Becomes the force of support *2
To help the opposition grow

Our ignorance born through history
About the part we play
Violates what we’d chose
And repeats itself each day

Consciousness is a force
Creation shows its true
An idea born to fruition
Is simply nothing new

Our will can too be harnessed
Through resistance to what is
Which amplifies the force
That our ignorance helps us miss

So, to amplify and facilitate
The change we’d like to see
Trusting in the process
Will also set us free

Reality, an abstraction
A distraction, just as well
Spirit dawned in human form
Some in heaven, some in hell

Life inside this Matrix
Gives us who we are
A hierarchy etched in stone *3
Responsible for scars

Science and education
Have its part to play
A roadmap of the human mind
Has our ignorance on display

Collect, we do, from close around
All the forces we embrace *4
Yet greater distribution
By others we never face *5

Individually and collectively
Born, just to emerge *6
Tracing change throughout history
Good and evil seem converge

A story that was given us
By James and his cohorts
Two forces live independently
Devils and angels of report

The Truth borne out of Science
One Force is all there is
Energy, free flowing
Experienced inside a kiss

The mind of man, ego trained
Manipulates as can
To insulate himself alone
And ignores the rest of man

In reality, all’s connected
We’re the leaven in the bread
Wanting change so fervently
But part of the living dead

Dead to the part we play
Because our nature’s been obscured
By a King that sought control
By actions, not so pure

A construct long created
Giving some control
The belief in opposing things
Makes the church the greatest troll

For energy is just itself
That we’ve labeled throughout time
I vanquish now its power
In this emerging paradigm

As we the people redefine
What we chose believe
A new world begins gestating
Stripped of all deceit

A thousand years of peace to see
A heaven born on earth
With thousands more thereafter
Peace, the perfect human birth.

4/18/20 #1


*1 With the advent of the Internet and Social Media, though it was a
replacement for DARPA, which was a program started by the CIA to begin to
spy on American citizens, they realized, if we were given an opportunity,
we’d tell them all they needed to know about us, if they’d but connect us.

Eventually, as Patriot Journalist came to the surface analyzing the “Q
Drops”, the public was made aware of the shadows (the crimes against
humanity and the False Flag events used to move us toward cooperating with
their agendas.

Given the fact that we’d been trained to watch and believe the news, they’d
fill our heads with fictions to cover their corruption.

*2 Here enters in quantum entanglement. Because we have been continually
lied to about our very nature and our connection to the potential to create
through the very nature of our mind and our emotions, we actually play into
the hands of the opposition by resisting what is not going the way we think
it should. Our resistance strengthens that which we oppose. If we could
but know that it takes 9 months to get a baby here and wanting it to come
early serves nothing. While that’s a little corny it teases at the point
that’s attempting to be made.

*3 Hierarchy in this sense is being used creatively, in this instance it
refers to a list of ideas which carry rank and substance.

*4 “Forces we embrace” is just referring to whoever happens to be in our
personal community. As people we become influenced by others and likewise
influence them. By and large we are all forces in the world. We’re either
anchoring what exists or questioning it and affecting it.

*5 On one level, the personal level, we affect and are affected and for the
most part can observe that on-going process. Yet, on a larger scale, it’s
a little more difficult to see how the changes further away from us
actually affect us. This fact is probably more apparent in the current
state of crazy that’s prevalent in today’s world. The ‘Wokeness’ of
others. We look at it with detachment and yet as the numbers grow in
support changes occur. For example, take ‘gayness.’ I’m not making a
judgment about it, just an observation of its evolution. It use to be that
when someone had proclivities that were not what were considered in the
normal range, they would stay hidden and under-cover. The person
themselves would attempt to keep their lifestyle private so as not to come
under scrutiny by a judging public.

However, when Barry Sotero (aka Barack Obama) fraudulently became president
and brought his partner Michael (aka Michelle) into the White House, all of
that changed legislatively. Now it’s become the new norm.

That’s what is meant by those two lines, “Yet greater distribution. . . By
others we never face. The alteration or redistribution of realities norms
as the result of the actions of others can be overlooked in the course of
our own daily activities.

*6 Because of the pre-conditioned world we are born into, we come in with
‘it’ fully formed and it’s up to us to learn to live within the boundaries
that already exist.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)