Resistance Commodification

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[Or making resistance into a commodity]
This poem was written after watching a podcast on Bitchute that was
presented by Owen Benjamin.

If you look at what’s become apparent
That had been hidden from plain view
That we’re antennas and transmitters
With this new ‘science’ breaking through (*1)

This truth was always there
Just subject to pollution
By all the ‘ism’s long projected
Of which none offered a solution.

The media with its terrorism
And broadband connection
Sending fear porn without limits
In every possible direction

It was in the Clinton era
That licensing took a dive
Prior to that to broadcast
Criteria was alive

But, just as pharmaceutical Corporations
Are free from litigation
Us living inside a microwave
Will be 5-G’s newest innovation

Stopping there to backtrack
Using this trend as mere reflection
We see frequency and vibration
Inherent in the human connection

Mating and sexual connection
Has fostered many homes
Not intellectually chosen
But chosen by hormones

So frequency and attraction
Starts out fairly young
But we qualify significance
And just step up on another rung

Did it have to come to this
This entire genocidal mess
For us to understand the basics
Survival now the greatest test

Perhaps once that lessons gotten
By at least, say, one percent
We’ll see it as another reflective analogy (*2)
That the Universe has sent

Maybe in reception of
This as the greatest truth
Humanity may demonstrate
And begin to reflect the proof

You spoke of frequency and levels (*3)
Righteousness and decay
People seeking out each other
Drawn to, or quickly swept away

We could call 5-G a karmic act
A way to saturate the mind
Creating a zombie apocalypse
Or find meaning of a different kind

The inherent act of BEING
Comes with responsibility attached
Who we are in connection to
Comes with barren facts (*4)

Unable to see our shadow
Walking toward the sun
How we affect, or are affected by
Ourselves or every other one

That is the gravest problem
Who we are has been concealed
The Bible, myths, religions
Has caused our Spirit to congeal

The fluidity of change
Present in compassion
Dries up in the face of judgment
Change thereby losing traction

As Spirits we’re animated energy
Ignorant of what that means
Parallel to ‘Spike Protein Shedders (*5)
Infecting everything we’re seeing

That is, in our judgment
Resisting its existence (*6)
Projecting Force into it
Unattenuated and in suspense (*7)

To agree or disagree
Has major or marginal effects
Consciousness is an active force
And resistance solidly reflects

To BE, or not to BE
A question asked through time
Do I observe or construct
Living inside this paradigm?

8/24/21 #1
10:35 AM – 12:03 PM


(*1) Manufacturing this ‘pandemic which has given the minions, working for
the Globalists, the excuse to shoot up as many as they can convince that
this is going to protect them, their family, the community and ultimately
the world. The reality is they are attempting a transhumanist experiment
whereby they will be able to communicate through the graphene oxide that
has been introduced into their systems, by way of the frequencies that are
indiscriminately being used without any oversight.

However, if you look at this from the standpoint that science is
simultaneously demonstrating the human capability of connecting with
others on similar frequencies, then you can reduce the fear associated with
the Power-Elite’s plan down to the fact that the Universe is attempting to
get a point across. The point of attempting to view what is going on
through a different lens connects the idea of Quantum Entanglement.

If consciousness has the potential to create through physics associated
with consciousness and quantum mechanics, then it is beholden to us to
create an outcome we want to live with. To give way to the fear of
extinction, which is what ‘they’d’ prefer, we need to hold a different
vision of the future we want to create.

(*2) Considering that it is currently one percent of the population that
are trying to seize control of the world and rid the world of us ‘useless
eaters’ then perhaps, there again we have the Universe sending us a message.

I’m not saying that actions should not be taken, that if we all just sit
back and OM the problem will go away, no we each have different roles; but
if a portion of us could see light at the end of the tunnel, then those who
are in managerial roles may end up with insights that had not been present
as we hovered in fear.

(*3) Just to know, I stopped your show: OWEN BENJAMIN #1212 MAJOR CODE
1:04:56, so everything I’m saying is a reflection up to that point.
Everything to that point gave me so much to

(*4) We have been cauterized from the truth, we are left barren, feeling
like something is missing but not knowing what it is. We put our attention
on the outside, not understanding the state of our origin. As a result of
that feeling of emptiness, we go in search of. . .

Because of all the lies we’ve been told, the power and force that we
represent individually and collectively has been hidden from us. For
instance, someone who is sensitive may experience the insecurity of those
around them and be unable to understand that the perceived insecurity may
not even belong to them.

Additionally, how we view others, the thoughts, opinions, hopes and
limitations that we administer without second thought affect those around
us; but they affect us/ourselves as well.

Meditation, perhaps mindfulness as well, are methods that allow us to
become more aware of what we are thinking, as we are thinking it. It’s
trippy at times. A conversation will elicit a given response, then after
you’ve said it (sometimes while speaking), you begin to question how much
of what you are saying is actually what you need to hear.

My opinion is that when we judge we are optimizing a force of energy to
provide the basis for maintaining that which we are standing against. I
was not a Star Wars fan; but one phrase stands out, “Resistance is futile!”
Could not be clearer. That’s as clear as the Heraclitus dictum: “Change
is the only constant.”

(*5) There’s another analogy. As we cap off our understanding and close
down our willingness to look at new or different information; but rather
stand firm in some irrelevant truth that was drilled into us as a child,
thanks to the Aristotelian method of teaching, we hold that frequency and
vibration with some concept that ascension is about being lifted up to
heaven fully clothed on our departure.

The truth of what is going on in the world right now is very ugly, if true.
Everyone of our governmental agencies are corrupted by money. compromise or
threat of self or to a loved one. Human trafficking with children right in
the center of it, human sacrifices, pedophilia involving innocent children
who have no say in the matter. In addition to what’s going on now with
this planned-demic with media having the where-withal and government
protection to say whatever the hell they chose without recourse. The
global terrorism designed to cajole people into compliance.

(*6) “Resisting its existence” Whatever it is we’re resisting (judging} we
are concretizing because of the energy expended toward it. “Attention is
the collateral of the Universe, or Attention is Universal collateral.”
Either way, we are complicit in helping to solidify problems. Certainly
they need to be dealt with and not accepted. Everyone believes the
Satanists need to announce what they are planning in order to stay right
with . . . .but perhaps it’s just a matter of creating an imprint, albeit
an unconscious one. So while the Bible [the Catholics, Jesuits, and the
Vatican] would have us believe there are two forces loose on the earth,
it’s just the quantum entanglement that humanity has fallen into as the
result of this age-old myth. We are complicit and are being used against
our own best interest because of the ignorance propagated through the ages.

(*7) Attenuated represents the idea of a reduced force, Unattenuated by
contrast refers to not reduced or weakened. The term suspense while
meaning other things also means uncertain. So, in our ignorance we have
allowed the full force of our energy to be used against ourselves without
the realization that it was happening.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)