Science and it’s Fiction

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The value found in Graphene Oxide

Discovered sometime back

A greater measure of control

In the card game they have stacked

This dilemma started long ago

None of it is new

Was it Babylon or Egypt

With control freaks on the move

History alludes me

Never studied from where it’s come

Just caught up in the here and now

For some, that makes me dumb

Some say aliens are among us

With tunnels underground

Civilizations all well hidden

Apparently three miles down

The Internet is all abuzz

‘Bout those who disappear

Used by cults for sacrifice

Is it distraction to mis-steer?

The things we hear, the things we see

And speak of, as if they’re true

To ears foreign to the precepts

Will raise a brow to you

Conspiracy, conspiracy!

A cry from the far left

Labeling has its value

In the C_A tool chest

At this point in our timeline

We see the fingerprints of control

The FBI, the C_A and DOJ

Just acronyms which cost us dough

If graded for effectiveness

A drain pipe that’s long broke

Reflecting more like a Mafia

As a system for the people, quite a joke

Our culture has its norms

With minor systems of control

Religion can be found among

Guilt drummed into a brand-new Soul

Creating doubt within the self

Makes one question every thought

Yet an empath draws the outside in

A fact we’re never taught

Einstein spoke of energy, says, “It never dies”

A thought is frequency and vibration

Like a radio wave released

Seeks out a relative dimension

Back now to Graphene molecules

One potential is to kill

Beyond that, using digital interface

Creates a human being a shill

They will receive communications

Controlling what one thinks

Who’re aptly saturated

When they’ve worked out all the kinks.

Possibilities are many

Perhaps with using new 5G

To activate its movement

Science Fiction in reality.

7/30/21 #2

8:48 AM – 9:42 AM

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)