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by | Mar 30, 2021 | Political

Looking back in history
Comparing to now, today
The spirit of domination then
Brought a chair to stay

The Natives who roamed freely
Living off the land
Tried with tools and knowledge
To maintain their rightful stand

But. .. Forces from across the seas
Had science on their side
Subjugation and restriction
With boundaries to reside *1

Death, destruction culturally
With migration uncontained *2
The Natives as the underclass
At all costs were constrained

Look now to the present day
Things have never changed
New games and new players
With governors still deranged

The spirit that prevails them
Is really very sick
With their science and intelligence
It’s like we’re fighting with a stick *3

Material truths apparent
But. .. we support them with our fear
And grousing about what isn’t
That MSM makes clear *4

Look inside their strategy …
The tactics of MSM
Absolutely negative
Spirit robbery once again *5

So, we’re back to the beginning
The crows, circling the nest
Culling off resource
The thing they do the best. ..

Actually, that’s wrong
As I stand now corrected
They help set the standard
We are value-infected

Magazines, Television
Social media on a phones
Meter out value
Of which we now are prone

Egoic appeal
Part of the art
Surreptitiously done
With a competitive start

What is the answer
A question each ask
Finding the answer
Seems a Spiritual Task

Spirit. .. our basis
Clothed each in form
We’re brought to this moment
To be bathed in the storm …

Perhaps to withdraw
Our support of distraction
That our Spirit is free
For energetic attraction

As our standards are set
By all that we’re not
Self-critical rejection
Is part of the plot

As Spirits have access
Through gratitudinal means*6
Cause everything’ s energy
And the basis of Being

In allowing the Self
To Be swallowed up whole
By a material world
Was a primary goal

So, to speak of your limits
In helping another
Is to dishonor your value
As a Spiritual mother *7

A Mother is Love
In support of her tribe
Love an Energy *8
That Spirit provides

So, while you say
You’ve nothing to give …
Nothing’s the ground state *9
Where Spirit yet lives

Allow your feelings
Of defeat release
As you encounter the pain
Of all that you see

An Empath, a Conduit
A ‘Crystal’ of sorts *10
A compassionate nature
Yet short of visible resource *11

The value you bring
Lives without measure
Spirit unquantifiable
An unfathomable treasure!!

Hold the space open
For change to occur
It’s how Energy works
And Spirit is stirred

Wealth can be compromised
Peace of Mind can’t compare
Giving of SELF
Is doing more than your share.


[Added 3/24/19]

*1 Trail of Tears … Reservations

*2 From Europe

*3 Childhood vaccinations, Flu shots: autism, auto-immune disease. Fluoride
saturation: Pineal gland calcification. GMO, glyphosate poisoning.
Chemtrails, aluminum saturation in soil & air: Dementia & Alzheimers.
Pharmaceutical extortion, Healthcare reduction to symptom relief while
causing more damage. Water putrification through fracking. Weather control:
HAARP. Cellular damage through EMF, attempting to depopulate through SG,
tuning frequency to our body’s sensitivity.

*4 MSM: mainstream media. In 1963 90% of media was owned by 50 companies.
In 2011, that same 90% is owned by 6 companies:

1. General Electric

2. News Corp

3. Disney (who just bought FOX and intends to lay-off thousands …

4. ViaCom

5. Time Warner

6. CBS.

It might be noted that Media Matters (with ‘Non-Profit’ status) feeds MSM
it’s talking points at 4 AM daily. Fact-finding. So we have a tax-exempt
agency telling most TV news and information channels what to say, how to
perpetrate their propaganda on the American public. What does it take to
become a non-profit that frees these groups up from paying taxes. Who
created these laws?
Journalism has been replaced by propaganda and opinion.

*5 This statement assumes the principle spelled out by quantum science …
quantum physics and quantum entanglement which asserts that through
consciousness we not only observe but we create. Consciousness as a force
in nature has been lost inside the ideas that there is a force in the world
separate and apart from us. In reality we are an expression of it.

*6 Consciousness, emotions produce a frequency, that frequency has the
potential to create, sustain or decay. As we are psychologically lured into
dark places our potential to create anything positive diminishes. That’s
what makes this period of our history a spiritual war. Our job is to rise
above appearances and operate from what’s possible not what seems to be.
What seems to be is a product of the past. .. the past is a mythical
structure that was created by those who created the Gregorian calendar. Now
is all we really have. Our language supports the time period theory.

*7 Spiritual mother is obviously a metaphor reflecting the fact that as
mothers we are co-creators bringing new Spiritual Beings forward by giving
birth. We are ‘The Horse They rode in on,” (This is a phrase I used with my
own children to get them to understand that as energetic spirits they may
have been more advanced than me. They were about 7 and 9 at the time.

I was trying to get them to help more around the house. As a full time
employee in my own small business it was hard for me to do everything, so
in frustration I lashed out. My 7 year old told me when she was fifty that
in that moment she thought to herself, “Oh, I could have been born Chinese
… ”

*8 As an aside, referring to Love being an Energy … fear is also an
Energy. When someone says, “I Love them to death” this is a statement that
might be considered a psychological projection being sent from the
unconscious mind that needs to be addressed. As we assert control over
other souls ( whether they be our children, family, neighbors, friends,
enemies) we stymie (through the Force we represent) their development and
outcome. The value of religion is to learn to Trust. If, through
indoctrination we’ve accepted that there is a force in the world outside of
ourselves that protects, then let go and trust. To focus on every anomaly
with fear is to proliferate circumstances consistent with that position.

*9 According to my understanding this is true. Nothing is the ground state.
Therefore, rather than trembling with everything that shows up, we need to
recognize that what is showing up is doing so like dross rising to the
surface. The word matter has many uses. Loretta Lynch, for example changed
the wording concerning Hillary’s Email scandal from ‘Gross Negligence’

( which had certain criteria and outcome attached to it) to ‘matter.’ In
this case, the word ‘matter’ is referring to a situation that occurred. In
a more scientific sense matter refers to something that exists
existentially with properties that makes it solid, as a mass.

When you come from a spiritual perspective about reality and its gross ( or
material) aspect. When you realize that what has mass can be reduced down
to its smallest atomic structure, then you can get to a place where you
realize that ‘matter doesn’t matter.’ This conscious position is two fold,
it takes in how we respond to things psychologically (as an issue in point)
and it addresses the physicality of reality.

As Energetic Beings operating in the 5th and 6th Dimensions of Reality we
then have an impact on the nature and condition of life on the planet.

This is why MSM is so extremely important to the forces ( small ‘f’) that
want to use us, to use the Force we represent against ourselves for our own
destruction. That’s why propaganda and lies stream out continually from the
TV and every other avenue they can dominate.

*10 Selenium is a mineral that is supposed to be a ‘transducer’ it can
transform energy without having to be cleansed itself. Most crystals
require some form of clearing. In this line I’m inviting those who can hear
to act as selenium by realizing that what is showing up is in the process
of recreating itself. In this way, we participate in the process

*11 Our culture has made us believe that our value lies in material

Author’s note:
When I’d send my poetry to my mom, who lived at a distance, just to share,
she eventually told me,”Honey, when I read your stuff, sometimes I don’t
understand a word, then after looking it up I forget what I’d read. My mom
was great, so I realized maybe I should put in footnotes to help make my
words clearer. That’s what I’ve done here

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)