‘Sharpie Gate’

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The reputation of a sharpie. . .
Destined to leave a mark
Right along with ‘bleed-through
Put in play, just like an ARK

Noah knew the outcome
Once the rain began
Strategizing for survival
Was Noah’s one and only plan

The Swamp understood the stakes
That they didn’t have a chance
Zuck became a front-man
Using money in his dance (*1)

A billion-dollar front-man
Leading the parade
Funding drop boxes everywhere
Part of the whole charade

The sharpies played a single role
Adjudication became a key
Over 200,000 in Maricopa
Votes finding a reprieve

The avenues of cheating
Led down many paths
Using outdated voter rolls
To accelerate the math

Dead people from the grave
Helped the ‘tin man’ win
Then counting some repeatedly
Did him service in the end

This ‘planned-demic, just a strategy
Cursory (*2) in effect
With tentacles far and wide
For some, rather easy to detect

The fear and terror of the ‘News’
Born through frequency or paper (*3)
Provisional for agenda’s use
To birth and bear psychotic vapor

Mass psychosis has played its role
To bring compliance all on line
Fear, reward, guilt, coercion
Four pillars to cultivate the blind

A different plan so long ago
A vision of 16 years
Obama 8, then Hillary
Her loss fostered many tears

Her leadership and death count
Would have gone right off the scale
Jade Helm 15 and FEMA Camps
Would have the USA derailed

But, as it is, the witch is dead
Seems from all accounts
A CGI replacement
Wherein this mystery seems to mount

So, once the Trumpets blew
And the Red Sea parted ways
DJT and his lovely family
Destroyed most all their plays

The meeting of the ‘Intellects’
Event 201 the place (*4)
Vanity and authority merged
Threatening the human race

The ‘planned-demolition of the USA
With a virus set in motion
And the media’s complicity
Reverberated across all oceans

This world-wide Mafia
With each country’s leaders bought
Or their CGI replacements. . .
Oh hell that’s a thought

Infiltration top to bottom
Is now dependent on
What’s being called devolution
Something Obama spawned

Laws created with intention
Fostering HRC’s position
Once she was our President
Could make DOJ incisions

Perhaps that is misleading
But through the law, systems could be replaced
If determination came to pass
Jobs and people easily erased

Not sure how all this plays out
With 2 Presidents on Board
Trump, our Commander and Chief
The ‘tin man’ not in accord

So, the ‘virus’ as presented
Secured terror throughout the globe
Fearing loss of life and limb
Brought voters under control

Mail in ballots and Dominion
Skewed and screwed the race
‘Sharpies’ played a minor role
With adjudication rules in place

Mail-in ballots never mailed out
Thousands with no fold lines
Envelopes with signatures destroyed
They think we’ve lost our minds

The arenas used for counting
With hostility so clear
Oversight reduced
Through social-distancing and fear

Some ballots marked and copied
Many with sequential numbers on display
How do you explain this
Them coming back this way?

Useful idiots in the foreground
Clumsily helping with the fraud
Paid well for their silence?
Non-thinking zombies with a job

What was included in their training
It didn’t seem like much
Were they told it is called Treason
With death a punishment as such?

My mind ventures to science fiction
Did they give up their very soul
With Graphene Oxide imported into them
Internet access a partial role

Is it all just mass psychosis
Hive-mind if you will
Cheating, burning, looting
All done for just the thrill

With the audits being done
In many of the states
Is it the reason for mask demands
Let’s hope the cretins slow their pace

The chaos and the mayhem
And talk of the defunding
Has greatly limited those who serve
Some great Patriots among them

It is playing out like a movie
But not on a simple stage
The hope, that eyes will open
That we might together turn the page.

8/10/21 #1


(*1) Zuckerberg

(*2) Cursory: Hasty, not detailed

(*3) Through ‘frequency or paper’ either on TV, social media or in
newspapers and or magazines. Considering that those behind the ‘Swamp’ own
80% of all communication, it’s easy for them to use their equipment for

(*4) Event 201 took place in New York on October 18 or 19, 2019. At the
same time there were war games taking place in Wuhan, China. There were
250,000 military men from different countries present.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)