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The Truth is hard to ferret out
That is, why it’s being hidden
Have dominating forces come
That say, “Telling is forbidden”

Is there an arsenal that’s Nuclear
That keeps the Truth unsaid
Threatening the Earth itself
That will find one and all, all dead?

The Covid Hoax is really old
But money won’t let it die?
Forcing ‘vax-a-nations’
While daring to stare us in the eyes?

In March of 2020
The CDC reached out
To every hospital in the USA
To expand on what Covid profit was about

In testing for influenza
If A or B was clear (*1)
But a negative Covid PCR
Please lean and lend an ear

Look back to their address (*1)
To the city from which are from
If another in that area’s got it
Mark them Covid, your work is done

Medicare and Medicaid (*1)
For the ‘old folks’ and the poor
The new WHO code is U70.1
We’ll pay then 20% more

Another provision entered
Enhancing numbers on the run
Simple contact with an active case
Contact tracing also improves the sum (*2)

Testing, called the PCR (*3)
Rigged from the beginning
Forty rotations broke the rules
But found the Covid Hoax was winning

The hospitalized were ostracized. . .
“In Isolation,” the word they used
Allowing hospital protocols to go unchecked
Patients patently abused

Remdesivir, the drug of choice
[Put forth by the king
King Fauci and his cohorts]
Which didn’t heal a thing

Remdesivir was not approved
By our amazing FDA (*4)
A band of merry pirates
Used to steal our lives away

Remdesivir a poisonous drug
Kidney destruction was its job
Therefore creating victims (*5)
To appease the genocidal mob

The numbers grew on death reports
But was medication that was the killer
TV News and terrorist reviews
Propaganda, the constant filler

In October 2020 (*6)
An internal meeting taking place
Between the CBER and the FDA (*7)
Tag-teamed this death cult race

A 25-slide presentation
Discussed the facts involved
Slide 16 was very special
Yet no complications solved

Revealed within this circus tent
110 side effects expected
Death, miscarriages, blood clotting
No resistance was detected

May and June brought warnings
Things revealed on October’s meet
Myocarditis, a ‘Black Box Warning
Old news found to report

Somewhere in all this mess
A new condition has arisen
MIS-C, Inflammation found in children (*8)
Resulting in no decision

Children have been susceptible too
Transmission from new vaxed parents
Shedding of spike proteins
Within the vaxed, apparent

Crimes against humanity
The guilty run the show
What will stop this abomination
Will the sleepers ever come to know?

The legal systems rigged
Money has bought compliance
Pharmaceuticals corps at the helm
With corrupt and bogus science!

5:35 PM – 6:17 PM


(*1) If the hospital found that it was clearly influenza A or B and
determined through the PCR test that it was not Covid, they were instructed
to look at the location of the patient. If someone else in that city or
two was found to have Covid, it was permissible to mark the influenza case
as Covid as well. This would generate 20% more money for patients who were
on Medicare and Medicaid.

(*2) Within the World Health Organization’s new code: U70.1 they created a
provision beyond that already mentioned. This provision allowed for
contact tracing. In other words hospitals were allowed to expand their
number of Covid cases by including the provision of contact. In other
words, for example, if a nurse who had entered the many rooms they were
responsible for was found to be positive, all those patients she had been
in contact with could receive the positive designation. This label did not
require a positive PCR test. What this did, of course, is to help give the
impression of a very large pandemic.

(*3) There were rumors that the testing mechanism used, sticking that long
swab down the back of the nose had many purposes. It was said that the
swab had Ethylene Glycol on it, which is a poison. It is a carcinogen,
capable of causing cancer. Placing the swab behind the sinuses and close
to the brain could actually stimulate brain cancer allegedly.

There were other rumors that there were nano-particles on the swabs. The
nano-particles are necessary to carry graphene oxide into the tissues. So
the speculation was that this process was reminiscent of hydrogel which is
responsible for hooking human beings up to the Internet. This supposedly
would allow them to be tracked.

(*4) The term ‘amazing’ is not meant to be flattering. It’s just damn
amazing that they have gotten away with so much crap. If everything that
is being said about the various systems of government, namely the C_A, the
FB_, the DO_ I think it’s appropriate that we throw the FDA into that
grouping. All of them need to be disbanded at this point of our history if
we are to return to a sovereign country.

I guess calling them a band of merry pirates would have given my attitude
away, LOL.

(*5) Patients who had been given Remdesivir, once their health began to
fail, the hospital would then plug them into an intravenous feeding. This
provided their bodies with more liquid than the kidneys could not handle.
The result was Edema or Pneumonia. Edema would cause the legs and
extremities, as well as, the brain to swell. Essentially this caused their
various organs to fail.

In the case of the lungs swelling, the patient would be diagnosed with
Pneumonia which was not necessarily the case. The problem was, doctors
were not familiar with what was happening, so they pulled diagnoses out of
their hat.

(*6) October 22, 2020 to be exact.

(*7) CBER stands for Center of Biologic Experiments and Research. The
FDA, of course stands for Food and Drug Administration

(*8) This is a new disease designation: MIS-C stands for Multi
Inflammatory System in Children. What that actually means is that by
getting the vaccination there is the possibility that the organs in their
bodies can become severely inflamed.

Additional notes: Dr. Bryan Ardis said that if a pregnant woman gets the
vaccination while carrying a baby girl, there is some point in the
pregnancy that the baby girl’s body goes through the process of creating
eggs for the next generation. The vaccination, given prior to that crucial
point of development could cause that child to be sterile when it would be
time for their pregnancy to occur.

[Note: Information gleaned from: Age of the Rainbow (Covid &
‘depopulation’) Reiner Fuellmich; Dr. Bryan Ardis; Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg]
The presenters of the podcast: Tangentopolis (World Orders Review)

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

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