Accept Me as I Am

[A poem of projection, for someone I was in close proximity to, but never really knew]] Accept me as I am From a heart that’s sometimes lost The conditions you resent from me Come with a personal cost. If I could change myself, I’d do it But my habits have me caught...

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It’s the Thought That Counts

Christmas is a time To acknowledge friends and family To show love, respect, appreciation To those we sometimes seldom see Tradition has us baring gifts As an action we all take But this year’s a little different Cause of funds I didn’t make Yet still the urge to...

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A Horse To Ride In On

Parents bring us to the world Sometimes siblings are attached Spirits need an entry point We may or may not match Experience plays a major role As the ego grows its roots Friends, family, community Provided old familiar 'truth' But, the world, it keeps on turning...

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