Observing or Creating?

Questions have I many of this thing called passing time of the dramas that we witness in the shifting paradigm Are we just observers in this vast domain or creators unaware as we utilize our brain *(1) The brain somehow a gateway twix heaven and a hell Embracing each...

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Metaphorically Speaking

The world is one big molecule Changing with each breath Bringing new life forward And leading some to death Every thought, an impact (*1) A reality unchained Our greatest fears experienced As we try to just maintain See a ‘thought’ as little more Than a gnat, ‘banana...

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A Stepping Stone Soul Mate

This poem is about a man I spent 5 days with, Bob. I met him on Zoosk. We communicated for a considerable time before I stepped beyond the line of acceptable behavior. He lives in another state so I grabbed up my credit card and went. I had enough sex for the next 6...

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