Observing or Creating?

Questions have I many of this thing called passing time of the dramas that we witness in the shifting paradigm Are we just observers in this vast domain or creators unaware as we utilize our brain *(1) The brain somehow a gateway twix heaven and a hell Embracing each...

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American Airlines

The mask attack is active At ‘American’ it’s true*1 An airline with a standing Telling us what to do If, in fact refusal Of a mandate, not a law No travel in the future “We expect it of ya’all In the meantime, just sit back And cover, most your face Make-up the eyes...

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John D. and Science

I’d like to write a poem ‘Bout a product that I found Vasayo is its name Laced with technology profound BUT! Given my proclivity With such an analytic mind Comparison and contradictions Seems I always find As I move forward with Vasayo And the value I’ve attained It...

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