The Revelation of GOD within

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Philosophy

Manmade stories dominate
The heart and mind of some
In the science of quantum physics
Metaphysical change will come

If the stories we immortalize (*1)
While ‘watching’ reality unfold (*2)
Are we ignorantly complicit. . .?
Artists, sculpting a mold?

The devastation in Revelations
A prediction, or yet a plan?
To ensnare the force of consciousness
For the destruction of most of man

So, believers lost in the drum of death
Manufacture events, if you will
Because consciousness is creative
And reality is never still


(*1) Because the Bible bifurcates energy into good and bad, which people
accept as true, and then go forward to predict ‘end times’ which people
accept as true, we don’t see our complicity in using our connection to GOD
ignorantly. That either makes the Bible a book of lies, attempting to
create a given outcome; or in innocence men of old wrote what they thought
was true, without understanding the true nature of GOD and his creations,

Our beliefs, convictions, judgments are where our energy becomes stagnant.
They indicate an acceptance of the known verses the potential of
possibility. Take for instance Nostradamus. He predicted many things that
never came to pass. Why was that? His predictions were predicated on the
energy of that current time. As time moved forward, humanity began to
embrace GOD through their spiritual development, thereby change became

I am very much opposed to the dark events happening in our world today.
But because I know that stong resistance to anything generates a GOD given
energy that only helps to concretize on-going events, therefore, right or
wrong I attempt to look into the set of circumstances and question why are
things happening the way they are, sometimes the answers are uncomfortable.

Through my other works it’s easy to see that, like so many others who are
looking into the face of changing events, it appears that all the current
events are based in an effort by a small percentage of people who want to
clear the world of most of us and take control for themselves.

‘Bible-Thumpers’ (I use to be one, so it’s not really the insult that it
sounds like) would have us believe that the events playing our are just
what the Bible would call the ‘end-times.’ They sit back entertaining
their commitment to their own salvation and feel sad for those who are not
going to make it to Heaven.

I have news for them, Heaven and Hell are fictitious creations, again by
the Vatican and King to manipulate the behavior of those in servitude to
the crown. Each are just ‘states’, not places. They are reflective of
mental, physical and emotional states of being while in an embodied state
here on the planet.

(*2) In our participation under the misguided notion that we are separate
from GOD, our Source, we think we are just watching events unfold, but
through the umbilical cord that connects us, we are actually participating
in our own undoing.

To observe this Truth, you need look no further than any news channel on
mainstream media that you pay to come into your home. It should infuriate
you that you are paying to be brain-washed. But we have been taught to
listen to what the teacher has to say, collect the facts and then repeat
them back. This Aristotelian model of learning is a far cry from the
Socratic method which promotes questioning.

If I were to have one suggestion, while being in the presence of the
destruction that we are currently present to, it is to observe it with
healthy indifference. We are witnessing the destruction of those who would
attempt to use our system to their own ends. We are seeing the underbelly
of the Obama Administration and the weaponization of our Justice System.
We are seeing how people in power and entertainment have been lured into
‘honey traps’ that their power might be harnessed for fear of exposure. We
are seeing how Social Media, the Internet and higher education have been
co-opted to embroil our children into the fringe elements to loot, burn and

All the while that the Globalists are attempting to bank-roll our demise,
the media is attempting to put the entire blame on President Trump. The
fact that the media is being used as a tool to invade the entire world with
its divisive tirade of propaganda, it should become self evident that
consciousness is the source of our power that is being harvested on behalf
of the Globalist’s agenda. Fear is a step beyond thought, it is emotion.
As such, it affects not only the physical state of the body; but it’s
potential is far-greater. Fear is an electro-magnetic frequency that
broadcasts itself into the world that will ultimately attract circumstances
back that will substantiate the fear. We will always be able to justify
our fears because we become magnets of attraction.

The Globalists and secret societies understand the nature of man where
consciousness is concerned, that’s why they have harnessed the
entertainment system, the media, the political system and education. There
tunicles run throughout!

In suggesting the Stoic stance of ‘Healthy Indifference’ it in no way
implies non-action. Action must be taken, but with an eye on what we want
to create, not focused on the force they represent. We are the 99%, we are
the force. Our future is ours to create together.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)