Underlying Perturbation

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Drugs and alcohol
Insidious components
Used to quell distortions
Arising between or among opponents

An opponent may lack human form
An adversarial mental frame
Characteristics born of distant lives
As such, creating psychological strain

Each lifetime we embrace a 3-D world
But what of a 5-D past ascension?
Chaos in non-resolution (*1)
A new life lacking retention

But the values stored away
From all that had been learned
Seeks for restoration
Thus a chaotic present churned

Making butter out of cream
Requires a dedication
Discovering what we thought we knew
Just part of education

Mechanics of control through youth
With adulterates held at bay
Sought out, to quell confusion
As time simply slips away

Peace found within the 3-D chaos (*2)
Wherein nothing need make sense
Just relief between Dimensions
Found in the current tense

Controllers use their power
Power born in our confusion (*3)
‘Bout the force within a dollar bill
To anchor a Soul’s seclusion

Is this a ‘thought out’ attribute
To quell change in the making
It seems a possibility
Ego always primed for raping

The rape of human dignity
Introducing Ego’s charge
Theft of individual choice (*4)
With consequence at large

Drugs fostered by the CIA
Cocaine, Meth (*5) and Fentanyl
Used to undermine our country
By the Elite Cabal

Drugs then provide relief
In a world that’s under siege
Perhaps its those of Higher Vibes
That hanker for relief

[I don’t know what to title the second half of this poem, but I’m
attempting to use the frequency and vibration allotted me on this earth
plane to create an incursion into the problem associated with the use of
adulterates, in the case of those who have stumbled in because of what I’ve
written above.]

If within the written word
A vibration honed with intent
Let Spirit reach each battered Soul
Whose lives have battled with content.

Let the guidance of your Higher Mind
Find a home within
And lead each to new freedom
That a new world might begin

On top of all the torment
That substance abuse brings about (*6)
A system built on money
Prosecution may win out

A fine, a cell, time set aside
Compliance in the wings
Control and domination
Just narcissists manipulating things

So, be of cheer, but listen here
Don’t fall into this trap
Wherein you lose you life’s control
Because of all that crap

Ask you ‘Higher Self’ for help
It’s an energy you can harness
Ever there, but waiting
To help you achieve success.

2/13/22 #2
12:08 AM – 1:10 AM

[Footnotes 2/13/22 (9:30 AM – 11:00 AM)

(*1) If Highly evolved Souls move into re-experiencing the 3-D realm, with
other Souls who may not resonate at the same vibration, it could cause
undisclosed, unrecognized disorientation. In my mind, it seems like that
could be part of the reason someone might turn to something to ‘quell’ the
internal discord.

(*2) That is, peace found as a result of drowning out the underlying noise
of the past. Guilt, fear or a need for acceptance may all fit into reasons
too, that someone might want to subdue that Spiritual or Soul connection
that is so foreign to the earth plane. I suppose another might simply be
the force of a given environment that is dominated by accepted forms of

(*3) Power born through our confusion. Money, wealth are all aspects that
keep us confused. Our Ego has been indoctrinated into beliefs that has us
chasing money for its own sake. The acquisition of material wealth
provides a false reflection of value.

I think when I was functioning strictly within the 3-D realm, there was
always a lingering sense of doubt in terms of self-worth or sense of
significance. Looking back, I think what I was feeling was the generalized
sense of insignificance that encompasses humanity as a whole. Once I began
trusting myself, which came as a result of renewing my Soul’s connection to
Source, my sense of Self came in over the top to guide me.

It’s almost embarrassing to say how that happened because it seems so
mundane. It occurred in the 70’s. I had two grade schoolers. I was a
teacher’s aide at the time. Mornings were chaotic, trying to get
everything together and get to our destination, it was like herding cattle,

How many times did I misplace my glasses or keys. It happened regularly.
In frustration, the children out of ear-shot, I’d find myself saying,
“Where the hell did I put my keys”, or likewise my glasses. At some point
it finally filtered into my conscious mind that the mere willingness to ask
that question, opened the door for support. I’d either spontaneously
remember or be led back to them.

In my writing a word will pop into my mind that I’m unfamiliar with that
fits perfectly, so I’ve come to believe and accept that there is more to
life than we can see directly.

I’ve also wondered about dementia and Alzheimer’s. Does it point to the
fact that we are operating only out of the left hemisphere of the brain?
Wherein the right hemisphere gives us access to that Spiritual Dimension.

Fluoridation is a tool employed to calcify the Pineal Gland. The Pineal
Gland provides the basis for critical thinking. As we embrace our everyday
experiences using whatever indoctrination we’re stuck with, there is a
level of acceptance. However, when our Pineal Gland is functioning, it’s
like hitting one of those raised places in a commercial parking lot, it’s
jarring. It makes us slow down and reconsider.

(*4) “Theft of individual choice”, in a world encumbered by debt and toil
associated with survival, it inhibits the potential of choice. This
comment points more specifically to people who may have a Soul contract
that is being limited by the need for compliance. This is not referring to
those Soul’s ushered in under the umbrella of government welfare. They too
have a purpose, but much like religion, the purpose is used as a tool for

(*5) Thankfully I’m ignorant about drugs. But the word meth itself to me
stands for a shortened version of method. As I typed it, I realized ‘od’
stands for overdose. How many have gotten on it, attempted to move away
from it; but always came back. How many succumbed to it. But, it’s almost
like the word ‘meth’ invites the possibility to overdose. I have no idea;
but I do have clients that have cleared it from their lives, two that I can
think of directly; but jail and its long-term absence was involved.

Our world and more specifically our country has been under attack by those
who have pledged to protect it. There is a very large continuum that would
like to depopulate the globe for their own purpose. That is one side of
the saw-horse, or see-saw, on the other side is the Universe using what
appears to be demonic forces to clear the playing field, so that a new
reality can come into existence. Non-critical thinkers that line up for
this poison that will alter their genetic make-up are, one by one being
relieved of their meat sack. Their Souls are Eternal and they will
reconstitute in the future; but in order to create a world where our
Spiritual natures can come through, clearing the deck has become necessary.

(*6) So on top of having your body-mind and nervous system at odds with
itself within the confines of our reality (under the influence), there are
laws to charge and fine you for imbibing. This coupled with the fact that
our own government has been complicit in making it all possible.

It seems like the general revelation of the source of these toxins needs to
be revealed. It might help some find their strength to stand in their own

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)