Universal Collateral

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Is the Universe a cash cow?
Whereby blessing come to be
Or, is consciousness a magnet
Have we forever been deceived

Do we magnify circumstances
Through our worry and our fear
Is that why ‘news’ intervention
Creates disaster everclear?

If waves and frequencies become particles (*1)
Does it sometimes start with me?
Listening to chaotic chatter
Broadcast on TV?

They say demonic forces
Must publish what they plan to do
Present it to the public
To keep out of a stew (*2)

But what if it’s quite different
Dependent on resistance
Resistance is a given force
Providing energetic assistance (*3)

So, rather than avoiding ire
As Satanist’s assert
Of the Devil and his cohorts
It’s with our energy they flirt

For those with ears to hear
A suggestion shall now make
Watch as Heraclitus might
While standing in the lake (*4)

“Change, the only constant”
It’s the only absolute
Don’t fall in line with usury
Be a little more astute.

Witches put to death
Based on asserted spells
The TV creates visions
Some coming straight from hell

A house that needs repair work
May need partial demolition
As break-downs show up openly(*5)
See it as a positive premonition (*6)

We are observers and creators
As witnessed of a cook
Observing and preparing
That which is presented in a book

Let your fears fall away
Recognize your gift
Unseen, unnoticed, stolen
Supporting this world-wide riff

Take back your attention
It’s collateral of the Universe
The most important thing you have
Can’t compare it to a purse.

The CIA created mind control
MKUltra was the name
Using drugs and repetition
A conspiracy using others brains

Pay attention to what you accept as true
Also, check out how it feels
Thoughts, emotions go hand-in-hand
Manufacturing is quite a deal.



(*1) I’m stepping into an unknown area to do with Quantum Physics, Quantum
Mechanics and quantum entanglement.

While we arrive on the planet in human form, we are spiritual in nature and
are representative of frequency in that respect. Our worldly environment
indoctrinates us into seeing ourselves as basically material in nature,
therefore we lose sight of our subtle influence on life itself, our life
and those around us.

The Catholic church, through the Vatican created the Gregorian calendar
and created the concept of the corridor of time. We, as humans, have come
to accept the conditions of time on a day-to-day basis. We assume with
each passing day the body will age and deteriorate. Through the principles
of quantum entanglement, that becomes our reality. We walk down the aging
corridor and follow all those who have come before us. That is considered
normal. Supposedly, there was a time when people lived much longer lives.

There are other factors of course contributing to the aging process beyond
the expectations that we might accept. For example, those who are
propagating the depopulation agenda have infiltrated corporate America in
such a way to reduce nutritional value of what we consume, whether it be
GMOs that allow poison to be sprayed directly on the plants as they grow to
kill off insects; but do no crop damage, other than allow the pesticide to
grow into the food itself.

The love of money has caused the medical industry to alter, because of
Rockefeller’s success in the oil industry he saw potential in the drug
industry and he and Carnegie parlayed their fortunes into the
pharmaceutical industry and as a by-product into the medical industry,
thereby influencing changes in that industry as well, shifting it from
health care to symptom relief.

In other words, it cannot be denied that there are factors present which
undermine health, some of it is deliberate. BUT rather than depending on
environmental resources developed by others as a means of economic support,
the ascension process provides an uncommon path. Rather then becoming a
victim of culture, our overarching spiritual aspect is in the background
with a still small voice prompting our attention. As a result of that
we’re encouraged to question rather than accept what’s made available on
blind faith alone.

(*2) The story is, if the Satanist’s don’t somehow announce ahead of time
what they plan to do, it will stir the ire of the Devil. On the other
hand, could it be by putting their plans forward in the phenomenal plane of
matter and substance, the act of doing so is to imprint it into
consciousness as a mechanism of creating their ends?

Before you object, remember the Hundredth Monkey Legend. A group of
monkeys on one island discovered over a period of time that if they’d wash
their sweet potato in the ocean, it would get all the sand off of it and it
would taste sweeter. This all started with the first monkey on the first
island discovering it for himself. Gradually the idea became a simple
behavior that all the other monkeys did as well, this is what I refer to as
a ‘construct’.

Three hundred miles away, there was another group of monkeys on an island
eating the sweet potatoes grown in the sandy dirt as well. According to
the legend, when the hundredth monkey on the first island recognized this
new pattern, all the other monkeys on the island 300 miles away all
simultaneously developed the pattern as well.

That puts a different face on the need to imprint the world with certain
actions before taking them. Consciousness is an active force whether those
possessing it are fully aware or are imprinted through the unconscious.

(*3) I never was one to watch Star Wars, but I picked up a line from the
series that resonated for me, “Resistance is futile”. Why is it futile,
because it reinforces whatever you’re standing against. We become part of
the problem rather than the solution.

(*4) Heraclitus (470 BC) was actually standing in a small stream, not a
lake; but I needed it to rhyme, LOL. As he observed the water running
across his feet, he realized that the molecules were there one moment and
gone in the next. He would probably never encounter those same molecules
again. With that recognition, he coined the praise, “Change is the only

(*5) “As break-downs show up openly. This line refers to all the things we
see going on in the world currently that are not in the best interest of
humanity. We see the left using ‘Think-Tanks’ to create ideological
divides that are intended to create distractions by turning one group
against another.

(*6) Rather than listening to the ‘new’ reports as they are being played
out and reiterated on every broadcast, if you see it as a mechanism of
control and the worse it sounds, the more it reflects desperation.

Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)