Unraveling Truth

by | Mar 20, 2021 | Philosophy

[Note: On the way to the airport on the 17th there was a talk show on
which was discussing the fact that Biden carried a rosary in his pocket. I
was raised catholic but grew out of it. The story cracked me up. Here he
was running for President and without giving any insight to his plans for
the US, they had to have something to say, so they brought up his rosary.
With the reputation of the Vatican and the catholic church I thought it was
very pathetic. I think that was the impetus for this poem, then it

Many attempt the ‘Hand of Truth’
Within that state so proud
Accepting self as special
Heads above the crowd

But, Truth’s akin to conjecture
Thoughts, ideas of propagation
Sliced, diced and woven
To fit each situation

I Am the ‘Queen of Conjecture’
Providing grist for the mill
Constructing and providing departure *1
Throughout history and even still

Our system, a collection of systems
One, the ‘Court of Law’
Ostensibly developed for justice
But justice for each and for all?

The ‘Principle of Truth’ projected
With fragments of facts combined
Lawyers paid and on parade
Judgment passing in time

But, with a system built on money
With ego guarding the door
Truth and facts are dispensable
Leaving conjecture there to explore

Now, let’s consider the Bible
Or, perhaps the Koran
Books written, of history gone
Generationally passed hand to hand

Just two systems of beliefs exampled
But, Is belief akin to Truth?
Fact checkers needed in court for me
Providing each system its’ proof

Religion it seems for the lazy
An insult to help close ‘The Book’
It’s built on the back of conjecture
For those unable to notice the hook

Not saying was purposeful thought
To inculcate through indoctrination
But as in Biden’s campaign at the moment
Religion’s attempting inculcation

“A Rosary in his pocket”
By this man of state
Are people really that stupid
To have that foster their fate??

Here in the job of conjecture
Historical Truth on display
The Catholic Church and Vatican nation
With the marriage of thoughts this way *2

Joe Biden, a corrupt politician
Using the church as a shield
An institution with pedophilic behavior
Just projection of sorrow to yield

Propaganda in this day is legal
A number 44 design *3
2013 cancelled a Law *4
Propagation of ‘Truth redefined

History defines reality
But reality is not real
Just a collection of ‘truths ‘accepted
While lies behind, conceal

Truth and facts lie in the valley
Or ingested in the hemispheres tight
Bound tightly in the brain of man
That’s now given birth to the light

SO, given thoughts own potential
And used as building blocks of constraint
As we live within these boundaries
We solidify limits with complaint

‘A’ person of one is danger-less
Power builds with a crowd
All aligned on a single point
Companionship makes compadres proud

Reality then, a construction
With figments found here and there
Interpretation, belief and acceptance
The history of history laid bare

What conclusions do we embrace?
Humanity is a ‘Great Force’
The Soul of man conductive
Creating Reality’s course

What we believe is our Truth
And since consciousness holds the key
What we accept unattested
Limits our ability to BE

There is freedom within connection
Connection to what we call GOD
Now all this sounds conflicting
Confusion to bring us at odds

GOD, the name it’s been given
Creative Intelligence too
A power, a force, along life’s course
With attracting and repelling to do

At the pinnacle of the pyramid
A handful sculpting our truth
Who’ve qualified GOD in prosaic terms
With institutions to quantify proof

A backward glance in history
Is all it really takes
To see levels of change moving forward
With community applying the brakes

Bell bottom pants or bright green shirts
Consciousness changing its’ mind
All significance lives within us
In acceptance or rejection through time

Jesus tried to teach us
As a ‘Free-Thinker’ standing alone
Threatened the ‘Truth’ of His day
Crucified, as a by-product, sent home

To cover up his murder
And shifting the narrative
“Poor bastard, died for our sins”
Now the cross symbolically lives!

Why not ‘Cancer Cells in a Bottle’
Worn around the neck
To designate the death of a mate
As a way of reflecting respect?

Culture is a petri dish
Living inside time and space
Spirit is really just energy
Potential hidden within the race

The whole race of mankind, connected
Unfettered by individual names
Just frequency and vibration
Splashed by history’s stains

The message goes out to the masses
Take back the Force of your voice
Slavery born of mind-manacles
Each one of us stranded by choice

‘Truth,’ lies, conjecture
Constructs collected and saved
Bind us, providing boundaries
Lost in the plot of the grave

Wait not on your ending
To free up momentums potential
Don’t be used by a ship of fools
The next phase will be monumental

Look within the variables
The construction or constraints of your life
A change of heart, a change of mind
Will eradicate most all the strife

Who we are to ourselves
Who we are to each other
Creates the substance of reality
Through the darkness we’ll all discover

9/19/20 #1
3;55 AM – 5:59AM

*1 I’ve always joked that I can take 2 unrelated ‘facts’ and create a
theory in a heart-beat, (That’s not necessarily a compliment to myself) In
the line ‘providing departure’ implies deconstruction.

*2 For those who still practice Catholicism, I guess attempting to marry
(combine) Biden with the church is somehow supposed to influence Catholics
about voting for Biden.

*3 Obviously I am speaking of the illegal man, ‘BO’ who occupied the White
House illegally before President Trump took the helm.

*4 BO suspended the Smidt-Mundt Act which allowed to carry out ‘False
Flags,’ pretend shootings at schools in order to create the basis of gun
control by utilizing the compassion and ire of the population.’

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Linda Brady

Linda Brady

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