[West Coast Linda] Philosophy & Medicine

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Pythagoras, a Greek Philosopher from the Fifth Century BC introduced us to
sophistry, a term which denotes a fallacious method of reasoning; today we
call it spin-doctoring.

Hippocrates, a Greek Physician from the Fifth Century BC, considered the
‘Father of Medicine,’ created the ‘Hippocratic Oath.’

How those two aspects intersect here and now are seen in modern medicine.
In the name of political economy, the medical paradigm has been turned over
to insurance companies. They gave us HMO’s (Health Maintenance
Organizations) and an ailment lists which are treatable under this

Reportedly there are economic disincentives for following the Hippocratic
Oath too well.

So, you see, history and philosophy is a river through time.


Linda Brady

Linda Brady

Grandma Linda is a squigily peg in a square hole. Her poetry is aimed at moving the world to love, unity and perfect margaritas. And after years of perfecting the art, she has the skill to paint a better world and make it so.

When she is not serving customers, gazing at rocks, or visiting her grandchildren Linda is writing poetry. And even during all the above activities she has been known to write still.

– Zackary (self proclaimed “Favorite Grandson”)